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First Name Last Name Email Department Organization Phone Address City State/Province Postal Code Country Title Current Research Science Specialties
Evgeny Vyazilov vjaz [at]

National Oceanographic Data Centre of Russia

Research Institute for Hydrometeorological Information - World Data Centre

+7-084-3974676 6 Koroleva Obninsk 249035 Russian Federation Head of Lab.

Decision support systems. Development of metadata base (catalogues, information on ship cruises, data bases ond others) for World Ocean and Arctic region.

data management, environmental impact assessment

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Nadeghda Vukvukai nauka [at]

The laboratory of traditional natural resources and ethnological investigations

Russian Academy of Sciences Far-East branch

7-42722- 24514 Energetikov str., 15 Anadyr 689000 Russian Federation Scientific researcher

Chukotka cultures

ethnography, cultural adaptation, museum studies

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George Vourlitis georgev [at]

College of Arts and Sciences/Biology

California State University

760-750-4119 333 South Twin Oaks Valley Road San Marcos California 92096 United States

Quantification of the patterns and controls of large-scale exchange of CO2, H2O and energy in arctic ecosystems.

global change, ecosystem science, plant ecology

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Valery Votrin vvotrin [at]

Laboratory for Ecotoxicology and Polar Ecology

Vrije Universiteit Brussel

+32-494-490619 Pleinlaan 2 Brussel 1050 Belgium PhD student

Development of sustainability indicators for the Russian Arctic regions; small indigenous peoples in the Russian North; public participation and environmental decision making; indigenous rights.

human ecology, sustainable development, community sustainability

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Tore Vorren tore.vorren [at]

Department of Geology

University of Tromsø

+47-7764-4410 Tromsø N-9037 Norway Professor

Sedimentology, stratigraphy, and paleoenvironment of high-latitude fjords. Development of the continental slopes of glaciated continental margins. Reconstruction of the deglaciation history in North Norway and the Barents Sea region.

marine geology, quaternary geology, paleoglaciology

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Pavel Voronin pavel [at]

K.A. Timiryazev Plant Physiology Institute

Russian Academy of Sciences

7-499-231-83-35 Botanicheskaya 35 Moscow 127276 Russian Federation Deputy Editor-in-Chief

CO2 exchange in system atmosphere - boreal forests of Russia under climate warming; Wood degradation by fungy; CO2 and CH4 emission and photosynthesis

CO2 modeling

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Kay Christian Vopel cvopel [at]

Department of Oceanography

Florida State University

850-443 7137 West Call Street Tallahassee Florida 32306 United States

benthic ecology, biodiversity, biogeochemistry

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Dag Vongraven dag.vongraven [at]

Department of Polar Environmental Management

Norwegian Polar Institute

+47-7775-0638 Polar Environmental Centre Tromsø N-9296 Norway

Photographic identification studies of killer whales in Norway. Monitoring of environmental pollutants and biodiversity.

marine mammals, wildlife management, arctic policy

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Karen von Juterzenka kvjuterzenka [at]

Institute for Polar Ecology

Christian-Albrechts-University of Kiel

+49-431-600-1200 Wischhofstraße 1-3 Kiel D-24148 Germany

Ecology of arctic echinoderms. Colonization of under-ice boundary layers (planned).

marine ecology, benthic ecology, sea ice biota

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Joseph von Fischer joe.von_fischer [at]

Department of Biology

Colorado State University

970-491-2679 Fort Collins Colorado 80523 United States Assistant Professor

soil microbiology

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Peter von der Gathen peter.von.der.gathen [at]

Research Department Potsdam

Alfred Wegener Institute for Polar and Marine Research

+49-331-2882-128 Telegrafenberg A43 Potsdam 14478 Germany

Stratospheric ozone. Atmospheric dynamic.

atmospheric physics, atmospheric chemistry

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Clea von Chamier-Waite clea.waite [at]

Interdisciplinary Media Arts + Practice, School of Cinematic Arts (iMAP)

213-821-5700 3470 McClintock Avenue Los Angeles California 90089 United States PhD Candidate

The Ice-Time project is a creative response to the perilous state of Earth's ecosystem. Ice, like geology, is a primary indicator of the deep time of our planet’s environment. Ice is also the most visible indicator of the short-term effects of climate change. Glacial ice presents a four-dimensional hyper-view into time and space, an icy tesseract giving us an 800,000 years view backwards into Earth’s climatological past and forwards towards the pending outcomes of current rising temperatures.

Ice-Time will be realized as an immersive, multi-projection video and sound installation combining art and science that minutely examines the structure of ice and glaciers to reveal the time embedded within. The intention of this project is to convey the essence of ice and its intimations; to elicit the poetics contained within frozen water as revealed by current climate research. The Ice-Time installation will detail the cracks and bubbles and different forms that ice takes in ice cores, crystals, glaciers, and other natural ice formations. The images will occupy an architecture of translucent screens that layer in a faceting effect, merging into crystalline collages of shifting combinations as visitors move through. A three-dimensional soundscape will enlarge the image space, composed from the field recordings of sounds of ice, excerpts of interviews with researchers, and readings by actors of ice folklore and literature. By means of a vivid, material presence of image, sound, data, and time, the installation will imbue the spectator with a deep awareness of the environmental, spiritual, and culture implications of ice.

Research for Ice-Time is underway combining the methods of a naturalist in the field, collaboration with experts, and the collecting of scientific and cultural data. The Cryosphere, Earth’s frozen regions, is currently exhibiting the most visible indications of climate change. Direct experience with this environment is essential to the concept of Ice-Time. The project centers on an expedition to Western Greenland to the fastest moving glacier on Earth, Jakobshavn Isbræ, to document this moment in glacial space-time. Working directly with polar scientists on the ice and in the laboratory, Ice-Time engages with current research and its broader ramifications. The underlying causes, as well as the manifestations, of myriad forms of ice will be presented as an aesthetic experience to a broad and varied public.

art, computer modeling, education, history of science

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Aleksandr Volokitin volokitin [at]

Archaeology, Institute of Language, Literature and History of Komi Science Center

Russian Academy of Sciences

+7-8212-4252-66 Kommunisticheskaya street 26 Syktyvkar Komi, Respublika 167000 Russian Federation Leading resercher

Archaeology of European North-East.


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Eden Volohonsky eden [at]

Institute for Geology and Paleontology

Universität Tübingen

+49-0707-129-5727 Sigwartstrasse 10 Tübingen D-72076 Germany

Paleontology and sedimentology of the Devonian of Svalbard.

paleontology, paleoecology, sedimentology

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Alexey Voinov avoinov [at]

Gund Institute for Ecological Economics

University of Vermont

802-656-2985 590 Main Street Burlington Vermont 05405 United States Associate Research Professor

Applications of Interactive Integrated Assessment and Modeling to Design Sustainable Development Strategies for Arctic Watersheds. Conducting a multi-year US-Russian research effort to increase understanding of the role of human dynamics on ecosystem functions and explore development strategies to enhance ecosystem health, ecological sustainability and economic diversity. The project is focused on the Imandra Lake watershed, Kola Peninsula, Russia.

modeling, socio-economic impact assessment, water quality

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Thomas Voigt thomas.voigt [at]

Climate Change Unit

Umweltbundesamt; European Topic Centre on Air and Climate Change

+49-340-2103-2093 Woerlitzer Platz 1 Dessau-Rosslau 06844 Germany

Information on climate change impact on ASI, Greenland ice sheet, Arctic glaciers, etc.

climate change

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Peter Vogt vogt [at]

Marine Geosciences Division

Naval Research Laboratory

202-404-1102 4555 Overlook Avenue SW Washington District of Columbia 20375 United States

modeling Gas Hydrate stability; pockmarks; mass wasting; iceberg plowmarks; Alpha Ridge; Chukchi Borderland; magnetic and gravity anomalies; Arctic bathymetry and morphology

geophysics, geology, glaciology

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Christoph Vogt cvogt [at]

Department of Geosciences

University of Bremen

+49-421-218-9007 Klagenfurter Strasse Bremen D-28359 Germany

Sedimentary mineral assemblages. XRD. Paleoceanography. IODP Research. Chemical Analysis. XRF. XRF Scanning. Stable isotopes

paleoceanography, sedimentology, mineralogy

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Hal Vogel vogel [at]

Communications Department (#211400)

Rowan University

609-256-4274 Glassboro New Jersey 08028 United States Professor

Polar exploration. Aero and military history.


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Jason Vogel jvogel [at]

Ecosystem Science and Management

Texas A and M University

352-846-0879 PO Box 110410 Gainesville Florida 32608 United States Assistant Professor View Full Profile
Andrey Vladimirovich Sher asher [at]

Severtsov Institute of Ecology and Evolution

Russian Academy of Sciences

+(7-495) 238-3875 Laboratory of Ecology and Functional Morphology of Higher Vertebrates Moscow 119071 Russian Federation

The response of the Beringian Arctic biocenoses to the last global climatic cooling (22-17 thousand years ago); the role of Pleistocene biocenoses in the establishment of modern arctic ecosystems; genetics and evolution of some lineages of arctic large mammals (mammoth, woolly rhino, horses, musk oxen, cave lions, wolverines)

paleoecology, quaternary stratigraphy, paleontology

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Ingunn Vistnes ingunn [at]

Norut-NIBR Finnmark

Agricultural University of Norway

+47-78-45-71-36 Follumsvei 33 Alta N-9510 Norway M.Sc., PhD-Student

Changes in distribution of reindeer away from human development, such as tourist resorts, power lines, pipelines, roads, and industry (avoidance behavior). Research includes both wild and semi-domestic reindeer.

zoology, reindeer, human/environment interaction

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George Visscher gev40 [at]

Department of Forest Ecosystem Science

University of Maine at Orono

207-866-0207 104 Nutting Hall Orono Maine 04469 United States

Wood anatomy. Analysis of several cellular characteristics of Eocene fossil wood from Axel Heiberg Island.

forest ecology, forestry

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Carolyn Viscosi-Shirley cviscosi [at] N/A 147 Osgood Street Andover Massachusetts 01810 United States

Siberian and Alaskan continental shelf sedimentology. Clay mineralogy. Sediment chemistry. Sediment sorting. Sediment provenance. Early sediment diagnosis and dissolved metal fluxes

marine geology, marine geochemistry, marine sedimentology

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Martin Visbeck visbeck [at]

Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory (LDEO)

Columbia University

845-365-8531 PO Box 1000 Palisades New York 10964 United States

Deep water formation in the Greenland Sea. Role of sea ice import from the Arctic Ocean into the North Atlantic. Sea Ice and climate variability in midlattitudes.

physical oceanography, air-sea-ice interactions, climatology

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