The 2016 Sea Ice Outlook (SIO) Action Team was convened in mid-October and will continue through late December 2016. This Action Team is led by SIPN Project Principal Investigator Cecila Bitz. It is convened and supported by ARCUS.


  • Work with the SIPN leadership team to develop a SIO post-season report to assess and summarize the physical processes that factored into the sea ice dynamics during the 2016 melt season, as well as a discussion of the various outlook methods.
  • Develop a short summary of recommendations for changes and improvements to future Sea Ice Outlook reports.
  • Publish the 2016 Sea Ice Outlook Post-Season Report.
  • Assist in outreach and dissemination of the post-season report (e.g., share and discuss with colleagues).
  • Contribute to (or lead) other publications or presentations based on the 2016 SIO.