2003 OSM - Changes in the Atmosphere Agenda

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Monday, 27 October 2003 01:00 pm
III. Changes in the Atmosphere
Topics such as, but not limited to, atmospheric pressure and circulation; temperature; cloudiness; precipitation and evaporation
Co-chairs: Hans von Storch, GKSS Research Centre
Richard Moritz, University of Washington
01:00 pm Pan-Arctic Change Over the Instrumental Record
James E. Overland, Muyin Wang, Michael C. Spillane
01:20 pm New Satellite Observations of Recent Change in the Arctic Climate
Jennifer Francis
01:40 pm Variability of Arctic Cloudiness from Satellite and Surface Data Sets
Axel J. Schweiger, Jeff Key, Xuanji Wang, Jinlun Zhang, Ron Lindsay
02:00 pm Pan-Arctic Contaminant Landscapes: Status and Change
Jesse Ford, Derek Muir, Hans Borg, Maria Dam, Frank Riget, Natalia Ukraintseva
02:20 pm Open Discussion
02:40 pm Break
03:00 pm Governing Large-Scale Control in Arctic Modelling
Hans von Storch
03:20 pm Variability and Trends in the Arctic Climate as Simulated with the Bergen Climate Model
Tore Furevik, Asgeir Sorteberg, Mats Bentsen, Helge Drange, Nils Gunnar Kvamstø
03:40 pm Polar Optimized WRF for Arctic System Reanalysis of Arctic Meteorology over Recent Decades
David H. Bromwich, Keith M. Hines
04:00 pm Open Discussion
04:30 pm Adjourn to Poster Session
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Appearing alphabetically below is a preliminary list of posters for this session.
  Modeling Atmospheric Transport of Trace Pollutants to the Arctic: Source-to-Receptor Air Transfer Coefficient Maps; A Tool to Show How Changes in Weather, Climate and Emissions Can Change Contaminant Source Pathways and Deposition Patterns
Paul W. Bartlett, Kimberly Couchot
  Core Atmospheric Measurements at the Summit, Greenland Environmental Observatory: GEOSummit
John F. Burkhart, Roger C. Bales, Joseph R. McConnell
  The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) SEARCH Initiative
John Calder, Jackie Richter-Menge, Taneil Uttal, Jim Overland
  FIRE.ACE Cloud Microphysical Observations and Their Parameterization: Emphases on Cloud Cover and Integration of Observations
Ismail Gultepe, George A. Isaac
  The Urban Heat Island in Winter at Barrow, Alaska
Kenneth M. Hinkel, Frederick E. Nelson, Anna E. Klene, Julianne H. Bell
  Arctic Modes of Temperature Variability During the Past 500 Years: Relating Summer to Winter.
Peter J. Huybers, Konrad A. Hughen, PARCS High-Resolution Working Group
  Structure of Surface Level Pressure (SLP) Variability Over the Arctic for 1948-2001 and
Future Climate Change

Oleg Y. Korneev
  A Novel Analytical Approach Greatly Expands Ice Core Records of Climate Change and Industrial Pollution
Joseph R. McConnell, P. Ross Edwards, J. Ryan Banta, Diana Solter-Goss
  The Ocean-Atmosphere-Sea Ice-Snowpack (OASIS) Project
Paul B. Shepson, Paty Matrai, Leonard A. Barrie, Jan W. Bottenheim
  The Sensitivity of Arctic Climate Projections to the Initial State and Fate of the Theromhaline Circulation
Asgeir Sorteberg, Tore Furevik, Nils Gunnar Kvamsto, Helge Drange
  Preliminary Studies of Regional Variability in Arctic Cloud Properties
Taneil Uttal
  Using AVHRR Satellite Data to Investigate the Possible Effects of Dimethylsulfide Fluxes from a Coccolithophore Bloom on Regional Cloud Characteristics Over the SE Bering Sea
Bernard A. Walter
  Development of Bias-Corrected Precipitation Database and Climatology for the Arctic Regions
Daqing Yang, Douglas Kane, David Legates, Barry Goodison