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First Name Last Name Email Department Organization Phone Address City State/Province Postal Code Country Title Current Research Science Specialties
Kerstin Saalmann kerstin.saalmann [at] N/A

Geological Survey of Finland

+358-50-5324475 Betonimiehenkuja 4 Espoo 02151 Finland

Formation of mountain belts, brittle and ductile deformation, Precambrian to Cenozoic structural evolution and tectonics

structural geology, tectonics, mineralogy

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Timo Saarinen tijusa [at]

Quaternary Geology

University of Turku

Turun yliopisto Turku FIN-20014 Finland

Annually laminated lake sediments and high latitude paleosecular variation of the Earth's magnetic field

paleomagnetism, paleolimnology, paleoclimatology

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Ilpo Saastamoinen ilpsaas [at] N/A Jyväskylä Finland Composer

Kola Sami Musical Tradition project (1994- ) by Tromsø University, Norway. "Laulupuurumpu"; (about Sami Music, 611 pp.) Jyväskylä Univ. Finland


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Dessislav Sabev dessislav.sabev [at]

Indian and Northern Affairs Canada

Government of Canada

+1-819-770-9516 15 Eddy Street Gatineau Quebec K1A 0H4 Canada Manager, Indigenous and Northern Affairs Canada

Food security in isolated (fly-in-fly-off) northern communities. Climate change and cultural adaptations Circumpolar cooperation with emphasis on traditional economies and logistical support.

northern food security, economic policy, land management, circumpolar cultures

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Fran Saborido-Rey fran [at]

Department of Ecology and Marine Resources

Institute of Marine Research

+34-98621-4466 Eduardo Cabello 6 Vigo 36208 Spain

Marine fish populations dynamics. Reproductive ecology of marine fish. Recruitment process in marine fish. Stock identification in marine fish. Relationship between oceanographic features and fish dynamics and recruitment.

fish populations, marine ecology

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Stephen Saboundjian ffsks [at]

Research and Technology Transfer

Alaska Department of Transportation

907-451-5322 2301 Peger Road Fairbanks Alaska 99709 United States Research Implementation Engineer

Air convection embankments for roadways, Passive cooling systems for roadways, Frost heaving in pavements, Thaw weakening and springtime load restrictions in pavements, Low-temperature cracking of asphalt concrete. collaborate: American Society of Civil Engineers, [Technical Council on Cold Regions Engineering],

pavements engineering, geotechnical engineering, materials engineering

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Russell Sackett russs [at]

Office of History and Archaeology

Alaska Department of Natural Resources

907-269-8726 3601 C Street Suite 1278 Anchorage Alaska 99503 United States Architectural Historian

architecture, history

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William Sackinger obelisk [at] N/A

Obelisk Hydrocarbons (Alaska) Ltd

907-479-6808 669 DePauw Drive Fairbanks Alaska 99709 United States President and CEO

Plasma conversion of hydrocarbons.

hydrocarbon chemistry, oil and gas development, ice mechanics

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Walt Sadinkski wsadinski [at]

U.S. Department of the Interior

U.S. Geological Survey

608-781-6337 Upper Midwest Environmental Sciences Center La Crosse Wisconsin 54603 United States Research Ecologist

Lead scientist for the Terrestrial Wetland Global Change Research Network, an international network of scientists studying integrated effects of climate/global change in wetland-upland matrices across ecoregions encompassed by the range of the wood frog (Rana sylvatica).

aquatic systems, global change, environmental studies

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Jerrold Sadock jsadock [at]

Linguistics Department

University of Chicago

773-702-8526 1010 East 59th Street Chicago Illinois 60637 United States

Inuit grammar, particularly West Greenlandic.


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Kjetil Sagerup kjetil.sagerup [at] N/A

Norwegian Polar Institute

+47 7775-0509 Tromsø Troms 9296 Norway Cand. scient.

Organochlorines and possible effects in glaucous gulls (Larus hyperboreus).

ecology, environmental toxicology, parasitology

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Auromeet Saha auromeet.saha [at] N/A

Université de Sherbrooke

+1-819-580-7524 CARTEL, Département de Géomatique Appliquée, 2500 Boulevard de l'Université Sherbrooke Quebec J1K 2R1 Canada Senior Research Associate View Full Profile
Gregor Sailer info [at] N/A N/A Austria Dipl.Des./MA View Full Profile
Yasunori Sakurai sakurai [at]

Department of Marine Biological Sciences - Faculty of Fisheries

Hokkaido University

+81-13840-8863 3-1-1 Minato-cho Hokkaido 041-8611 Japan Associate Professor

Bering Sea.

aquatic biology, aquatic ecology, biological oceanography

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Becky Saleeby becky_saleeby [at]

Alaska Regional Office

National Park Service

907-644-3477 240 West 5th Avenue Anchorage Alaska 99501 United States Archeologist

Zooarchaeology of northwestern Alaska. Historic mining sites in Alaska.

archaeology, zooarchaeology

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Tapani Salminen tasalmin [at]

Department of Finno-Ugrian Studies

University of Helsinki

+358-9191-7002 PO Box 25 Helsinki FIN-00014 Finland Researcher

Forest Nenets language. Tundra Nenets language. Nenets languages. Samoyed languages.

linguistics, Siberian peoples, Indigenous peoples

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Patrick Saltonstall pgsalton [at]

Alutiiq Museum

University of Wisconsin - Madison

907-486-7004 215 Mission Road Kodiak Alaska 99615 United States Graduate Student

Gulf of Alaska (including Kodiak). Baffin Island.

archaeology, Inuit culture, cultural anthropology

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Eric Saltzman eric.saltzman [at]

Earth System Science

University of California, Irvine

703-292-8029 3325 Croul Hall Earth System Science Irvine California 92697 United States

Atmospheric chemistry of gases produced by the oceans. Use of polar ice cores to study the chemistry of ancient atmospheres. Role of biological sulfur gases in the long-term control of climate.

atmospheric chemistry, ice chemistry

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Otto Salvigsen otto.salvigsen [at]

Institute of Geosciences

University of Oslo

+4722855927 PO Box 1042 Blindern Oslo N-0316 Norway Senior Research Scientist

Svalbard. Glacial history. Shoreline displacement. Radiocarbon dating.

glacial geology, paleoclimatology, periglacial environment

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Hal Salzman hsalzman [at]

School of Planning and Public Policy

(848) 932-1037 33 Livingston Ave. New Brunswick New Jersey 08901 United States Professor

Hal Salzman is Professor of Public Policy at the Edward J. Bloustein School and Senior Faculty Fellow at the John J. Heldrich Center for Workforce Development. His research focuses on science and engineering labor markets, workplace restructuring, skill requirements, and globalization of innovation, engineering and technology design. Recently he has been writing on the science and technology policy implications of his research. A current project, as Principal Investigator, examines science and engineering education and careers and is funded by the Sloan Foundation. This project builds on Salzman’s previous research on science and engineering education and the workforce (see, for example, “Making the Grade” in Nature).

His other area of research and teaching is on human capital development, firm strategy, and community sustainability in the Arctic. He is Principal Investigator of an International Polar Year grant from the National Science Foundation, Arctic Social Science Program/Office of Polar Programs.

Past projects include Principal Investigator of a National Science Foundation-funded project on globalization, innovation, and human capital; this work has continued in his research on “collaborative advantage” in globalization, engineering, technology entrepreneurship (research funded by the National Science Foundation and Kauffman Foundation, with Leonard Lynn of Case Western Reserve University and conducted with colleagues in the U.S., Germany, Japan, China, India, and Latin America). Prof. Salzman has conducted a number of studies of the IT industry, on both software design and work practices and on labor force issues in the IT industry. A recently completed project was on corporate restructuring and the impact on low-wage jobs and skills. His publications include Software By Design: Shaping Technology and the Workplace (Oxford University Press) and articles on issues of technology, skills, and the workplace, including “Collaborative Advantage” (in Issues in Science and Technology), “Under Construction: The Continuing Evolution of Job Structures in Call Centers,” in Industrial Relations: A Journal of Economy and Society, “Too Many Cooks?: Changing Wages and Job Ladders in the Food Industry.” Regional Review, and forthcoming, Technology Entrepreneurs in the Emerging Economies: The new shape of global innovation.

Socio-economic analysis of Arctic communities and employment, Labor Policy, Political Institutions

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Raymond Sambrotto sambrott [at]

Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory (LDEO)

Columbia University

845-365-8402 61 Route 9 West Palisades New York 10964 United States

Project 1 - analysis of CO2 system in Arctic Ocean (NSF). Plankton production and nitrogen chemistry in high latitude seas.

marine ecology, CO2 chemistry, environmental assessment

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Makoto Sampei sampei [at]

Department of Biology

National Institute of Polar Research

+81-3-3962-4569 9-10 Kaga 1 chome Tokyo 173-8515 Japan

North Water Polynya Study, Canadian Arctic Shelf Exchange Study

marine ecology, marine biology

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Torkjel Sandanger torkjel.sandanger [at] N/A

Norwegian Institute for Air Research

+47-7775-0392 NILU i Polarmiløsenteret Tromsø NO-9296 Norway Reseracher, PhD

Emerging pollutants in human plasma, POPs and breast cancer

environmental health, epidemiology, environmental monitoring

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Hamish Sandeman hsandema [at]

Canada-Nunavut Geoscience Office

Natural Resources Canada

+1-867-979-3539 50 Elizabeth Avenue St John’s Newfoundland and Labrador Canada Bedrock Geologist

Mapping the Committe Bay supracrustal belt, central mainland, Nunavut. Western Churchill NATMAP project.

geology, petrology, geochemistry

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Gunnar Sander gunnar.sander [at] N/A

European Environmental Agency

+45-33-36-71-24 Kongen Nytorv 6 Copenhagen 1050 Denmark Program Coordinator

Coordinates Norwegian-Russian program on transport and effects of contaminants to the Barents Sea region. EVINET (network of arctic-alpine research infrastructures). Works in environmental management department of Norwegian Polar Institute, on topics such as environmental monitoring in the Svalbard area (MOSJ), environmental impact assessments, and oil and gas development.

environmental contaminants, science management, environmental impact assessment

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