2003 OSM - Biological Feedbacks Agenda

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28 October 2003
01:30 pm
II. Biological Feedbacks
Co-chairs: Joshua Schimel, University of California Santa Barbara
Sue Moore, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
01:30 pm Session Introduction: Terrestrial Feedbacks vs. Marine Case Studies
Joshua Schimel
01:40 pm Potential Arctic Terrestrial Ecosystem Feedbacks to Climate Change:
A Consideration of Component Carbon Pool Dynamics

Paul Grogan, Sven Jonasson
02:00 pm Modeling Modes of Variability in Carbon Exchange Between High Latitude Terrestrial Ecosystems and the Atmosphere: A Synthesis of Progress and Identification of Challenges
Anthony D. McGuire, Joy S. Clein, Qianlai Zhuang
02:20 pm Question & Answer / Discussion Period
02:30 pm A Critical Review of the "Regime Shift/Junk Food" Hypothesis for the Steller Sea Lion Decline
Lowell W. Fritz, Sarah Hinckley
02:45 pm Linkages Between Climate, Growth, Competition at Sea, and
Production of Sockeye Salmon Populations in Bristol Bay, Alaska, 1955-2000

Jennifer L. Nielsen, Gregory T. Ruggerone
03:00 pm BREAK
03:15 pm Ringed Seals and Changing Snow Cover on Arctic Sea Ice
Brendan P. Kelly, Oriana R. Harding, Mervi Kunnasranta
03:30 pm Increasing Sea Ice in Baffin Bay and Adjacent Waters Threatens Top Marine Predators
Mads Peter Heide-Jørgensen, Kristin L. Laidre
03:45 pm Multi-Decadal Response of a Seabird to the Arctic Oscillation
George Divoky
04:00 pm Discussion and Poster Review
Sue Moore
04:30 pm Adjourn to Break
05:00 pm Return to Plenary
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Appearing alphabetically below is a preliminary list of posters for this session.
  Climate, Snow and Hydrology in Tundra Ecosystems: Patterns, Processes, Feedbacks and Scaling Issues
Bob Baxter, Brian Huntley, Richard Harding, Terry V. Callaghan
  Plant and Soil Responses to Neighbor Removal and Fertilization in Acidic Tussock Tundra
Syndonia Bret-Harte, Erica A Garcia, Vinciane M Sacré, Joshua R Whorley, Joanna L Wagner, Suzanne C Lippert, Terry Chapin
  Effects of Canopy Representation on Carbon Balance Simulations at Treeline
David M. Cairns
  The Effects of Soil Moisture on Carbon Processes in Upland and Lowland Tundra Ecosystems
Faith A. Heinsch, John S. Kimball, Sinkyu Kang, Hyojung Kwon, Walter C. Oechel
  Paleo Investigations of Climate and Ecosystem Archives (PICEA):
Holocene Fire and Vegetation History from Ruppert Lake, Brooks Range, Alaska

Philip Higuera, Linda B. Brubaker, Patricia M. Anderson, Feng Sheng Hu, Ben Clegg, Tom Brown, Scott Rupp
  Feeding on the Bottom at the Top of the World
Katrin B. Iken, Bodil A. Bluhm, Rolf R. Gradinger
  Non-invasive, Highly Resolved Observations of Sea-ice Biomass Dynamics:
A Link Between Biogeochemistry and Climate

Christopher Krembs, Klaus Meiners, Dale Winebrenner
  Using Gray Whales to Track Climate Change in the Alaskan Arctic
Sue E. Moore, Jacqueline M. Grebmeier
  Commander Islands as the Significant Point for Monitoring Some Dangerous Changes in Beringia Ecosystem
Vladimir F. Sevostianov
  Seasonal and Non-linear Effects of Experimental Climate Change on High Arctic Ecosystem Carbon Exchange
Heidi Steltzer, Jeff Welker, Paddy Sullivan
  The Impact of Snow-up Timing on Arctic Winter Soil Temperatures
Matthew Sturm, Glen E. Liston, Charles Racine
  The Effect of Temperature, Water Content, and Light Intensity and Quality on Nitrogen Fixation
in High Arctic Tundra Vegetation

Matthias Zielke, Rolf A. Olsen, Bjørn Solheim