Project Team Leads

Uma BhattUma Bhatt (Lead Project Principal Investigator)
University of Alaska Fairbanks, Geophysical Institute
Research Specialty: Climate Variability
Email: usbhatt [at]

Peter BieniekPeter Bieniek
University of Alaska Fairbanks, International Arctic Research Center
Research Expertise: Climatology
Email: pbieniek [at]

Hajo EickenHajo Eicken
University of Alaska Fairbanks, International Arctic Research Center, Director
Research Expertise: Sea ice
Email: heicken [at]

Joe LittleJoseph Little
University of Alaska Fairbanks, School of Management
Research Interests: Applied microeconomics, environmental economics, non-market valuation
Email: jmlittle2 [at]

John WalshJohn Walsh
International Arctic Research Center, University of Alaska Fairbanks
Research Expertise: Climatology
Email: jewalsh [at]

Jürgen KurthsJürgen Kurths
Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research
Research Expertise: Nonlinear dynamics
Email: juergen.kurths [at]

Larry HamiltonLarry Hamilton
University of New Hampshire, Carsey School of Public Policy
Research Interests: Human dimensions of climatic change, environmental sociology, statistics and data analysis
Email: Lawrence.Hamilton [at]

Muyin WangMuyin Wang
NOAA and the Joint Institute for the Study of the Atmosphere at the University of Washington
Research Interests: Meteorology
Email: [at]

Edward Blanchard-WrigglesworthEdward Blanchard-Wrigglesworth
University of Washington, Department of Atmospheric Sciences
Research Interests: Atmosphere-sea ice-ocean interactions
Email: ed [at]

Michael SteeleMichael Steele
University of Washington, Applied Physics Laboratory
Research Interests: Large-scale circulation of sea ice and water in the Arctic Ocean
Email: mas [at]

Julienne StroeveJulienne Stroeve
University College London, National Snow and Ice Data Center
Research Interests: Remote sensing of snow and ice in the visible, infrared, and microwave wavelengths
Email: stroeve [at]

Mark SerrezeMark Serreze
NSIDC Director, University of Colorado Boulder, NSIDC
Research Interests: Atmosphere-sea ice interactions, synoptic climatology, boundary layer problems, and climate change
Email: serreze [at]

Helen WigginsHelen Wiggins
Arctic Research Consortium of the U.S., Executive Director
Professional interests: interdisciplinary scientific programs
Email: helen [at]

Betsy Turner-BogrenBetsy Turner-Bogren
Arctic Research Consortium of the U.S.
Professional Focus: Project Management

Email: betsy [at]

Key Collaborators

Cecilia BitzCecilia Bitz
University of Washington, Program on Climate Change
Research Interest: Global coupled climate modeling
Email: bitz [at]

Elizabeth HunkeElizabeth Hunke
Los Alamos National Laboratory
Expertise: Lead developer for the Los Alamos Sea Ice Model (CICE).
Email: eclare [at]

Thomas JungThomas Jung
Alfred Wegner Institute, APPLICATE project
Research Interests: Analysis, modelling, and prediction of the climate system
Email: Thomas.Jung [at]

François MassonnetFrançois Massonnet (Belgium)
Université Catholique de Louvain (Belgium)
Research Interests: Climate prediction and variability, polar regions, sea ice, data assimilation, climate model evaluation, and forecast verification
Email: francois.massonnet [at]

Walt MeierWalt Meier
National Snow and Ice Data Center
Research interests: Sea ice; passive microwave remote sensing; Arctic climate change; climate change
Email: walt [at]

James OverlandJames Overland
NOAA, Pacific Marine Environmental Laboratory
Research Interests: Scientific support for decision makers on climate change and ecosystems in the Arctic and sub-Arctic.
Email: james.e.overland [at]