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First Name Last Name Email Department Organization Phone Address City State/Province Postal Code Country Title Current Research Science Specialties
Minghua Zhang mzhang [at]

Institute for Terrestrial & Planetary Atmospheres

State University of New York at Stony Brook

516-632-8318 PO Box 5000 Stony Brook New York 11794 United States

Climate modeling and analysis of satellite data.

atmospheric sciences, climate modeling, climate change

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Qiuqing Zhang qzhang [at]

Department of Meteorology

University of Utah

801-585-9480 135 South 1460 East Salt Lake City Utah 84112 United States Research Associate

Modeling study of the Arctic stratus cloud boundary layer.

atmospheric sciences, atmospheric physics, atmospheric chemistry

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Xiangdong Zhang xzhang9 [at]

International Arctic Research Center (IARC)

University of Alaska Fairbanks

907-474-2675 930 Koyukuk Drive Fairbanks Alaska 99775 United States Professor

Ocean/sea-ice/atmosphere interaction. Heat, freshwater budgets, and their pathways.

air-sea-ice interactions, climate modeling, el ni̱o/southern oscillation

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Yinsheng Zhang yszhang [at] N/A

Institute of Tibetan Plateau Research

+86-10-6284-9728 CAS, No. 18 Beijing 100101 China Professor

Hydrological consequence of permafrost and vegetation. Water cycle.

hydrology, heat budget analysis

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Shengkai Zhang zskai [at]

School of Geomatics and Geodesy

Chinese Antarctic Center of Surveying and Mapping

+86-27-6877-8030 129 Luoyu Road Wuhan Hubei 430079 China

ice motion of the glaciers in Svalbard

geodesy, geodynamics, glaciology

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Marcos Zentilli marcos.zentilli [at]

Department of Earth Sciences

Dalhousie University

+1-902-494-3873 LSC 3006 Halifax Nova Scotia B3H 4J1 Canada Professor of Geology

Petroleum geology. 1) Fission Track Thermogeochronology applied to tectonic and basin analysis studies in eastern Ellesmere Island, Canadian Arctic Archipelago, Nunavut, Canada, and the Nares Strait region, including Greeenland. 2) Study of petroleum involvement in the formation of metallic ore deposits (Nanisivik, Nunavut, Canada).

geochronology, geology

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Irina Zenkova zenkova [at]

Kola Science Centre

Russian Academy of Sciences

+81555-79771 Institute of North Industrial Ecology Problems Apatity Murmansk Region 184200 Russian Federation

Soil invertebrate ecology. Biodiversity. Decomposition.

biology, zoology, ecology

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Stephan Zeeman szeeman [at]

Department of Biological Sciences

University of New England

207-602-2410 11 Hills Beach Road Biddeford Maine 04005 United States Professor

Food chain dynamics in the Bering Sea and Aleutian Islands. Interactions between land and nearshore coastal waters.

phytoplankton, biological oceanography, remote sensing

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JaapJan Zeeberg jaapjan.zeeberg [at]

Netherlands Institute for Fisheries Research (formerly RIVO)

Wageningen University

+31-23-5394695 Haringkade 1 IJmuiden 1970 AB Netherlands PhD Student

Glacial geology, relative sea-level history, and climatology of Novaya Zemlya and the Eurasian Arctic, historical archaeology of polar exploration, including excavation of Willem Barents’ wintering quarter, periglacial aeolian formations in europe, russia, and Greenland.

quaternary geology, paleoclimatology, exploration and travel

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Christian Zdanowicz czdanowi [at]

National Glaciology Programme - Geological Survey of Canada

Natural Resources Canada - Terrain Sciences Division

+1-613-947-5169 601 Booth Street Ottawa Ontario K1A 0E8 Canada Research Scientist

Ice-coring program, Canadian High Arctic. Ice-coring program, Mount Logan, St. Elias Range, Yukon. Snowpack pollution survey, northern Canada.

glacial geochemistry, ice chemistry, snow chemistry

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Grant Zazula grant.zazula [at]

Palaeontology Program

Government of Yukon

+1-867-667-8089 Government of Yukon Whitehorse Yukon Territory Y1A 2C6 Canada Yukon Palaeontologist

Pleistocene mammal chronologies, biogeography, responses to climate change

vertebrate palaeontology, palaeoecology

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Randall Zarnke itrap2 [at] N/A 907-452-6857 219 Slater Drive Fairbanks Alaska 99701 United States President

Gathering oral history interviews from veteran hunters, guides, fishermen, pilots, trappers and wildlife biologists of Alaska.

Oral history

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John Zarling zae [at] N/A

Zarling Aero and Engineering

907-479-6525 1958 Raven Drive Fairbanks Alaska 99709 United States Ph.D., P.E.

Arctic engineering: energy conservation, heat transfer, building design, foundation systems, and thermosyphons.


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Michael Zapf kzapf [at]

Faculty of Social Work

University of Calgary

403-220-6947 2500 University Drive NW Calgary Alberta T2N 1N4 Canada

Rural and remote social work practice. Social work education.

education, social work, traditional knowledge and wisdom

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Kendra Zamzow kzamzow [at] N/A

Center for Science in Public Participation

907-354-3886 PO Box 1250 Chickaloon Alaska 99674 United States Environmental Chemist

Determining likely environmental impacts and contaminants -- based on geologic, hydrologic, and aquatic information -- at mining facilities that are proposed, abandoned, or in closure. Provide technical and policy proposals to reduce the risk of environmental contamination.

environmental contaminants

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Dmitri Zamolodchikov dzamolod [at]

Forest Ecology and Production Center

Russian Academy of Sciences

7(095)3326990 Profsouznaya ul., 84/32 Moscow 117810 Russian Federation

Eddy covariance measurements in Chukotka, CALM sites in Chukotka and European Russia, plant productivity, carbon pool and fluxes assesment, modelling

ecology, permafrost, soil science

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Vladimir Zalesny zalesny [at]

Institute of Numerical Mathematics

Russian Academy of Sciences

+7-095-938-3907 Gubkin str 8 Moscow 119991 Russian Federation Professor, Doctor of Sciences

Numerical ocean modelling, ocean circulation, and ecosystem modeling.

oceanography, computer modeling

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Victor Zakharov zakharov [at]

Department of Oil and Gas Geology

Academy of Science - Siberian Branch

+7-3832-332306 Prospect Academician Koptyukh 3 Novosibirsk 630090 Russian Federation Professor, Chief of Lab

Northern parts of the West and East Siberia.

paleontology, biostratigraphy, paleogeography

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Igor Zakharov igor.zakharov [at] N/A


+1-709-770-9123 C-CORE Morrissey Road St. John's Newfoundland and Labrador A1B3X5 Canada Senior Research Scientist

Monitoring sea ice and icebegs using various satellites. Extracting ice parameters from satellite observations and models.

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Bernard Zak bdzak [at]

Atmospheric Science

505-281-2664 PO Box 1385 Cedar Crest New Mexico 87008 United States Affiliate Research Professor

North Slope of Alaska and Adjacent Arctic Ocean Cloud and Radiation Testbed. Atmospheric and surficial processes relevant to arctic climate change.

climate change, atmospheric sciences, environmental monitoring

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Yang Zaifu zaifuyang [at]

Department of Life Science

East China Normal University

+86-21-6222-6685 Shanghai 200062 China

Arctic environment

ecology, environmental sciences, aquaculture

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Vladimir Zabavnikov inter [at]

Russian State Fisheries Committee

PINRO - Laboratory of Remote Sensing Research

+7-815-2472-395 6 Knipovich Street Murmansk 183763 Russian Federation Chief Science Oceanographer

Annual airborne remote sensing surveys in the Barents Sea and Spitsbergen area with research interests of oceanography, pollution control, fisheries oceanography, and sea ice distribution. Satellite monitoring of sea surface in Barents and White seas including use of ERS-2 SAR-data. Airborne and satellite data processing and analysis in the interests of environmental studies and monitoring, resource management (fisheries).

physical oceanography, sea ice remote sensing, environmental studies

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