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First Name Last Name Email Department Organization Phone Address City State/Province Postal Code Country Title Current Research Science Specialties
V. Oparin

Institute of Mining

Russian Academy of Sciences - Siberian Branch

+7-3832-170-337 54 Krasny Prospect Novosibirsk 630091 Russian Federation Academician

Geomechanic interactions between rock masses and fillings under mining of stratified ore deposits. Multichannel opti-electronic deformometer of longitudinal type.

mining, rock mechanics, soil mechanics

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Stephen Opsahl opsahl.stephen [at]

Ecosystems Research Division

U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)

706-355-8147 960 College Station Road Athens Georgia 30605 United States

oceanography, organic geochemistry, biogeochemistry

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Monica Orellana morellan [at]

Polar Science Center, Applied Physics Lab

University of Washington

206-685-5422 10335 46th Ave NE Seattle Washington 98105 United States Senior Research Scientist

Matrai P. and M.V. Orellana. Collaborative Research: Marine microgels: A microlayer source of summer CCN in high Arctic open leads - This study focuses in identifying and quantifying primary organic aerosols precursors in the ocean SML during the summer season, when melt is maximal and leads are most prevalent; this will provide insight into the influence of marine biological sources in surface water and the SML on aerosol particle production or growth.

biological oceanography

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Nils Are Oritsland nils.oritsland [at] N/A

Norwegian Polar Institute

+47-6714-1572 Ovenbakken 14B Osteraas N-1361 Norway Dr. Philos.

Reindeer, seals, and polar bears: modeling multispecies dynamics encompassing the properties of individuals.

ecophysiology, bioenergetics, modeling

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Pamela Orr porr [at]

Departments of Internal Medicine, Medical Microbiology and Community Health Sciences

University of Manitoba

+1-204-787-7029 Health Sciences Centre Winnipeg Manitoba R3A 1R9 Canada Professor

Tuberculosis, determinants of health, housing and health, health of indigenous peoples, food security, resistance and susceptibility to infectious diseases

medical sciences, epidemiology, microbiology

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Jack Orr orrj [at]

Arctic Research Division

Central and Arctic Region Department of Fisheries and Oceans, Canada

+1-204-984-2187 501 University Circle Winnipeg Manitoba R3T2N6 Canada Arctic Stock Assessment

Whale behaviour, satellite telemetry of beluga and narwhal

aquatic biology, whale habitat, animal behavior

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Pablo Ortega pablo.ortega [at]

Department of Earth Sciences

Barcelona Supercomputing Center

+34-934137679 Nexus II Building Barcelona 08034 Spain Co-leader of the Climate Prediction group (BSC) View Full Profile
Mark Ortmeyer morto [at]

Polar Science Center - Applied Physics Laboratory

University of Washington

206-543-1349 1013 NE 40th Street Seattle Washington 98105 United States Oceanographer


data management, data processing/analysis, atmospheric sciences

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Robert Orttung rorttung [at]

GW Sustainability Collaborative

George Washington University

703-989-4786 1514 North Longfellow Street Arlington Virginia 22205 United States Research Director, GW Sustainability Collaborative

Promoting Arctic urban sustainability in Russia; energy development; NSF Research Coordination Network and Partnership on International Education and Research (PIRE).

political science, urban sustainability, oil and gas development

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Kirk Gordon Osadetz kosadetz [at]

Energy Geoscience Subdivision

Geological Survey of Canada, Calgary; Natural Resources Canada

+1-403-292-7022 3303 33rd Street NW Calgary Alberta T2L 2A7 Canada Head, Energy and Environment Subdivision

-Currently involved in both field and laboratory studies related primarily to the characterization, analysis and resource assessment of petroleum systems, both conventional and unconventional, with a special interest in gas hydrates

petroleum geology, geology, resource assessment

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Daniel Osborne dosborne [at] N/A 907-474-7107 Fairbanks Alaska United States Senior Project Engineer

Low light imaging, black and white and color. Magnetic observations. Infrasonic studies. Red Sprites and Blue Jets (above lighting storms). Phontonics. Northern engineering. Rockets and missiles.

electrical engineering, auroral studies, science management

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Christopher Osburn christopher.osburn [at]

Marine Biogeochemistry Section

US Naval Research Laboratory

202-767-1700 Code 6114 Washington District of Columbia 20375 United States Research Chemist

Influence of the Mackenzie River on the optics and geochemistry of the Beaufort Sea.


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Mark Osedowski mlol [at]

Canadian Circumpolar Institute

University of Alberta

780-492-0108 8820 - 112 Street - 3rd Floor Edmonton Alberta T6G 2E1 Canada Research Associate

Health. Perception of risk associated with environmental contaminants in northern aboriginal communities.

cultural anthropology, environmental perception

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Gail Osherenko osherenko [at]

Marine Science Institute

University of California

805-893-7234 Santa Barbara California 93106 United States Research Scientist

Tracing cultural change in northwestern Siberia (in cooperation with ethnographer/anthropologists from Russia). Social and cultural impact of expanded use of the Northern Sea Route. Transformation of property rights in Russia. Sustainable development in the Peipsi (Chudskoye) Lake watershed in the Russian/Estonian borderlands. International institutions and legal regimes for shared resources. People and protected areas (new models for protecting land/water for traditional activities).

law, environmental policy, Native rights

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Gordon Osinski gordon.osinski [at]

Space Sciences

Canadian Space Agency

+1-450-926-4478 6767 Route de l'Aeroport Saint-Hubert Quebec J3Y 8Y9 Canada

Participant in the NASA-led Haughton-Mars Project ( over the last 3 years. Currently halfway through a 4-year PhD program focused on the geology of the Haughton meteorite impact crater. Devon Island. Nunavut. Canada.


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Ludmila Osipova ludos [at]

Institute of Cytology and Genetics

Russian Academy of Sciences - Siberian Branch

+7-38323-33911 Lavrentyeva ave 10 Novosibirsk 630090 Russian Federation Head, Ph.D.

Human population genetics. Immunogenetics. Ecological genetics. Physiological genetics. Pharmacogenetics. Arctic Research Polar Programs International - U.S./Russia joint collaborative research Y chromosome variation in native human populations of Siberia.

genetics, evolution, demography

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Hlynur Oskarsson hlynur [at]

Environmental Department

Agricultural University of Iceland

+354-433-5245 Keldnaholt Reykjavik IS-112 Iceland Research scientist

Biogeochemistry of Icelandic peatlands and effects of landuse

biogeochemistry, wetland ecology, climate change

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Jens Ostergaard joe [at] N/A +299-321045 244 Marcy Street Portsmouth New Hampshire 03801 United States

Ionospheric absorption. Auroral and Polar Cap. Arctic climatology. Permafrost and frozen soil engineering.

ionospheric physics, atmospheric physics

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Thomas Osterkamp ffteo [at]

Geophysical Institute

University of Alaska Fairbanks

636-629-0876 833 Highway W W St. Clair Missouri 63077 United States

-Thermal state of permafrost -Thawing of warm permafrost and formation of thermokarst terrain in response to climate change and human activities -Influence of the active layer and snow cover on the thermal regime of permafrost -Subsea permafrost -Ice in lakes and rivers

permafrost, geocryology, ice

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Lisa Osterman osterman [at]

St. Petersburg Coastal and Marine Science Center

U.S. Geological Survey

727-502-8084 U.S. Geological Survey St. Petersburg Florida 33701 United States Geologist

Analyses of environmental and coastal change using benthic foraminifers.

climate change, micropaleontology, paleoceanography

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Dorinda Ostermann dostermann [at] N/A

Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution

+65-8498-4717 50 Nanyang Drive N2-01C-38 Singapore 639798 Singapore Technical Director of the Geochemical Laboratories

13-year time series sediment trap study NE of Iceland.

Laboratory design, instrumentation, stable isotopes, micropaleontology, sediment traps

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Gote Ostlund gostlund [at]

Rosenstiel School of Marine and Atmospheric Sciences

University of Miami

305-361-4114 4600 Rickenbacker Causeway Miami Florida 33149 United States

Radioactive tracers in oceanography and meteorology.

oceanography, marine chemistry

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W. Wyatt Oswald woswald [at]

Harvard Forest

Harvard University

617-623 1809 13 Garrison Avenue #1 Somerville Massachusetts 02144 United States

paleoecology, palynology, ecology

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Claire Oswald oswaldcj [at]

School of Geography and Geology

McMaster University

+1-905-525-9140 1280 Main Street West Hamilton Ontario L8S 4K1 Canada MSc Student

Energy and water balance of lakes in the Mackenzie River Basin, NT.


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Antonius Otto ao [at]

Geophysical Institute (GI)

University of Alaska Fairbanks

907-474-6169 PO Box 757320 Fairbanks Alaska 99775 United States

Linkage-induced magnetic reconnection at the dayside magnetopause. Magnetic reconnection in the presence of sheared flow: applications to the Earth's magnetosphere. Generation of field-aligned currents and Alfven waves by 3-D magnetic reconnection. Magnetic transients at the dayside magnetopause Formation and evolution of thin discrete auroral arcs.

space physics, auroral studies, magnetospheric physics

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