The Sea Ice Prediction Network–Phase 2 (SIPN2) will take place between 2018-2022. SIPN2 will improve Arctic sea ice forecasts using a multi-disciplinary approach that includes modeling, new products, data analysis, and scientific networks. Stakeholder engagement and partnerships are fostered through the open Sea Ice Outlook (SIO) process, action teams, webinars, and workshops. SIPN2 builds on the success of the Sea Ice Prediction Network efforts during 2014-2017.

The original funding for core SIPN2 activities (through NSF grant #1748308) expired December 2022. A minimal 2023 Sea Ice Outlook season is being funded by NSF through grant #1331083, and we are now pursuing longer-term funding.

SIPN 2 Main Activities
SIPN 2 Main Activities

Funding was provided by NSF-Arctic Sciences Section and the U.K. Natural Environment Research Council (NERC), with additional support and in-kind contributions by several organizations.

Archived information about the previous "SIPN1" project is available here (background/objectives) and here (past action teams).

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