2003 OSM - Social Feedbacks Agenda

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Tuesday, 28 October 2003 01:30 pm
 I. Social Feedbacks
Co-chairs: Stewart Cohen, University of British Columbia and Environment Canada
Matthew Berman, University of Alaska Anchorage
01:30 pm Introductory Remarks
Stewart Cohen, Matthew Berman
  Part One: Projects Researching Adaptations to Climate Variations
01:40 pm Understanding Human and Ecosystem Dynamics in the Arctic: the Imandra Watershed Project (Kola, Russia)
Alexey A. Voinov, Lars Bromley, Tatiana Moiseenko, Vladimir Selin
02:00 pm The Influence of Environmental Conditions On the Success of Hunting Bowhead Whales Off Barrow, Alaska
Craig R. Nicolson, Craig George, Steve Braund, Harry Brower Jr.
02:20 pm Climate System - Social System Interactions in the Northern Atlantic
Lawrence C. Hamilton
02:40 pm Open Discussion: Status of Research on Social Feedbacks
02:50 pm Break
  Part Two: Panel on Programs Supporting Research on Social Feedbacks
03:00 pm Detecting Change through Community-Based Ecological Monitoring:
Successful Examples of Systematic Local Knowledge Observation Systems

Gary P. Kofinas, Joan Eamer
03:15 pm Shared Knowledge for Decision-Making on Environment and Health Issues in the Arctic
Nancy G. Maynard, Boris S. Yurchak
03:30 pm Community-Defined Climate Change Impacts and Adaptation Research Needs in the Canadian North
Aynslie E. Ogden, Claire Eamer, Jamal Shirley, Steve Baryluk, Peter Johnson
03:45 pm ArcticNet: The Integrated Natural/Health/Social Study of the Changing Coastal Canadian Arctic
Louis Fortier, Martin Fortier
04:00 pm Panelist Discussion
04:15 pm Open Discussion: Research Programs
04:30 pm Adjourn to Break
05:00 pm Return to Plenary
  Adaptation and Sustainability in a Small Arctic Community: Results of an Agent-Based Simulation Model
Matthew Berman, Craig Nicolson, Gary Kofinas, Stephanie Martin
  Increased Fall Storminess, Threats to Public Infrastructure, and the Effects on Fall Whaling in Barrow, Alaska
Anne M. Jensen, Eugene Brower, J. Craighead George, Robert Suydam
  Late Holocene Environmental Change in SW Greenland and the Fate of the Norse
Naja Mikkelsen, Antoon Kuijpers
  The Continuation of “Contemporary Ideas of Nature and Civilization ’s Prospects for Countermeasures”
Vladimir F. Sevostianov
  Arctic Climate Research and Traditional Ecological Knowledge: The Quantitative Aspect of TEK
Raphaela Stimmelmayr
  Adjustment to Reality- Cases of Detached, Dependent, and Sustained Community Development in Greenland
Daniela Tommasini, Rasmus O. Rasmussen
Posters Human/Environment Interactions
  Modeling Impacts of Hydrologic and Climatic Change on Humans in the Arctic
Lilian Alessa, Daniel White, Larry Hinzman, Peter Schweitzer
  The Common Raven (Corvus corax) on the North Slope of Alaska: Wildlife Management and the Human Dimension
Stacia A. Backensto
  Shaking up the Neighborhood: Historic Perspective on Resilience and Vulnerability in the Gulf of Alaska
Jennie N. Deo, Catherine W. Foster, Margaret R. Berger, Ben Fitzhugh
  Human Impacts to Fire Regime in Interior Alaska
La'ona DeWilde
  The Archeology of Glaciers and Snow Patches: A New Research Frontier
E. James Dixon, William F. Manley, Craig M. Lee
  Analyzing the Implications of Climate Change Risks for Human Communities in the Arctic: A Vulnerability Based Approach
James D. Ford, Barry Smit