2003 OSM - Coastal Processes Agenda

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Monday, 27 October 2003 01:00 pm
IV. Coastal Processes
Topics such as, but not limited to, fate and transport of materials, erosion, effects on human communities
Co-chairs: Volker Rachold, Alfred Wegener Institute
Steven Solomon, Natural Resources Canada
01:00 pm Land-Shelf Interactions: An Update on Science Planning for Arctic Near-shore and Coastal Zone Research
Lee W. Cooper
01:10 pm Arctic Coastal Dynamics (ACD) - Status Report
Volker Rachold
01:20 pm International Polar Year 2007-2008: The Coastal Component
Sheldon Drobot, Chris Elfring
01:30 pm Discussion: Programs and Overviews
01:45 pm The Role of Sea Ice in Arctic Coastal Dynamics and Nearshore Processes
Hajo Eicken, Jerry Brown, Lee W. Cooper, Thomas C. Grenfell, Kenneth M. Hinkel, Andrew Mahoney, James A. Maslanik, Don K. Perovich, Craig Tweedie
01:55 pm Storm Patterns in the Circumpolar Coastal Regime Derived from Observational Data, 1950 - 2000
David E. Atkinson, Steven M. Solomon
02:05 pm Coastal Processes and Climate Change Along the Canadian Beaufort Sea
Steven Solomon, Gavin Manson
02:15 pm Discussion: Physical Processes
02:30 pm BREAK
03:00 pm Missing Organic Carbon in the Coastal Kara Sea: Is Coastal Erosion a Significant Source?
Rainer M.W. Amon, Benedikt Meon
03:10 pm Coastal Erosion and Nutrient Balance of the Arctic
Vladimir S. Stolbovoi
03:20 pm Stable Carbon Isotopes in Sediments of The East-Siberian Sea:
Connection with the Long-Term Water Mass Transport

Igor P. Semiletov, Oleg V. Dudarev, Kyung-Hoon Shin, Nori Tanaka
03:30 pm Coastal Erosion Along the Alaskan Beaufort Sea Coast and Regional Estimates of Carbon Yields
Torre Jorgenson, Jerry Brown
03:40 pm Discussion: Biogeochemical Processes
03:55 pm General Discussion
04:30 pm Adjourn to Poster Session
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Appearing alphabetically below is a preliminary list of posters for this session.
  Contributions to Quaternary and Recent History of the Bering Sea Coast of Kamchatka, Russian Far East
Joanne Bourgeois, Tatiana Pinegina, Vera Ponomareva, Veronika Dirksen, Natalia Zaretskaia, Kevin Pedoja
  Towards a Holocene Sediment Budget of the Central Kara Sea Shelf
Klaus Dittmers, Frank Niessen, Rüdiger Stein
  Advection of Carbon on the Western Arctic Shelf: Implications for Benthic-Pelagic Coupling
Kenneth H. Dunton
  Barrow Alaska: A Focal Point for Ice-Albedo-Transmission Feedback Studies of Arctic Sea Ice
Thomas C. Grenfell, Donald K. Perovich, Hajo Eicken
  Geological and Geophysical Research into the Impact of Earthquakes on Prehistoric Coastal Occupation:
the Mid-Holocene Occupation and Abandonment of the Tanginak Spring Site

Elizabeth Mahrt, Bretwood Higman, Joseph MacGregor, Joanne Bourgeois, Ben Fitzhugh
  Long-Term Changes in Landfast Ice and Its Contribution to Shelf Freshwater
Yanling Yu, Harry L. Stern, Mark Ortmeyer