Date and Time: Tuesday, 13 December 2016 | 12:15-1:15 p.m. PST
Location: San Francisco Marriott Marquis (780 Mission Street), 2nd floor in Foothill Room E

Meeting Presentations:
SIPN Presentation by Cecilia Bitz and Uma Bhatt, SIPN Leadership: SIPN Presentation (PDF - 2.3 MB)
Presentation by Richard Cullather, NASA, on a Forum for Arctic Ocean Modeling and Observational Synthesis (FAMOS) workshop: FAMOS Presentation (PDF - 725 KB)

The Sea Ice Prediction Network (SIPN) held an open meeting on Tuesday, 13 December from 12:15-1:15 p.m. in San Francisco, California, during the 2016 American Geophysical Union (AGU) fall meetings.

This meeting was open to the public and there were 34 attendees in San Francisco with an additional five who joined via remote access.

Meeting agenda/discussion items:

  • Introductions and overview
  • Re-cap and discuss the 2016 Arctic sea ice/Sea Ice Outlook season (a post-season report is forthcoming),
  • Discuss the next phase of SIPN and how best it can meet the needs of network participants, and
  • Share information on relevant efforts and potential collaborations, including the Forum for Arctic Ocean Modeling and Observational Synthesis (FAMOS) effort.

For questions, contact Betsy Turner-Bogren, ARCUS, at: betsy [at]