August 2010 to May 2011

The mission of the Western Alaska Landscape Conservation Cooperative (LCC) is to promote coordination, dissemination, and development of applied science to inform landscape level conservation, including terrestrial-marine linkages, in the face of a changing climate and related stressors.

The Western Alaska LCC, one of five LCCs in progress or planned for Alaska, was launched in 2010 in an early pilot stage. The Western AK LCC will share expertise and capacity to achieve common landscape conservation goals, bringing together federal, state, tribal, and local governments, academia, and other partners to develop tools, synthesize information, and provide a forum for collaboration to land and resource managers to understand and respond to climate change.

Western AK LCC staff held a series of meetings in fall 2010 throughout the region to speak with potential partners and solicit input on early directions for the LCC. Meeting notes and a synthesis report from these meetings are available through the local meetings page.

The LCC hosted a successful Science Workshop in April 2011, gathering 150 managers, field specialists, researchers and local knowledge experts to identify climate change related priority science/information needs for land and resource management in western Alaska. For more information, see the Science Workshop page.

The LCC invested $1.3 million dollars into 12 projects in 2011, collectively leveraging $1.75 million dollars of contributed funding or support from other entities. The LCC Steering Committee selected these projects, from 78 proposals, to provide a strong foundation for initiating the LCC's applied conservation science efforts. For more information, see the 2011 Projects page.

LCC Mission and Goals (PDF - 61 KB)

LCC Overview Presentation (PDF - 1.14 MB)

Factsheet on Alaska LCCs (PDF - 2.2 MB)

Western Alaska LCC Fact Sheet (PDF - 823 KB)

Map of AK LCC Regions (PDF - 200 KB)

Western Alaska LCC Interim Steering Committee
Last Name First Name Affiliation Phone Email
* Co-Chairs
‡ BLM LCC and Rapid Ecoregional Assessment Coordinator
† Alternates
* Vincent-Lang Doug Alaska Department of Fish and Game 907-267-2339 douglas [dot] vincent-lang [at] alaska [dot] gov
* Rappoport Ann U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service 907-271-2787 Ann_Rappoport [at] fws [dot] gov
Ely Craig U.S. Geological Survey 907-786-7182 cely [at] usgs [dot] gov
Hoffman Nancy U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service 907-532-2445 nancy_hoffman [at] fws [dot] gov
Holman Amy National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration 907-271-5334 amy [dot] holman [at] noaa [dot] gov
Jacobson Shelly Bureau of Land Management 907-474-2356 Shelly_Jacobson [at] blm [dot] gov
Kramer Jackie Environmental Protection Agency 907-317-4667 Kramer [dot] Jackie [at] epa [dot] gov
Reimer Gary Bureau of Land Management 907-267-1205 gary_reimer [at] ak [dot] blm [dot] gov
Shasby Mark U.S. Geological Survey 907-786-7065 shasbym [at] usgs [dot] gov
Shephard Michael National Park Service 907-644-3681 michael_shephard [at] nps [dot] gov
K'eit Kristin Bureau of Indian Affairs 907-271-4030 Kristin [dot] K'eit [at] bia [dot] gov
Rabbe Lisa U.S. Army Corps of Engineers 907-753-2634 Lisa [dot] A [dot] Rabbe [at] usace [dot] army [dot] mil
‡ Krabacher Paul Bureau of Land Management 907-271-3266 Paul_Krabacher [at] ak [dot] blm [dot] gov
† Oates Russ U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service 907-786-3560 Russ_Oates [at] fws [dot] gov
† Peltola Gene U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service 907-543-3151 gene_peltola [at] fws [dot] gov
† Salyer Michael U.S. Army Corps of Engineers   Michael [dot] 9 [dot] Salyer [at] usace [dot] army [dot] mil