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Call for Informal and Early Season Contributions to 2015 SIO

Call for Informal and Early Season Contributions to 2015 SIO
14 May 2015

The Sea Ice Prediction Network (SIPN) announces a call for informal and early season contributions to the 2015 Sea Ice Outlook (SIO). This call offers a forum for sharing information on sea ice parameters other than extent and/or for other time periods than are included in the regular monthly reports. It is in addition to the calls for contributions to the regular SIO monthly reports in June, July, and August.

Webinar Archive Available

Sun bounces off of the sea ice on a clear sunny day in the Arctic. Aboard the USCGC Polar Sea icebreaker in the Beaufort Sea.
6 May 2015

The archive is now available for the 5 May 2015 Sea Ice Prediction Network (SIPN) webinar "Observations of Arctic Snow and Sea Ice Thickness from Satellite and Airborne Surveys" presented by Nathan Kurtz, NASA Goddard Space Flight Center. The archive includes a video of the webinar, the presentation slides, and a list of webinar participants.

Sea Ice Concentration Fields for Operational Ice Forecasting

6 April 2015

NSIDC announces availability of the MASIE-AMSR2 (MASAM2) daily 4 km sea ice concentration, which is a prototype concentration product offering greater accuracy and higher resolution in ice concentration fields used to initialize an operational sea ice forecast model. MASAM2 is a blend of two other daily sea ice data products: ice coverage from the Multisensor Analyzed Sea Ice Extent (MASIE) product, at a 4 km grid cell size, and ice concentrations from the Advanced Microwave Scanning Radiometer 2 (AMSR2) at a 10 km grid cell size. This prototype MASAM2 product currently covers July 2012 through mid-November 2014, but it will become a daily product if there is demand for such a product.

SIPN Leadership Team Member Provides Testimony to U.S. Senate Committee

20 March 2015

On Thursday, 5 March 2015 Cecilia Bitz provided the U.S. Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee with testimony about Arctic research opportunities. Her comments featured the Sea Ice Prediction Network (SIPN) as an example of exciting new work that could deliver even more relevant information to policy makers with further investments. Her comments are recorded from 1:26 to 1:31 in the archived video.

Webinar Archive Available

6 March 2015

The archive is now available for the Sea Ice Prediction Network (SIPN) webinar on "Sea Ice Modeling: Characteristics and Processes Critical for the Radiation Budget," presented by Elizabeth Hunke, Los Alamos National Laboratory. The archive includes video of the webinar, the presentation slides, and a list of webinar participants.

Sea Ice Outlook Post-Season Report

Box plots show the median, interquartile range, highest, and lowest values of sea ice outlook contributions from June, July, and August, broken down by type of method used.
19 December 2014

The Sea Ice Prediction Network (SIPN) announces the 2014 Sea Ice Outlook (SIO) Post-Season Report! The SIO provides an open forum for researchers and others to share and discuss predictions of Arctic sea ice through monthly reports in the summer and a post-season analysis. The post-season report includes analysis of the relative skill of various Arctic sea ice prediction models and methods and an expanded focus this year on the spatial pattern, probability, and ice-free dates for specific regions.

Photo by Jeff Peneston (PolarTREC 2008/2009), Courtesy of ARCUSPhoto by Jeff Peneston (PolarTREC 2008/2009), Courtesy of ARCUS


  • Decline in the extent and thickness of Arctic sea ice is an active area of scientific effort and one with significant implications for ecosystems and communities in the Arctic and globally.

  • Forecasting for seasonal timescales (i.e., the summer and into fall) is of particular interest to many stakeholders since many activities that take place in the arctic are planned over the summer months, and many species are sensitive to the behavior of summer sea ice.

  • However, seasonal forecasting is particularly challenging due to the variable nature of weather and ocean behavior over that timescale as well as current limits to data and modeling capabilities.

  • SIPN builds and expands on the Sea Ice Outlook project.

The Sea Ice Prediction Network (SIPN) is developing a collaborative network of scientists and stakeholders to advance research on sea ice prediction and communicate sea ice knowledge and tools.

Project Objectives

  1. Coordinate and evaluate activities to predict sea ice
  2. Integrate, assess and guide observations
  3. Synthesize predictions and observations
  4. Disseminate predictions and engage key stakeholders

Project Summary from original proposal (PDF - 76 KB)

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We are also inviting project collaborators and network participants at this time. Action Teams will be formed around the project objectives and will provide opportunities for collaboration. If you are interested in participating in the network—through participation in an action team, modeling/prediction activities, as a data provider, or as a stakeholder—you can join the network by emailing any member of the Network Team or by filling out the interest form at the bottom of this page.

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