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First Name Last Name Email Department Organization Phone Address City State/Province Postal Code Country Title Current Research Science Specialties
Rene Adalid Medrano-B rmedrano [at]

Antarctic Program

National Institute for Space Research - INPE

+55-12-345-6798 CP 515 São José dos Campos 12201-970 Brazil

Arctic ionosphere. Geomagnetic storms and substorms. Physics of conjugate geomagnetic points.

mathematics, plasma physics

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Rosa Meehan meehan [at] N/A

Alaska Ocean Observing System

907-644-6719 1007 West 3rd Avenue Anchorage Alaska 99501 United States

Marine mammals. US-Russia policy. Resource management. Arctic policy. Avian ecology. Wetland ecology. Subsistence.

marine mammals, resource management, arctic policy

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David Meeker ldm [at]

Climate Research Center, EOS

University of New Hampshire

603-862-3157 39 College Road Durham New Hampshire 03824 United States

Time series analysis and interpretation of ice core chemistry data, primarily from the GISP2 ice core.

mathematics, paleoclimatology, modeling

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Debra Meese northsong [at] N/A 603-646-4594 169 Wilder Lane New London New Hampshire 03755 United States Research Scientist

GISP2 (physical properties, age dating). Sea-ice chemistry, contaminants. Physical properties of sea ice. Teachers Experiencing the Arctic (TEA). Siple Dome.

climate change, paleoglaciology, sea ice

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Mark Meier meiermf [at]

Institute of Arctic and Alpine Research (INSTAAR)

University of Colorado

303-492-6556 Campus Box 450 Boulder Colorado 80309 United States

Sea-level rise due to arctic and global glacier fluctuations. Glacier dynamics. Iceberg calving and calving/dynamics interactions.

glaciology, climate change, icebergs

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Walt Meier walt [at]

Cryospheric Sciences Lab

National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA)

720-771-7246 CIRES/University of Colorado Boulder Colorado 80309 United States Senior Research Scientist

Development of sea ice climate data records. Analysis of passive microwave-derived ice concentration algorithms. Investigation of impact of changes in arctic sea ice cover.

sea ice remote sensing, sea ice dynamics, data processing/analysis

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Markus Meier markus.meier [at]

Rossby Centre

Swedish Meteorological and Hydrological Institute

+46-11-495-8612 Folkborgsvagen 1 Norrköping SE-601 76 Sweden

Arctic Ocean Coupled ice-ocean modeling

climate modeling, oceanography, ice modeling

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Jens Meincke meincke [at]

Institute of Oceanography

University of Hamburg

+49-40-42838-5985 Troplowitzstraße 7 Hamburg D-22529 Germany

Arctic Ocean - North Atlantic exchanges.

physical oceanography, climate change, ocean circulation

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Morten Meldgaard dpc [at] N/A + 45-3288-0115 Copenhagen Denmark Ph.D., Director

Science management.

paleobiology, archaeology, quaternary zoology

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Svetlana Meledina shurygin [at]

Institute of Petroleum Geology

Russian Academy of Sciences - Siberian Branch

+3832-332306 Koptyukh 3 Novosibirsk 630090 Russian Federation

Jurassic ammonites of the northern parts of West and East Siberia.

paleontology, biostratigraphy, paleogeography

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Martin Melles mmelles [at]

Institute for Geophysics and Geology

Faculty for Physics and Earth Sciences

+49-341-9732900 Leipzig University Leipzig D-04103 Germany Professor for Geology / Quaernary Geology

Pliocene to Quaternary climatic and environmental history of northeastern Siberia. Late Quaternary climatic and environmental history of East Greenland.

paleolimnology, paleoclimatology, paleoecology

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Humfrey Melling humfrey.melling [at]

Ocean Sciences Division

Fisheries and Oceans

+1-250-363-6552 PO Box 6000 Sidney British Columbia V8L 4B2 Canada

Ventilation of the Arctic halocline. Development and decay of seasonal sea ice. Thickness distribution of pack ice. Freshwater cycling in the Arctic Ocean.

air-sea-ice interactions, sea ice dynamics, fjord/shelf oceanography

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Rae Melloh rae.a.melloh [at] N/A

Cold Regions Research and Engineering Laboratory (CRREL)

603-646-4310 72 Lyme Road Hanover New Hampshire 03755 United States

Seasonal methane (CH4) dynamics in wetlands. Beaver pond heat budget. Landscape carbon balance. Snowmelt infiltration and runoff.

hydrology, biogeochemistry, heat budget analysis

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Igor Melnikov migor [at]

Institute of Oceanology

Russian Academy of Sciences

+7-095-124-5996 Nakhimovsky pr 36 Moscow 117997 Russian Federation Polar Biologist, Biological Oceanology Dept

Arctic sea ice ecosystem in global change. Sea ice dynamic in the coastal zone of the White Sea. Ecology of the Antarctic Sea Ice Zone.

biology, sea ice biota, ecosystem science

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Hans Meltofte mel [at]

Department of Bioscience

Danish National Environmental Research Institute

+45-8715-8691 Postbox 358 Roskilde DK-4000 Denmark D.Sc.

Monitoring of year-to-year variability as well as long-term change in Arctic bird populations, distribution, reproductive phenology, and success.

avian ecology, wildlife management, environmental monitoring, Arctic biodiversity, climate effects

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Eric Menard eric_menard [at] N/A 418-659-7763 3434 Maricourt Apartment 37 Sainte-Foy Quebec G1W 2M4 Canada Geographer

permafrost, geomorphology, geographic information systems

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Suellen Menegat menegats [at] N/A

Fort Yukon High School

907-662-2352 PO Box 229 Fort Yukon Alaska 99740 United States

Athabaskan studies, education

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William Menke menke [at]

Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory (LDEO)

Columbia University

845-365-8150 PO Box 1000 Palisades New York 10964 United States

Gakkel Ridge seismic experiment using ice-moored PASSCAL seismometers.


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Philippe Mennecier phm [at] N/A

Musée de l’Homme

+33-1-40-79-57-58 17 place du Trocadero Paris F-75116 France

Field linguistics. Linguistic description. Linguistic typology. Lexicography. Inuit languages. Siberian languages. East Greenlandic language.

linguistics, Inuit culture

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Gennady Menzhulin inenco [at]

Global Changes Impacts on Environment

Center for International Environmental Coroperation of Russian Academy of Science

+7-812-273-2113 14, Kutuzova Embankment St. Petersburg 191187 Russian Federation Dr., Prof., Director of Science

1.Regional climate changes caused by global warming. 2.Climate change impacts on natural terrestrial vegetation, crops,hydrological phenomena and water resources, permafrost degradation. 3.Empirical analysis of current changes of meteoprological parameters. 4. Turbulence, energy and matter transport modeling in vegetation and atmospheric boundary layer over it.

climate change, boreal forests, environmental impact assessment

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Benedikt Meon bmeon [at]

Department for Biological Oceanography

Alfred Wegener Institute for Polar and Marine Research

49-471-4831-1468 Columbusstrasse, Postfach 12 0161 Bremerhaven D-27515 Germany

Transport and Transformation of DOM in coastal environments Bacteria-DOM interaction in aquatic environments Characterization and fluxes of DOM in aquatic environments

biogeochemistry, aquatic chemistry, aquatic microbiology

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Charles Merbs charles.merbs [at]

Department of Anthropology

Arizona State University

480-965-4537 PO Box 872402 Tempe Arizona 85287 United States

Northern Hudson Bay region. Archaeology. Sadlermiut. Thule culture.

physical anthropology, paleopathology, forensic anthropology

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Oliver Merrington ojm21 [at] N/A +44-1223-336540 39 Bannold Road Cambridge CB5 9LQ United Kingdom

Manager, NERC Arctic Environmental Metadata Centre from 1997 to 1999. Listed all arctic grants and studentships funded by Natural Environment Research Council (NERC) since 1969. Represent the UK on IASC ADD (Arctic Environmental Data Directory) Council.

data management, education, library/information specialist

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Nina Meschtyb meschtyb [at]

Institute of Ethnology and Anthropology

Russian Academy of Sciences

+7-095-938-5719 Leninskiy pr 32-A Moscow 117334 Russian Federation Researcher

Traditional meanings of maintaining the health in aboriginal cultures of the North of Russia. Use of the wild plants in aboriginal cultures. Grant from Swedish Royal Academy of Sciences: " The peoples of the North; the problems of survival (environmental aspects) and their historic knowledge in connection with modern physiological and botanical findings as the key to the future."

cultural anthropology, traditional knowledge and wisdom, Native studies

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Francois Messier francois.messier [at]

Department of Biology

University of Saskatchewan

306-966-4400 112 Science Place Saskatoon Saskatchewan S7N 5E2 Canada Professor and Head

Population ecology of polar bears and population ecology of barren ground grizzly bears.


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