2003 OSM - Physical Feedbacks Agenda

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Tuesday, 28 October 2003 01:30 pm
III. Physical Feedbacks
Co-chairs: Michael Steele, University of Washington
Stephen Vavrus, University of Wisconsin
01:30 pm Introduction
01:40 pm The Influence of Cloud Feedbacks on Arctic Climate Change
Steve Vavrus
01:50 pm Atmospheric Heat Transport as a Feedback on the Arctic Climate
Cecilia M Bitz, Stephen J. Vavrus
02:10 pm The Role of Surface Albedo Feedback in Climate
Alex Hall
02:30 pm The Ice-Albedo Feedback in a Changing Climate: Albedos from Today and Reflections on Tomorrow
Don Perovich
02:50 pm The Ice/Ocean Interface During Summer: Implications for Ice-Albedo Feedback
Miles G. McPhee
03:10 pm A Data-Model Comparison Study of the Arctic Ocean's Response to Annular Atmospheric Modes
Bruno Tremblay, Robert Newton, Peter Schlosser
03:30 pm Open Discussion
04:30 pm Adjourn to Break
05:00 pm Return to Plenary
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Appearing alphabetically below is a preliminary list of posters for this session.
  Using a Spatially Distributed Model to Characterize the Influence of Permafrost on Hydrological Processes
William R. Bolton, Larry D. Hinzman, Scott Peckham, Douglas L. Kane, Kenji Yoshikawa
  Observed and Modeled Relationships Among Arctic Climate Variables
Yonghua Chen, James R. Miller, Jennifer A. Francis, Gary L. Russell, Filipe Aires
  Fram: A New Basin Scale Model of Sea Ice Dynamics
Max Coon
  Evaluation of the True Ice Mass in the Arctic Ocean
Nikolay Doronin
  The Role of Sea Ice Mechanics and Deformation in Arctic Climate Change
William D. Hibler III, Erland M. Schulson
  Variability in simulated Arctic Freshwater Budgets
Marika M. Holland, Joel Finnis
  An Eddy-admitting Global Ice-ocean Simulation
Elizabeth C. Hunke, Mathew Maltrud, Rainer Bleck
  Field Studies on Basin Scale Water Balance on North Slope, Alaska
Danielle C. Kitover, Doug Kane, Rob Gieck, Larry Hinzman
  The Physical and Hydrological Impacts of a Wildfire on an Arctic Tundra Ecosystem, Seward Peninsula, Alaska
Stefan Kooman, Larry D. Hinzman
  Laboratory-Based Studies of the Physical and Biological Properties of Sea Ice:
A Tool for Understanding Physical Processes and Feedback Mechanisms in the Arctic

Bonnie Light, Christopher Krembs
  Improving Arctic Snow-related Features Within Regional Climate Models
Glen E. Liston, Matthew Sturm
  Assimilation of Satellite Ice Concentration Data in a Coupled Ice-Ocean
Model for the Arctic Ocean, Using the Ensemble Kalman Filter

Julia B. Rosanova
  The Ocean-Atmosphere-Sea Ice-Snowpack (OASIS) Project
Paul B. Shepson, Paty Matrai, Leonard A. Barrie, Jan W. Bottenheim
  Possible Feedbacks on Arctic Cloud Formation: Can the Arctic Biosphere Affect the Melting of the Ice?
Michael Tjernström, Caroline Leck
  DOE-ARM Science at the North Slope of Alaska Site
Johannes Verlinde, Jerry Harrington, Eugene Clothiaux, Scott Richardson, Chad Bahrmann, Bernie Zak
  The Expanded Regional Integrated Monitoring System (E-RIMS) for Pan-Arctic Water System Studies:
Project Overview

Charles J. Vörösmarty, Mark Serreze, Michael Steele, Richard B. Lammers, Mark Fahnestock, Steve Frolking, Ernst Linder, Michael Rawlins, Alexander I. Shiklomanov, Richard Armstrong, Christoph Oelke, Tingjun Zhang, Jinlun Zhang, Robie McDonald, Igor A. Shiklomanov, Cort J. Willmott
  Exchanges Between the Arctic and Atlantic Oceans in a Global Ice-Ocean Model
Jinlun Zhang, D. Andrew A. Rothrock, Mike Steele