Sea Ice Outlook: May Report

Release Date: 
10 June 2008

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The May Sea Ice Outlook report for the September 2008 sea ice extent is based on a synthesis of 19 individual outlooks from the international arctic science community. The outlook for the pan-arctic sea ice extent in September 2008 indicates a continuation of the recent trend of sea ice loss.

Formatting revised - 29 September 2008Formatting revised - 29 September 2008

Of the individual responses that included quantitative outlooks, three (3) suggest a return toward the long-term trend of summer sea ice loss; six (6) anticipate the 2008 extent to be close to the 2007 record minimum; five (5) respondents suggest additional ice loss compared to the 2007 minimum. None suggested a return to the historical average (mean 1979–2000 September values) of 7.0 million square kilometers.

Current State of Arctic Sea Ice from NSIDC

Daily ice extents in May continued to be below the long-term average and approached the low levels seen at this time last year. Learn more about current ice conditions here.