An Overview of European Union-Funded Project APPLICATE

This webinar provided an overview on the EU-Funded H2020 project APPLICATE, whose main goal is to advance our capability to predict the weather and climate in the Arctic and beyond. Ortega presents a few examples on the seasonal prediction activities carried out within the project. These included an analysis on how the different forecast errors are developed in the EC-Earth system, a multi-model comparison of predictive skill in all the seasonal forecast systems participating to the Consortium, results from empirical statistical models used for benchmarking, and experiments exploring the added-value of increasing both the atmospheric and oceanic resolution on seasonal prediction.

Webinar Presenter:
Pablo Ortega, Earth Science Department, Barcelona Supercomputing Center

Presenter Bio:
Pablo Ortega is currently co-leading the Climate Prediction Group of the Barcelona Supercomputing Center. His research is focused on climate variability and predictability in the North Atlantic region, and he’s particularly interested in the role that both the ocean and sea ice play on climate prediction at seasonal-to-decadal timescales.

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