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First Name Last Name Email Department Organization Phone Address City State/Province Postal Code Country Title Current Research Science Specialties
Mads Faegteborg mads [at] N/A

Arctic Information

+45-3313-0292 Klokkerplads 3 Stubbebøbing DK-4850 Denmark Executive Director

Author of "Grønland i dag - en introduktion" (Greenland to day - an introduction), The Health of Arctic Indigenous Peoples (Arctic Leaders' Summit III). Both books are expected to be published early spring 2000. Inuit: Alaska, Canada, Chukotka, Greenland. Indigenous organizations. Indigenous cooperation.

Inuit, Indigenous peoples, arctic policy

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Jace Fahnestock jace [at]

Natural Resource Ecology Laboratory

Colorado State University

208-520-1368 N/A President

plant ecology, global change, winter environment

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Christopher Fairall chris.fairall [at]

Meteorological Applications and Assessments Division - Environment Technology Laboratory

National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA)

303-497-3253 NOAA/ESRL Physical Sciences Division Boulder Colorado 80305 United States Scientist

Surface Heat Budget of the Arctic.

ocean-atmosphere interactions, boundary-layer meteorology, meteorological instrumentation

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Eva Falck eva.falck [at]

Geophysical Institute

University of Bergen

+47-7902-3353 Postboks 7803 Bergen N-5020 Norway Associate Professor

Arctic Ocean. Nordic seas (Greenland, Iceland, and Norwegian seas).

physical oceanography, ocean-atmosphere interactions, chemical oceanography

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Howard Falcon-Lang howard.falcon-lang [at]

Department of Earth Sciences

University of Bristol

+44-1784-414039 Department of Earth Sciences Egham Surrey TW20 0EX United Kingdom Professor

paleobotany, paleoclimatology, paleoecology

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Marvin Falk mwfalk [at]

Alaska and Polar Regions Department - Elmer E. Rasmuson Library

University of Alaska Fairbanks

907-474-5915 PO Box 756800 Fairbanks Alaska 99775 United States Professor Emeritus

Full-text and image database of first-contact English-language literature on the Eskimo (Wenger Anthropological Eskimo Database on CD-ROM). Rasmuson Library Historical Translation Series, University of Alaska Press. Historical cartography.

history, information systems/technology, library/information specialist

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Knud Falk kf [at] N/A +45-3288-0130 Copenhagen K Denmark Independent Researcher

Seabird foraging ecology. Seabird population monitoring. Satellite tracking of seabird foraging and migration movements. Effects of hunting on seabird populations. Lifetime reproduction and population turnover in Peregrine Falcons. Monitoring pesticed levels in Peregrine Falcons.

avian ecology, seabirds, hunting

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Stig Falk-Petersen sfp [at]

Research Department

Norwegian Polar Institute

+47-9511-1914 Akvaplan-niva AS Tromsø N-9296 Norway Senior Scientist

Zooplankton in sea ice and arctic fjords. Lipids in ice-fauna and zooplankton in the Marginal Ice Zone. Variability in ecological and physical processes in the Marginal Ice Zone of the northern Barents Sea. Functional biodiversity in lipids of Antarctic zooplankton. Ice amphipod diversity and distribution under arctic pack ice. Life strategy of arctic Calanoid Copepods.

marine biology, zooplankton, science management

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John Falkingham john.falkingham [at] N/A


+1-613-355-4552 120 Sherway Drive Ottawa Ontario K1A 1P1 Canada Sea Ice Consultant

Arctic Sea Ice from the perspective of ship navigation, influence on weather, and as a climate determinant and signal. Secretariat for the International Ice Charting Working Group

sea ice, lake ice, icebergs

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Kelly Falkner kfalkner [at]

Division of Polar Programs (PLR)

National Science Foundation (NSF)

703-292-7424 2415 Eisenhower Avenue Alexandria Virginia 22314 United States Director of Polar Programs

Aqueous geochemcistry. Tracking Arctic river waters by geochemical means. Biogeochemistry of minor and trace elements in the Arctic.

chemical oceanography, marine geochemistry, aquatic chemistry, Arctic oceanography

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James Fall jim_fall [at]

Division of Subsistence

Alaska Department of Fish and Game

907-267-2359 333 Raspberry Road Anchorage Alaska 99518 United States Program Manager

Subsistence harvests and uses of natural resources. Fish and wildlife management and co-management. Exxon Valdez oil spill impacts and restoration. Traditional ecological knowledge. Athabaskan and Alutiiq history, culture, and oral traditions.

anthropology, subsistence, Native studies

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James Fall jim.fall [at]

Division of Subsistence

Alaska Department of Fish and Game

907-267-2359 333 Raspberry Road Anchorage Alaska 99518 United States Program Manager

Subsistence harvests and uses of natural resources. Fish and wildlife management and co-management. Exxon Valdez oil spill impacts and restoration. Traditional ecological knowledge. Athabaskan and Alutiiq history, culture, and oral traditions.

anthropology, subsistence, Native studies

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Karen Fallas karen.fallas [at]

Geological Survey of Canada

Natural Resources Canada

+1-403-292-7004 3303 33rd Street NW Calgary Alberta T2L 2A7 Canada Research Scientist

Geological mapping and structural geology in the Mackenzie Mountains, Mackenzie Plain, Franklin Mountains, and Colville Hills.

geology, bedrock mapping, structural geology, stratigraphy, GIS techniques

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Xingang Fan [at] N/A 270-745-5980 1906 College Heights Boulevard Bowling Green Kentucky 42101 United States Associate Professor

Satellite data assimilation, Numerical Weather Prediction, Observation sensitivity experiments

atmospheric sciences, meteorology, climatology

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Sean Farley sean.farley [at]

Division of Wildlife Conservation

Alaska Department of Fish and Game

907-267-2203 333 Raspberry Road Anchorage Alaska 99518 United States Research Physiologist

Polar bears. Walrus.

animal physiology, nutritional ecology, stable isotopes

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Paul Farley pj_farley [at]

Marine Sciences Laboratory

Pacific Northwest National Laboratory

306-681-4566 1529 West Sequim Bay Road Sequim Washington 98382 United States

Atmospheric Radiation Measurement. CHAMMP ANWAP

instrumentation, air-sea-ice interactions, mapping

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John Farrell jfarrell [at] N/A

US Arctic Research Commission

703-525-0111 4350 North Fairfax Drive Arlington Virginia 22203 United States Executive Director

oceanography, marine geology, paleoclimatology, paleoceanography

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Sinead Farrell sinead.farrell [at]

Earth System Science Interdisciplinary Center

U Maryland

301-683-3332 N/A United States Associate Research Scientist

Seasonal and inter-annual variability of the Earth’s sea ice cover, the circulation of the Arctic Ocean, and the marine gravity field of the Arctic Ocean.

Sea ice remote sensing; sea ice mass balance; Arctic Ocean remote sensing; global change

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Helen Fast fasth [at]

Oceans Programs Division - Central and Arctic Region

Fisheries and Oceans Canada

204-984-3483 501 University Crescent Winnipeg Manitoba R3T 2N6 Canada Integrated Management Advisor

Integrated management and planning processes for arctic and subarctic coastal regions.

human/environment interaction, land use planning, Native communities

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Claude Faucher cfaucher [at]

CANMET Energy Technology Centre (CETC)

Natural Resources Canada

613-947-1598 580 Booth Street 13th Floor Ottawa Ontario K1A 0E4 Canada

Develop methodology to assess, at the pre-feasibility level, the potential of small hydro at ungauged site.

energy resources, hydrology, geographic information systems

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Howard Feder feder [at] N/A PO Box 3439 Taos New Mexico 97571 United States Professor Emeritus

Arctic benthic ecology Southeastern and northeastern Chukchi Sea benthic ecology.

Arctic benthic ecology, environmental assessment, marine invertebrates

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Vladimir Fedorov ichthlab [at]

Laboratory of Ichthyology Zoological Institute

Russian Academy of Sciences

+7-812-328-06-12 Universitetskaya nab 1 Saint-Petersburg 199034 Russian Federation Senior scientific worker

Systematics and biodiversity of fishes of families Cottidae and Liparidae (Scorpaeniformes), Bathymasteridae, Zoarcidae, Stichaeidae, Cryptacanthodidae, Phjlididae, Anarhichadidae, Ptilichthyidae, Zaproridae, Trichodontidae and Icosteidae (Perciformes); Ichthyofauna of the Chukchi Sea and Northern Bering Sea; biozoogeography

ichthyology, biosystematics, biodiversity

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Dale Feist N/A 1551 La Rue Lane Fairbanks Alaska 99709 United States

Environmental controls and physiological mechanisms in seasonal thermoregulation, growth and reproduction of Alaskan small mammals (particularly in microtine rodents - voles and lemmings.)

animal physiology, physiological ecology, cold adaptation

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Harvey Feit feit [at]

Department of Anthropology

McMaster University

+1-905-628-1667 150 Ogilvie Street Hamilton Ontario L9H 4L9 Canada Professor Emeritus

James Bay Cree Management and Conservation of Wildlife. James Bay Resource Conflicts. Negotiating Indigenous Rights - Long-term Outcomes. Indigenous People, Civil Society and Environment.

anthropology, Indigenous rights, natural resources management, ethnography, governance, history of anthropology

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Bela Fejer bela.fejer [at]

Physics Department

Utah State University

435-797-3627 4405 Old Main Hill Logan Utah 84322 United States Professor

space physics, aeronomy, auroral studies

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