2003 OSM - Drivers and Causes Agenda

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Tuesday, 28 October 2003 01:30 pm
IV. Drivers and Causes
Co-chairs: James Overland, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
Mark Serreze, University of Colorado
01:00 pm Relationships Between Understanding Unaami and Predicting the Arctic System
Richard E. Moritz
01:20 pm Solar-Induced Cyclic Variations of Holocene Climate and Ecosystems
in a High-Latitude Region of the North Pacific

Feng Sheng Hu, Darrell Kaufman, Sumiko Yoneji, David Nelson, Aldo Shemesh, Yongsong Huang, Jian Tian, Gerard Bond, Benjamin Clegg, Thomas Brown, Jason Lynch, Andrea Hui
01:40 pm Stratosphere/Troposphere Coupling and Effects on High-Latitude Climate
Mark P. Baldwin
02:00 pm Arctic Ocean Change: What Changes and What Doesn't (Almost)
Greg Holloway
02:20 pm BREAK
02:40 pm Towards a Regional Arctic Climate Model for SEARCH
Wieslaw Maslowski
03:00 pm Arctic Ocean and Sea Ice Changes, Greenhouse Forcing and the Arctic Oscillation
John W. Weatherly
03:20 pm The Ecology and Paleoecology of Human-Landscape Interactions on the North Pacific and
Southern Bering Sea: Investigating the Role of the Aleut as Ecosystem Engineers

Herbert D.G. Maschner, James W. Jordan, Nancy Huntly, Bruce P. Finney, Katherine L. Reedy-Maschner
03:40 pm Searching for Bellwethers in Changing Arctic Environments: Some Cautionary Notes
David W. Norton
04:00 pm Discussion
04:30 pm Adjourn to Break
05:00 pm Return to Plenary
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  Fresh Water Content Variability in the Arctic Ocean
Sirpa Hakkinen, Andrey Y. Proshutinsky
  Holocene Thermal Maximum in the Western Arctic
Darrell Kaufman, PARCS Holocene Thermal Maximum PARCS
  Preliminary Volume Transports through Nares Strait, Summer 2003
Andreas Muenchow
  Changes in the Presence of Mussels (Mytilus spp.) and Macroalgae in Arctic Alaska: Re-evaluating Evidence used to Relate Bivalve Presence to Climate Change.
David W. Norton
  Velocity Estimates for Ice Drifting in Alaska's Northern Chukchi Sea Flaw Zone during Spring Subsistence Whaling Seasons of 2000 and 2001: Climate Change Implications?
David W. Norton, Allison M. Graves
  Surface Energy Budget Requirements for Pack Ice Change Attribution During SEARCH
Ola P. Persson
  A New Sea Ice Model for the Marginal Ice Zone
Matthew J. Pruis, Max Coon, Leif Toudal, Ted Maksym, Gad Levy
  Monitoring Pan-Arctic Snowmelt Hydrology Using Active Radar
Michael A. Rawlins, Kyle C. McDonald, Richard B. Lammers, Steve Frolking, Mark Fanhstock, Charles J. Vörösmarty
  Response of the Pan Arctic Ice-Ocean Climate to Atmospheric Circulation Regimes
Jia Wang, Bingyi Wu, Meibing Jin, John Walsh, Motoyoshi Ikeda