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First Name Last Name Email Department Organization Phone Address City State/Province Postal Code Country Title Current Research Science Specialties
Yvette Marchand yvette.marchand [at]

Département de Géographie

Universite de Rouen

+33-2-3514-6932 UMR I.D.E.E.S. 6063 Mont Saint-Aignan Cedex F-76821 France Maître de Conférences

Oil and gas pipeline monitoring by remote sensing approach.

remote sensing, pollution, landscape ecology

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David Marchant marchant [at]

Department of Earth Sciences

Boston University

617-353-3236 675 Commonwealth Avenue Boston Massachusetts 02215 United States

Glacial geology and geomorphology of Baffin Island and northern Labrador. Late Wisconsin-Holocene ice sheet reconstruction in Eastern Arctic Cannada. Miocene and pliocene landscape evolution and glacial history of the dry valleys region, Antarctica.

glacial geomorphology, paleoclimatology, periglacial environment

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Aleksey Marchenko aleksey.marchenko [at]

Arctic Techonology

The University Center in Svalbard

47-79-02-33-65 PO Box 156 Longyearbyen Svalbard N-9171 Norway Professor, Doctor of Science

-Dynamics and thermodynamics of sea ice ridges: field studies and numerical simulations -Shape instability of water-ice interfaces -Monitoring and modeling of icebergs drift in the Barents Sea -Iceberg towing -Tides and sea current in shallow water below the ice -Formations of ice bustles on quay piers: field studies and numerical simulations -Ice-steel friction -Ice piles build up near offshore structures: field studies and numerical simulations -Formation of internal stresses in sea ice in Svalbard fjords -Ice gouging on Kara Sea shelf -Structure and evolution of melt ponds -Ice conditions on northern sea routes -Turbulent heat fluxes to the ice bottom in the Barents Sea and Svalbard fjords

sea ice modeling, physical oceanography, ocean engineering

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Nataly Marchenko nataly.marchenko [at]

Arctic Technology

The University Center in Svalbard (UNIS)

+47-79-02-33-69 PO 156 Longyearbyen Svalbard 9170 Norway

Since 2008 I worked for a UNIS researcher for PetroArctic project on Task 8 "Collection of ice pilot experiences." I carried out historical and geographical review and described when, why and how Russians sailed in the Arctic, what troubles with ice condition seamen had and how they managed it. I concentrated on accidents in the Arctic caused by the action of ice. Now, I am finalizing the project by monograph with a draft title of "EXPERIENCES of RUSSIAN ARCTIC NAVIGATION." It will consist of INTRODUCTION (Common features of Russian seas and the main stages of northern sea navigation and vessels development) and the MAIN PART devoted to four Russian Arctic Seas (Kara, Laptev, East-Siberian, Chukchi Seas). There will be 5 chapters for each sea. These are GEOGRAPHICAL CHARACTERISTIC, PHYSICAL ENVIRONMENT, SEA ICE, NAVIGATION, AND ACCIDENTS. The most original part of study is the set of maps of accident locations according to accident classification. There will be photos and pictures from different sources in monograph.

sea ice navigation

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Suzanne Marcy suzanne_marcy [at] N/A

National Park Service, Alaska Region

907 622 2610 3349 Hiland Road Eagle River Alaska 99577 United States Visiting Senior Scientist

Environmental assessment. Arctic science policy. Animal behavior. Ecosystem integrated risk assessment. Arctic Monitoring and Assessment Programme: chair of the international heavy metals team on behalf of the U.S. under AMAP. EPA staff representative to the Interagency Arctic Research Policy Committee and the Interagency Work Group on the Study of Environmental Arctic Change (SEARCH). Research: Biocomplexity of the Bering Sea-Science to support sustainable systems: Conducting ecosystem level assessment of risk for the Bering Sea that incorporates ecological, economic, cultural, and health factors.

ecology, ecosystem science, global change

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Giles Marion gmarion [at]

Geochemical Sciences Division

Desert Research Institute

775-673-7349 2215 Raggio Parkway Reno Nevada 89512 United States Associate Research Professor

soil chemistry, cold chemistry, geochemistry

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Stiig Markager markager [at]

Marine Ecology

National Environmental Research Institute

+45-4630-1200 Frederiksborgvej 399 Roskilde DK-4000 Denmark Ph.D. Senior scientist

aquatic ecology, phytoplankton, physiological ecology

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Elena Markhaseva lena [at]

Zoological Institute

Russian Academy of Sciences

+7-812-328-1311 ext 150 Laboratory of Marine Research St. Petersburg 199034 Russian Federation Senior Scientist

Biodiversity of arctic calanoid copepods, taxonomy (central part of Arctic Basin, arctic seas). Calanoid (Copepoda, Crustacea) taxonomy. Zooplantonology. Marine invertebrate zoologist.

marine invertebrates, biodiversity, zooplankton

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Carl Markon markon [at] N/A

U.S. Geological Survey

907-786-7023 4230 University Drive Anchorage Alaska 99508 United States Senior Scientist

Vegetation mapping, land cover mapping, regional studies

remote sensing

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Christelle Marlin marlin [at]

Department of Earth Sciences

Université Paris-Sud 11

+33-0-169156361 UMR Geops Båtiment 504 Orsay FR-91405 France Professor

Study of groundwater flow of the Loven-East glacier system (79¡N, Spitsbergen)using a chemical and isotopic approach. Importance of groundwater in the water budget and in the discharge water quality of the Loven-East glacier catchment. Effect of permafrost distribution on groundwater flow. Groundwater dating. Icing.

groundwater, geochemistry, hydrology

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Kim Marsella kmarsella [at]

Department of Geology

Skidmore College

518-580-5195 815 North Broadway Saratoga Springs New York 12866 United States Teaching Associate

Data management for the NSF ARCSS-PALE Program. Reconstruction of glacial history on eastern Baffin Island using in situ-produced cosmogenic isotopes to date glacial landforms.

data management, quaternary geology, paleolimnology

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Philip Marsh p.marsh [at] N/A

Wilfrid Laurier University

+1-519-884-1970 75 University Avenue West Waterloo Ontario N2L 3C5 Canada Professor and Canada Research Chair

Research is currently focused on the hydrology of two upland watersheds in the uplands to the west of the Mackenzie Delta, and in the vicinity of Inuvik , NWT. These two sites are located in the forest transition zone. Havikpak Creek is primarily forested, while Trail Valley Creek (located about 50 km to the north) is primarily tundra with patches of shrubs and forest. Our research is focused on understanding past changes in climate, permafrost, vegetation, snow, lake levels and streamflow, testing and improving predictive models, and considering future changes to the hydrology of this region.

hydrology, snow hydrology, modelling, climate change, modeling

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Laura Marsh lkmarsh [at]

ARM Education Outreach Program

Los Alamos National Laboratory

505-665-6092 PO Box 1663 Los Alamos New Mexico 87545 United States Science Programs Specialist, Ph.D.

Atmospheric Radiation Measurement (ARM) Education for the DOE. climate change in the Arctic. global climate change education. curriculum and science standards that include climate change. create lesson plans and workshops for teachers, students and the Inupiat community on the Slope. research sites in Barrow and Atqasuk on the North Slope.

climate change, atmospheric physics

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David Marshall dmarshal [at] N/A

Marshall and Associates

907-780-4499 4501 Mountainside Drive Juneau Alaska 99801 United States President

Unemployment survey in Alaska Native villages. Benefit-cost analysis of local versus distant substance abuse treatment centers. Welfare reform and Alaska Natives. Alaska Native epidemiology--accidental deaths and suicides among Yup’ik of Southwest Alaska 1994-1998.

economics, public health, subsistence

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Christopher Marshall marshalc [at]

Marine Biology

Texas A&M University at Galveston

409-740-4884 5007 Avenue U Galveston Texas 77551 United States Assistant Professor

marine mammals, marine mammal anatomy, zoology

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Shawn Marshall shawn.marshall [at]

Department of Geography

University of Calgary

+1-403-220-4884 2500 University Drive NW Calgary Alberta T2N 1N4 Canada Professor

ice core retrieval and analysis, Canadian Arctic; glacier-climate process studies, Canadian Arctic; Greenland ice sheet modelling; ice cap modelling, Iceland and Canadian Arctic

glaciology, climatology, paleoclimatology

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Richard Marston marston [at]

Department of Geography and Recreation

University of Wyoming

307-766-6386 PO Box 3371 Laramie Wyoming 82071 United States Director

Supraglacial streams. Crevasse water tables. Glacier meltwater production. Glacier response to climate change.

geomorphology, hydrology, environmental sciences

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Gunnar Martens gm [at] N/A

High Commissioner of Greenland

+299-321001 PO Box 1030 Nuuk DK-3900 Greenland Head of Board of the Danish Polar Center

political science

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Pertti Martikainen pertti.martikainen [at]

Department of Environmental Sciences

University of Kuopio

+358-1716-3586 Kuopio FIN-70211 Finland

Dynamics of CO2, CH4, and N2O in northern peatlands. Effects of land use, and changes in temperature, hydrology, UV radiation, and atmospheric ozone level on the gas fluxes. Production of N2O and NO in soils at low temperatures. Production and fluxes of CH4, N2O, and CO2 in northern lakes and reservoirs. Effects of nutrient loads on the gas dynamics.

biogeochemistry, soil microbiology, wetlands

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Constance Martin martinc [at]

Arctic Institute of North America (AINA)

University of Calgary

403-220-4048-7515 2500 University Drive NW Calgary Alberta T2N 1N7 Canada

History of exploration art.

art, history

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Juri Martin j.martin [at]

Department of Environmental Sciences


+372-611-5804 Mustamäe tee 4 Tallinn 10621 Estonia Director

Primary plant succession modeling. Lichenometry. Pollution impact on vegetation.

ecology, botany, biogeochemistry

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Seelye Martin seelye [at]

School of Oceanography 357940

University of Washington

206-543-6438 Seattle Washington United States cryosphere program scientist

Frost flowers. Remote sensing of sea ice. Polynya studies. Summer ice melt. Waves and sea ice. Regional seas, such as Chukchi or Sea of Okhotsk.

sea ice remote sensing, climate change, sea ice thermodynamics

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Stephanie Martin stephanie [at]

Institute of Social and Economic Research

University of Alaska Anchorage

907-786-5430 15800 Windsong Drive Anchorage Alaska 99516 United States Consultant

Education and economic development.

human settlements, Alaska public policy, survey research

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Philip Martin philip_martin [at] N/A

Arctic Landscape Conservation Cooperative

907-456-0325 101 12th Avenue, Room 110 Fairbanks Alaska 99701 United States Science Coordinator

avian ecology, endangered species, environmental impact assessment

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Thibault Martin tmartin [at]

Department of Sociology

University of Winnipeg (The)

204-786-9844 515 Portage Avenue Winnipeg Manitoba R3B 2E9 Canada Assistant Professor

sociology, Native communities, socio-economic impact assessment

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