Excerpted from the AGU Strategic Plan Document

This 2020 strategic plan sets the direction for the American Geophysical Union (AGU) and will frame the work of the board, council, staff, and members in the coming years. The plan was developed by members through the leadership of the board and council and approved in 2020. AGU's strategic plan includes a definition, mission, vision, core values, and three strategic goals. The AGU staff, board, council, and broader community will work together to develop an implementation plan over the coming year.

Strategic Goals

AGU Strategic Plan for 2020

Catalyze discovery and solutions to scientific and societal challenges

Discovery science will remain central to AGU's mission while we move more decisively into the realm of solution-based science that addresses emerging global issues. To meet this goal, we will build on our traditional strengths in convening, vetting, and sharing science. We will use our time-tested affiliation models and organizational frameworks to support and reward both discovery and solution-based science. In addition, we will leverage collaborations between the Earth and space science community and a diverse range of groups to move our science from "usable" to "used."

Promote and exemplify an inclusive scientific culture

An inclusive scientific culture is essential for addressing the scientific and societal challenges that face our planet and humanity. Welcoming the participation of underrepresented groups is not just an issue of ethics—it produces better research. In the next decade, AGU will continue to support and exemplify a scientific culture where individuals from all backgrounds are equitably included. We will assure that diversity, inclusion, equity, ethics, and cultural awareness are sewn into the fabric of all our activities.

Partner broadly with other organizations and sectors to address scientific and societal challenges

The scientific and societal challenges facing our planet, humanity, and the environment cannot be addressed solely by the scientific community. Connecting and partnering broadly is essential to achieving our vision of a thriving, sustainable, and equitable future. In the coming decade, we aim to make our partnerships broader, more collaborative, sustainable, and consequential. Toward this end, we commit to cultivating a culture of trust in evidence-based science, to co-creating knowledge with communities that use that knowledge, and to helping AGU members effectively address societal challenges through solution-based science, science policy, communication, and outreach.

For further details, please download the 2020 AGU Strategic Plan