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Sea Ice Prediction Network and Sea Ice Outlook in the Press


6 July 2016 2016 SIPN Sea Ice Outlook: June Report, Arctic Sea Ice Blog

7 July 2016 After slow start, June sea-ice loss sets record, The Arctic Journal


7 April 2015 March’s Arctic ice extent was lowest on record for the month, Alaska Dispatch News

10 June 2015 SIPN Call for Contributions to the 2015 Sea Ice Outlook, Arctic Sea Ice Blog

14 June 2015 Public knowledge and perceptions about the Arctic, Arctic Sea Ice Blog

19 June 2015 Improving Predictions of Arctic Sea Ice Extent, EOS, Earth & Space Science News

25 June 2015 Outlook for September Arctic sea ice tilts toward small reduction from last year, Alaska Dispatch News

13 July 2015 Nares Strait ice on the move, Arctic Sea Ice Blog

25 August 2015 Update on Global Sea Ice extent and Forecasts,

27 August 2015 2015 SIPN Sea Ice Outlook: August report, Arctic Sea Ice Blog

21 September 2015 Scientists Vying to Predict Arctic Sea Ice Shrinkage, Toronto Star


30 March 2014, Seasonal arctic summer ice extent still hard to forecast, red Orbit/ NSIDC

1 May 2014, Accurate forecasts of Arctic summer sea ice one step closer, Climate Change

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26 June 2014, ASI 204 update 4: high times, Arctic Sea Ice Blog

29 June 2014, SEARCH 2014 Sea Ice Outlook: June report, Arctic Sea Ice Blog

30 June 2014, Sea ice dynamics, observation, prediction, Alfred Wegner Institut (lecturepowerpt)

2 July 2014 Sea-ice melt moderate in early June but rapid at end of the month, Alaska Dispatch News

3 July 2014, Arctic Sea Ice Decline Continues Despite Chillier June, Reporting Climate

28 July 2014, ASI 204 update 6: slow times, Arctic Sea Ice Blog

1 August 2014, Predictions of Arctic summer ice melt come with lots of uncertainty, Alaska Dispatch News

15 August 2014, Sea Ice Outlook: How Scientists Calculate State of Sea Ice, redOrbit - Your Universe Online

25 August 2014 ARCUS Se-Ice predictions are in, includes WUWT’s contribution, WUWT, Watts Up With That? blog

3 September 2014 SEARCH 2014 Sea Ice Outlook: August report, Arctic Sea Ice Blog

5 September 2014 Arctic sea ice coverage similar to conditions this time last year, Alaska Dispatch News

6 September 2014 PIOMAS September 2014, Arctic Sea Ice Blog

18 November 2014 Arctic research program receives $4.3 million grant, The Sun Star