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First Name Last Name Email Department Organization Phone Address City State/Province Postal Code Country Title Current Research Science Specialties
Douglas Nord dnord17 [at] N/A 360-305-9011 909 Marine Drive Bellingham 98225 Canada Professor

International relations of the circumpolar north. Arctic Council. Barents Council. Universities in the North.

international relations, public policy, political science

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Inger Nordal inger.nordal [at]

Department of Biology

University of Oslo

+47-2285-4665 PO Box 1045 - Blindern Oslo N-0316 Norway

Plant ecology, Plant genetics. Panarctic Flora project. Analyses of morphological and molecular variation in the genera Papaver, Dryas, and Arabis.

plant systematics, population biology, biodiversity

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Annika Nordin annika.nordin [at]

Forest Genetics and Plant Physiology

Swedish University of Agricultural Science

+46-907-869-392 901 93 Umeå Umeå SE-903 39 Sweden Assistant Professor

Plant uptake of organic and inorganic nitrogen in Alaskan tussock tundra. The effects of global change on the interactions between plants and microorganisms in Swedish sub-arctic vegetation.

plant ecology

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Brian Norford bnorford [at]

Geological Survey of Canada

Natural Resources Canada

403-246-3558 Box 433 Station M Calgary Alberta T2P 2J1 Canada

Ordovician and Silurian rocks and resources

geology, mining, paleontology

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Niels Nörgaard-Pedersen nnoergaard [at]

Department of Paleoceanography

GEOMAR Research Center for Marine Geosciences

+49-431-600-2861 Wischhofstraße 1-3 Kiel D-24148 Germany

Paleoclimate variability in the Arctic Ocean - causes and implications. Last Glacial to Holocene high-resolution records.

paleoceanography, marine sedimentology, quaternary geology

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Ann-Lise Norman alnorman [at]

Physics & Astronomy

The University of Calgary

403-220-5405 Science B Calgary Alberta T2N 1N4 Canada Assistant Professor

Arctic aerosols: dimethyl sulphide concentrations, the prevalence of its oxidation products SO2, SO4, and methanesulphonic acid (MSA) and their role as a feedback mechanism in present day and paleoclimate conditions. Carbon Dioxide: monitoring and interpretation of the atmospheric CO2 record in the arctic using carbon and oxygen isotopes. Air Quality Monitoring: passive sampling monitoring of pollutants by native communities to assess the impacts, if any, of oil and gas development and production in the Arctic

atmospheric sciences, biogeochemistry, climate change

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Fredrika Norrbin fredrika.norrbin [at]

Deptartment of Arctic and Marine Biology

University of Tromsø

+47-776-44747 UiT the Arctic University of Norway Tromsø N-9037 Norway Associate Professor

Science Disciplines also include marine ecology. Spatial distribution of zooplankton . Pseudocalanus biogeography . Overwintering and diapause. Video Plankton Recorder.

biological oceanography, biogeography, zooplankton

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Ross Norstrom ross.norstrom [at]

National Wildlife Research Centre

Environment Canada

819-997-1411 100 Gamelin Boulevard Hull Quebec K1A 0H3 Canada Research Scientist

Contaminant distribution and flow in the North Water Polynya ecosystem. Toxicology of PCBs and metabolites in polar bears.

pollution, marine mammals, environmental chemistry

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David Northrop danorth [at]

Department 6112

Sandia National Laboratories

505-844-2302 PO Box 5800 MS 0706 Albuquerque New Mexico 87185 United States

Oil and gas development. Energy resources.

science management, geochemistry, petroleum engineering

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David Norton dwnorton [at] N/A

Arctic Rim Research

907-479-6898 1749 Red Fox Drive Fairbanks Alaska 99709 United States Principal

Human ecology and arctic contaminants. Global change, sea ice, and human consequences. Cretaceous vertebrate paleontology and paleoclimatology of northern Alaska. Commemorative volume on the 50th Anniversary of the Naval Arctic Research Laboratory at Barrow, AK.

biology, environmental monitoring, history of science

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Stephen Norton norton [at]

Department of Geological Sciences

University of Maine

207-581-2156 Bryand Global Sciences Center Room 111 Orono Maine 04469 United States Professor Emeritus

Paleolimnology of Arctic lakes. Svalbard, Norway.

paleolimnology, air pollution, limnology

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Viktor Nosov vnosov [at]

Department of Biology - Global Change Research Group

San Diego State University

619-594-2887 5500 Campanile Drive San Diego California 92182 United States

Tundra CO2 flux.

ecosystem modeling, data processing/analysis, biostatistics

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Eva-Maria Nöthig enoethig [at]

Department of Biological Oceanography

Alfred Wegener Institute for Polar and Marine Research

+49-471-4831-473 Postfach 12 01 61 Bremerhaven D-27515 Germany Biological Oceanographer

Phyto- and protozooplankton ecology in relation to vertical particle flux in areas of the European and Russian Arctic.

marine biology, phytoplankton, biogeochemistry

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Norbert Nowaczyk nowa [at]

Laboratory for Paleo- and Rock Magnetism

GeoForschungsZentrum Potsdam

+49-331-288-1369 Telegrafenberg Haus C Potsdam D-14473 Germany Senior scientist & lab manager

Magnetostratigraphy of arctic marine and freshwater sediments.

paleomagnetism, paleoclimatology

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Michael Nowak mnowak [at]

Department of Anthropology

Colorado College

719-389-6361 14 East Cache la Poudre Colorado Springs Colorado 80903 United States

Small community economics. Updating Nunivak economic developments.

anthropology, Native transitions, subsistence

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Elke Nowak elke.nowak [at]

Technische Universität Berlin

Institut für Sprache und Kommunikation

+49-341-9737604 TEL 19-2 Berlin 10587 Germany PD Dr.

Syntax and morphology of Inuktitut, Athapaskan languages.

linguistics, Inuit culture, Yup'ik Eskimo language

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Godfrey Nowlan godfrey.nowlan [at]

Geological Survey of Canada

Natural Resources Canada

+1-403-292-7079 3303 - 33rd Street NW Calgary Alberta T2L 2A7 Canada Research Scientist

Conodont biostratigraphy, paleoecology, and paleobiogeography of Early Paleozoic rocks in the Arctic Islands and Mainland. Areas include the Franklinian miogeocline, Foxe Basin, and Hudson Bay Basin.

geology, paleontology, biostratigraphy

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Satonori Nozawa nozawa [at]

Solar-Terrestrial Environment Laboratory

Nagoya University

+81-52-789-4303 Furo-cho, Chikusa-ku Nagoya-Aichi 464-8601 Japan

Mesosphere/lower thermosphere coupling. Magnetosphere-Ionosphere-Thermosphere coupling.

aeronomy, atmospheric physics

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Mark Nuttall mark.nuttall [at]

Department of Anthropology

University of Alberta

+1-780-492-0129 13-15 HM Tory Building Edmonton Alberta T6G 2H4 Canada Professor

Greenland and northern North Atlantic. Coastal communities. Project leader for Sustainable Uses of Living Marine Resources in the Arctic (SUMAR). Lead author Arctic Climate Impact Assessment (ACIA).

anthropology, environmental studies, sustainable development

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Vladislav Nuvano nauka [at]

The laboratory of traditional natural resources and ethnological investigations

Russian Academy of Sciences Far-East Branch

7-42722- 26737 Energetikov str., 15 Anadyr 689000 Russian Federation Scientific Researcher

traditional natural resources aboriginal of Chucotka migration of caribou population and relationship with the domesticated reindeer ethnology

traditional knowledge and wisdom, caribou

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Christopher Nye cnye [at]

Alaska Volcano Observatory

University of Alaska Fairbanks

907-474-7430 PO Box 757320 Fairbanks Alaska 99775 United States

Geology and geochemistry of selected volcanoes in the Aleutian arc and Wrangell Mountains.

volcanology, geology, geochemistry

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Georg Nyegaard gn [at]

Qaqortoq Museum

Municipality of Qaqortoq

+299-641-080 PO Box 154 Qaqortoq DK-3920 Greenland Museum Keeper

Norse archaeology in Greenland.


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Mart Nyman

Department of Physical Geograpy & Quaternary Geology

Stockholm University

+46 8 674 75 91 Stockholm Sweden View Full Profile
Jesper Nystrom jesper.nystrom [at]

Department of Zoology

University of Stockholm

+46-816-4058 Stockholm SE-106 91 Sweden Ph.D.

Predation patterns in the Arctic environment, with emphasis on raptors and medium sized carnivores.

predation, zoology

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