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First Name Last Name Email Department Organization Phone Address City State/Province Postal Code Country Title Current Research Science Specialties
Colleen Strawhacker colstraw [at]

Arctic Section

U.S. National Science Foundation

703-292-7432 2415 Eisenhower Avenue Alexandria 22314 United States Program Director, GEO/OPP Arctic Social Sciences

Cyberinfrastructure and Data Products with a Focus on Social Science Data and Indigenous Knowledge, Ethical Issues around Indigenous Data Sovereignty, Data Interoperability for Synthesis Research, Archaeology, Climate Change Resilience and Vulnerability, Soils and Agriculture of the Past, Long-Term Human Ecodynamics in Marginal Environments
(Arctic and U.S. Southwest), Irrigation Agriculture and Indigenous Water Rights

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Jay Stravers jay [at]

Department of Geology

Northern Illinois University

815-753-7927 312 Davis Hall DeKalb Illinois 60115 United States

marine geology

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Volker Strass vhstrass [at]

Physik I Department

Alfred Wegener Institute for Polar and Marine Research

+49-471-4831-822 Bremerhaven D-27515 Germany

physical oceanography, sea ice, biological oceanography

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Jakob Strand jak [at]

Department of Bioscience

National Environmental Research Institute; Aarhus University

+45-87158654 Frederiksborgvej 399 Roskilde 4000 Denmark Senior researcher

- Marine litter on reference beaches in west- and east Greenland
- Microplastic in Greenlandic coastal waters, plastic ingestion by fulmars
- TB T levels and endocrine disruptions (imposex) in Arctic gastropods;
- PAH-metabolites as biomarker of PAH exposure in Arctic fish like sculpin;
- Sediment bioassays for assessments of metal toxicity in mining areas.

Marine litter, microplastic, hazardous substances, pollution effects, environmental monitoring, environmental assessments

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Jan Straley jmstraley [at]

Sitka Campus

University of Alaska Southeast

907-747-7779 1332 Seward Avenue Sitka Alaska 99835 United States Assistant Professor of Marine Biology

Large cetacean biology and natural history.

marine mammals, marine science, whale habitat

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Douglas Stow stow [at]

Department of Geography

San Diego State University

619-594-5498 5500 Campanile Drive San Diego California 92182 United States Chair and Professor

Remote sensing of land surface ecosystems processes/structures and biogeochemical cycling.

remote sensing, landscape ecology, geographic information systems

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Svend Stouge svends [at]

Earth and Planetary Systems Science Section

Geological Museum

+45-31316264 Øster Voldgade 5-7 Copenhagen DK-1350 Denmark Senior Lecture

I am currently investigating the development of the Laurentian continental margin in late Precambrian to Upper Ordovician. I am also involved in the late Precambrian glaciation and Palaeomagnetism Other research areas include: Isotopes, Palaeontology, and Micropalaeontology

geology, paleogeography, stratigraphy, palaeontology

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Stuart Stothoff sstothoff [at]

Geosciences and Engineering

210-522-6828 6220 Culebra Road San Antonio Texas 78238 United States Principal Scientist

Hydrology, coupled processes, risk assessment

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Rune Storvold rune.storvold [at]

Earth Observation

Northern Research Institute Tromsø

+47-934-16-169 PO Box 6434 Tromsø N-9294 Norway Senior Research Scientist

Unmanned aircraft systems for use in Arctic, sensor systems for measurements of snow and ice properties, vegetation and atmosphere. UAS in emergency response remote sensing of oil spills and search and rescue in the arctic.

Unmanned aircraft remote sensing of the cryosphere, atmosphere and vegetation.

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John Storer jstorer [at]

Heritage Branch - Department of Tourism

Yukon Territorial Government

+1-867-667-8089 PO Box 2703 Whitehorse Yukon Territory Y1A 2C6 Canada

Cretaceous dinosaur footprints and Early Pleistocene mammals, Yukon.

paleontology, biostratigraphy, paleogeography

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Pål Vegar Storeheier paal.v.storeheier [at]

Research and Development

University of Tromsø

+47 77 66 04 65 PO Box 6050 Tromsø NO-9037 Norway Director of Research

Excretion and water balance, Digestibility of forage, Food intake, Absorption of nutrients, Physiological adaptations in reindeer and seal, and Mineral balance.

animal physiology, nutrition, comparative physiology

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Frode Stordal frode.stordal [at] N/A

Norwegian Institute for Air Research

+47-6389-8175 PO Box 100 Kjeller N-2007 Norway Professor

Air pollution modeling.

climate change, air pollution, air pollution modeling

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Bernard Stonehouse bernardstonehouse [at]

Scott Polar Research

University of Cambridge

+44-1223-336563 Lensfield Road Cambridge CB2 1ER United Kingdom

Impacts and management of shipborne tourism.

18th-19th century British Arctic Whaling, tourism, marine biology

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Dan Stone dstone [at]

Institute of Arctic and Alpine Research (INSTAAR)

University of Colorado

303-492-5800 Campus Box 450 Boulder Colorado 80309 United States

Subglacial hydraulic systems. Glacier dynamics.

glaciology, hydrology, permafrost

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David Stone dstone [at]

Geophysical Institute (GI)

University of Alaska Fairbanks

907-474-7622 PO Box 757320 Fairbanks Alaska 99775 United States Professor Emeritus

Northeast Russia seismic studies. Tectonics of Alaska and Northeast Russia. Chukotka seismic experiment. Magnetic records in sediment cores.

plate tectonics, seismology, paleomagnetism

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Richard Stolzberg rjstolzberg [at]

Department of Chemistry

University of Alaska Fairbanks

907-388-4984 PO Box 756160 Fairbanks Alaska 99775 United States Professor, retired

Trace metals in snow. Adsorption of metals to particulate matter in water. Semivolatile organic compounds in vegetation.

aquatic chemistry, chemistry, environmental chemistry

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Vladimir Stolbovoi stolbov [at]

Department of Forestry

International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis (IIASA)

+43-223-680-7534 Schlossplatz 1 Laxenburg A-2361 Austria Research scholar

Coastal erosion and effect on biogeochemical nutrients exchange; land use change, nutrients cycle and water transsportation. Metadabase development for the analysis land use and land cover change in the Northern Eurasia (contributing author for the CD-ROM "Soil and Physiographic Database for North and Central Eurasia", FAO, 1999; leader author of the CD-ROM on "Land resources of Russia", 2002; Co-authors "Full Carbon account for Russia", 2000; Leading author for Eurasian part of the European soil geographical database, 2001.

soil science, biogeochemistry, ecosystem modeling

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Yvonne Stokker yvonne.stokker [at]

National Water Research Institute

Environment Canada

905-336-4869 867 Lakeshore Road Burlington Ontario L7R 4A6 Canada Environmental Analyst

Interlaboratory quality assurance of biotic and abiotic monitoring and research studies in the Canadian Arctic.

environmental monitoring, hazardous substances, data processing/analysis

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Olav Stokke olav.s.stokke [at]

Fridtjof Nansen Institute

Fridtjof Nansen Institute

+47-6711-1943 PO Box 326 Lysaker N-1326 Norway Senior Research Fellow

Transnational politics, resource management, and polar affairs. International political economy, with special emphasis on regime theory applied to regional cooperation and joint management of natural resources and the environment.

political science, international relations, natural resources management

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Karl-Arne Stokkan karl-arne.stokkan [at]

Department of Arctic and Marine Biology

University of Tromsø

+47-7764-4870 Tromsø N-9037 Norway Professor

Daily and seasonal rhythms in physiology and behavior of reindeer and ptarmigan. Physiology of the pineal gland and melatonin in reindeer, ptarmigan, and seals.

animal physiology

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Malcolm Dale Stokes dstokes [at]

Marine Physical Laboratory

Scripps Institution of Oceanography

858-822-2608 Mail Code 0238 - Marine Physical Laboratory La Jolla California 92037 United States

Polar marine communities in the Arctic and Antarctic. Limnology and engineering for the Haughton Impact Crater program (Devon Island Canada). Involved in both terrestrial and subsurface studies of polar communities. Also working on the construction of instruments for these tasks.

oceanography, benthic ecology, acoustics

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Paul Stoffa pauls [at]

Institute for Geophysics

University of Texas at Austin

J.J. Pickle Research Center Austin Texas 78758 United States Director

marine geophysics, exploration geophysics, geophysics

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Gabrielle Stockmann gs [at] N/A +45-3288-0118 Copenhagen K Denmark Head

Ikka project in Ikka Fjord, SW Greenland - examining submarine columns of ikaite. Editor of Northern Sciences Network Newsletter. Web editor for the Danish Polar Center’s homepage and other arctic related homepages.

geochemistry, geology, publications

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Ruth Stockey ruth.stockey [at]

Department of Biological Sciences

University of Alberta

780-492-5518 Edmonton Alberta T6G 2E9 Canada Professor

Pinaceous conifers from the Pliocene of Yukon: Pinus, Picea, Larix.

botany, paleobotany, plant systematics

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Ian Stirling ian.stirling [at]

Wildlife Research Division

Science and Technology Branch, Environment Canada

780-435-7349 5320 122 Street Edmonton Alberta T6H 3S5 Canada Research Scientist

Polar bears. Development of co-management plans that help northerners to manage and conserve animal populations. Determining sustainable levels of harvest. Determining what food and habitat areas animals prefer. Determining the best ways to protect animal groups without compromising traditional activities.

seals, walrus

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