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First Name Last Name Email Department Organization Phone Address City State/Province Postal Code Country Title Current Research Science Specialties
Vladimir Pitulko archeo [at]

Institute for the History of Material Culture

Russian Academy of Sciences

+7-812-233-6802 18 Dvortsovaya nab St. Petersburg 191186 Russian Federation Research Scientist

Laptev Sea System Project. Images of the Past project (western Chukotka). Late Pleistocene and Holocene paleoenvironment and prehistory in the region of Wrangel Island and Chukotka in the Siberian Arctic.

archaeology, paleogeography, quaternary paleoecology

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Sergey Pivovarov pivovarov [at]

Department of Oceanography

Arctic and Antarctic Research Institute

+7-812-352-2321 38 Bering Street St. Petersburg 199337 Russian Federation

Nutrient budget of shallow Arctic Seas. Chemical oceanography of the Arctic Ocean.

chemical oceanography, nutrient dynamics, biogeochemistry

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John Plane j.plane [at]

School of Environmental Sciences

University of East Anglia

+44-1603-593-108 Norwich NR4 7TJ United Kingdom Professor

Sporadic E layer formation in the polar cap. Meteoric metal layers in the upper mesosphere/lower thermosphere. Photo-chemistry below sea ice. Photo-oxidant chemistry in the atmospheric boundary layer.

aeronomy, atmospheric chemistry

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Albert Plueddemann aplueddemann [at]

Department of Physical Oceanography

Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution

508-289-2789 202A Clark Laboratory - MS 29 Woods Hole Massachusetts 02543 United States Senior Scientist

Coastal physical processes, basin eddies, internal waves.

physical oceanography

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Lawrence Plug lplug [at]

Department of Earth Sciences

Dalhousie University

+1-902-494-1200 Life Sciences Centre Halifax Nova Scotia B3H 4J1 Canada

geomorphology, geocryology

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Patrick Plumet plumet.patrick [at]

Department of Terrestrial Sciences

University of Quebec at Montreal

+33-1-30820770 14 allée des Délieuses Louveciennes F-78430 France Professor

Eastern Arctic prehistory. Quebec Arctic prehistory. Tchoukotk prehistory. Paleoeskimo prehistory.

archaeology, circumpolar cultures, quaternary paleoecology

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Juri Plusnin plusnin [at]

Institute of Philosophy and Law

Russian Academy of Sciences - Siberian Branch

+7-38323-43751 Novosibirsk State University Novosibirsk 630090 Russian Federation Prof. of Sociology, Dr. of Philosophy, Dr. of Biology, Head Researcher

Socioeconomics. Social change. Animal behavior. Kola Peninsula. White Sea coast. Barenth Region (Vaygach, Novaya Zemlya). Inadaptive transformations of the household’s economic behavior and dynamics of social values in provincial Russia. Investigate social psychological problems in Russian Arctic.

sociology, human/environment interaction, population ecology

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Vladimir Poddubikov poddub [at]

Laboratory of Ethnosocial Research

+7-9132975026 Krasnaya, 6 Kemerovo 650000 Russian Federation Senior researcher, Head of the laboratory for ethnosocial research

Current affairs of Siberian indigenous communities and extractive copmpanies.
Methodology and practice of Social Impact Assessement and Corporate Social Responsibility.
Extractivism as a development paradigm, its socio-economic and cultural contexts, chalanges, prospects and alternatives.

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Erika Podest erika.podest [at]

Carbon Cycle and Ecosystems Group

Jet Propulsion Laboratory

818-354-6086 4800 Oak Grove Drive Pasadena California 91109 United States Scientist

Freeze/thaw transition in boreal forests; Land cover/land use change; Wetland detection and monitoring; and open water change using radar remote sensing.

global change, remote sensing, environmental monitoring, wetland ecosystems, growing season length, microwave remote sensing

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Greg Poelzer poelzer [at]

Department of Northern Studies

University of Northern British Columbia

250-960-6636 3333 University Way Prince George British Columbia V2N 4Z9 Canada Coordinator

Aboriginal Self-Government in Canada and Russia.

Native governments, northern studies, political science

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Hans Poertner hans.poertner [at]

Department of Ecophysiology and Ecotoxicology

Alfred Wegener Institute for Polar and Marine Research

+49-471-4831-1307 Am Handelshafen 12 Bremerhaven 27570 Germany Professor

Biochemical and physiological adaptations to temperature in a latitudinal cline temperature dependent biogeography. Energy budgets. Thermal adaptation and limitation.

comparative physiology, ecophysiology, bioenergetics

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Vladimir Pogrebov pogrebov [at]

Marine Ecosystem Department

State Research Institute for Nature Conservation of the Arctic and the North (RINCAN)

+7-812-213-7902 Bering Street House No 32 St. Petersburg 199397 Russian Federation

Assessment of ecological state of the Arctic an the North marine and estuarine ecosystems.

marine biology, environmental impact assessment, modeling

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Veijo Pohjola veijo.pohjola [at]

Department of Earth Sciences

Uppsala University

+46-18471-2509 Villavägen 16 Uppsala SE-752 36 Sweden Lecturer, Ph.D.

Climate and glacial mass balance. Deriving climatic information from ice cores.

glaciology, cryosphere, climatology

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Oleg Pokrovsky pokrov_06 [at]

Mathemetics and Theoretical Mechanics

Main Geophysical Observatory (RosHydroMet)

+7-812-599-87-73 Engelsa avenue 151-2-32 St. Petersburg Sankt-Peterburg 194358 Russian Federation Professor, Dr. Phys & Math. Sci.

1) Optimization of ground based RAOB and SYNOP networks in Northern Siberia and in Arctic areas 2) Analysis of climate series of major climate indexes (AMO, PDO, SAT, Ice extent, et al) with account to its non-stationary features.

atmospheric sciences, ocean-atmosphere interactions, remote sensing, oceanology, optimal design of observing systems, decision making

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John Poland polandj [at]

Analytical Services Unit

Queen’s University

+1-613-533-2642 Environmental Studies Kingston Ontario K7L 3N6 Canada Director

Environmental Remediation of former military bases. The DEW Line. Bioremediation. PCBs. Landfill and leachate barrier designs.

environmental contaminants, permafrost engineering, chemistry

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Anuschka Polder anuschka.polder [at]

Department of Food Safety and Infection Biology

The Norwegian School of Veterinary Science

+47-22964960 PO Box 8146 DEP Oslo N-0033 Norway


environmental toxicology

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Alexei Polezhaev berkutenko [at]

Laboratory of Botany

Institute of Biological Problems of the North FEB RAS

+41-3223-5653 18 Portovaja Street Magadan 685000 Russian Federation Head of Lab, Professor, PhD

Reindeer and caribou. Geographic information systems.

caribou, reindeer, mapping

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Wayne Pollard wayne.pollard [at]

Department of Geography

McGill University

514-398-4454 805 Sherbrooke Street West Montreal Quebec H3A 2K6 Canada Associate Professor

Permafrost hydrology of perennial springs in the Canadian High Arctic. Study of massive ground ice (nature, origin, and role in landscape development) in both the High Arctic and western Arctic and its potential sensitivity to climate change.

permafrost terrains, geomorphology, climate change

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Dwight Pollard auclima [at]

Office State Climate Center

University of Alaska Anchorage

707 A St Anchorage Alaska 99501 United States Alaska State Climatologist

climatology, oceanography, data processing/analysis

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Anatoliy Polomoshnov ice [at]

Sakhalin Oil and Gas Research Institute

JSC Rosneft-Sakhalinmorneftegas

+7-42437-25740 18 Karl Marx Street Sakhalin 694494 Russian Federation Head of Ice Research Laboratory

Okhotsk Sea. Sakhalin offshore. Arctic regions.

ice mechanics, ice drilling, ice engineering

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Leonid Polyak polyak.1 [at]

Byrd Polar Research Center

Ohio State University

614-292-2602 1090 Carmack Road - Scott Hall Columbus Ohio 43210 United States

Quaternary paleoceanography, stratigraphy, and glacial geology of the Arctic Ocean. Current focus is on the history of arctic sea ice and related oceanographic changes including the development of arctic biota Science Disciplines continued: Paleontology

paleoceanography, marine geology, glacial geology

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Igor Polyakov igor [at]

International Arctic Research Center (IARC)

University of Alaska Fairbanks

907-474-2686 930 Koyukuk Drive Fairbanks Alaska 99775 United States Research Professor

oceanography, ice, modeling

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Yelena Polyakova polyakova [at] N/A

Moscow State University

+7-095-939-2830 Vorobievy Bory Moscow 119899 Russian Federation

INTAS - The Pechora Sea - Late Pleistocene paleogeography, present state of coastal zone and forecast for the 21st century. Laptev Sea System (Russian-German Multidisciplinary Project). Siberian River run-off (Russian-German Kara Sea Project).

paleoceanography, micropaleontology, biostratigraphy

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Lawrence Pomeroy lpomeroy [at]

Institute of Ecology

University of Georgia

706-542-3415 Athens Georgia 30602 United States Professor Emeritus

biological oceanography

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John Pomeroy john.pomeroy [at]

Centre for Hydrology

University of Saskatchewan

Kirk Hall Saskatoon Saskatchewan S7N 5C8 Canada Professor and Canada Research Chair

Cold regions hydrology. Snow accumulation and ablation processes. . Cryosphere-atmosphere interactions. Modeling snow processes. Blowing snow. Intercepted snow. Snowmelt.

snow, hydrology, cryosphere

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