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First Name Last Name Email Department Organization Phone Address City State/Province Postal Code Country Title Current Research Science Specialties
Atle Nesje atle.nesje [at]

Department of Earth Science

University of Bergen

47-55583502 Bjerknes Centre for Climate Research Bergen N-5007 Norway Professor in Quaternary Geology

paleoclimatology, glacial geology

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William Nelson wgnelson [at] N/A 907-243-4085 PO Box 110489 Anchorage Alaska 99511 United States Professor Emeritus

Ice Formation in a High Energy Environment. Oil Spill Clean-up in Broken Ice. Control of Blowing Snow.

ice engineering, snow engineering, oil spills

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Robert Nelson rnelson [at]

Department of Geology

Colby College

207-872-3247 5804 Mayflower Hill Waterville Maine 04901 United States

Development of modern lowland tundra biome (palynology). Use of Coleoptera (beetles) as an environmental indicators in Quaternary and as modern environmental monitors. Arctic Slope environments and paleoenvironments.

quaternary paleoecology, quaternary geology, quaternary palynology

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Frederick Nelson fnelson [at]

Department of Geography

University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee

302-740-5150 1224 North Prospect Milwaukee Wisconsin 53202 United States Professor

Permafrost and global change. Active layer dynamics. Permafrost temperature.

permafrost, global change, geographic information systems

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Brent Nelsen brent.nelsen [at]

Department of Political Science

Furman University

864-294-3329 3300 Poinsett Highway Greenville South Carolina 29613 United States

Nowegian politics. Scandinavia and the European Union politics.

political science

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Christian Nellemann christian.nellemann [at]

Division for Man-Environment Studies

Norwegian Institute for Nature Research (NINA)

+47-61287916 Box 1066 Skurva Lillehammer N-2624 Norway

Impacts of industrial development on wildlife (Rangifer). Impacts of eco-tourism on wildlife. Local and circumpolar mapping of critical levels of anthropogenic disturbance. Range ecology. Grazing and carrying capacity. Winter ecology of muskox and reindeer. Methodology for predicting available/key habitats.

environmental impact assessment, disturbance ecology, habitat selection

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Kjell Nedreaas kjell.nedreaas [at]

Department of Marine Resources

Institute of Marine Research

+47-5523-8500 PO Box 1870 Nordnes Bergen N-5817 Norway Head of Division

fish populations, fisheries management, marine biology

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Jean-Jacques Nattiez nattiezj [at]

Music Department

Université de Montréal

+1-514-844-4212 CP 61-28 Succ Centre-ville Montréal Quebec H3C 3J7 Canada Professor

Inuit and circumpolar traditional music. Semiotics and music analysis.

music, ethnomusicology

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David Natcher dnatcher [at]

Department of Anthropology

Memorial University of Newfoundland

709-737-6116 St John’s A1C 5S7 Canada Assistant Professor

Cooperative resource management. Institutionalism - cultural adaptation.

cultural anthropology, community sustainability, natural resources management

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Boris Natal'in natalin [at]

Department of Geology

Istanbul Technical University

+90-212-2856221 ITU Maden Fakultesi - Jeoloji Bolumu Istanbul 80626 Turkey

Structural geology and tectonics of Chukotka/Alaska.

structural geology, tectonophysics, plate tectonics

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Claus Naske ffcmn [at]

Department of History

University of Alaska Fairbanks

907-474-7126 PO Box 756460 Fairbanks Alaska 99775 United States Professor Emeritus

Economic development and political institutions of populations inhabiting the circumpolar north.

history, economics, political science

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Siavash Narimousa narimosa [at]

Department of Mechanical Engineering

University of Southern California

213-740-0499 4 USC Los Angeles California 90089 United States

Open Arctic ocean deep convection . Arctic shelf deep convection. Coastal Arctic currents.

oceanography, air-sea-ice interactions, modeling

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Savithri Narayanan narayanans [at]

Marine Environmental Data Service

Department of Fisheries and Oceans (Canada)

+1-613-990-0265 200 Kent Street Ottawa Ontario K1A 0E6 Canada Director

International Arctic Buoy Program.

physical oceanography, arctic science policy, data management

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Kara Nance klnance [at]

Computer Science

University of Alaska Fairbanks

907-474-6104 PO Box 756660 Fairbanks Alaska 99775 United States

SynCon: A Knowledge Base System for the Assessment and Synthesis of Arctic Environmental Contamination.

data processing/analysis, computer modeling, information systems/technology

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A. Sathy Naidu sanaidu [at]

Institute of Marine Science

University of Alaska Fairbanks

907-388-3758 PO Box 757220 Fairbanks Alaska 99775 United States Professor Emeritus

Trace metal and hydrocarbon contamination monitoring in the Alaskan arctic, carbon and nitrogen isotopes in sediments, mangrove carbon cycle

sedimentology, paleoclimatology, trace metal contaminant monitoring and geochemistry, clay mineralogy, carbon cycle in mangrove ecosystem

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Olga Naidina naidina [at]

Biostratigraphy and Paleogeography of the Oceans

Geological Institute-Russian Academy of Sciences

+7-495-951-2723 Pyzhevsky line 7 Moscow 119017 Russian Federation Ph.D. in Geology

Arctic Siberia. The Laptev Sea shelf. The Barents Sea. Quaternary Environment of the Eurasian North (QUEEN), a programme of the ESF.

quaternary palynology, quaternary stratigraphy, paleogeography

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Murielle Nagy muriellenagy [at]

Journal Etudes/Inuit Studies

Université Laval

+1-418-694-2214 21 Mont-Carmel #4 Quebec City Quebec G1R 4A5 Canada Consultant in Anthropology and Archaeology

Inuvialuit oral history. Oblate missionary Emile Petitot. Paleoeskimo archaeology. Zooarchaeology.

anthropology, archaeology, oral history

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John Nagy john_nagy [at]

Department of Resources, Wildlife and Economic Development

Government of the Northwest Territories

867-777-7305 Bag Service #1 Inuvik Northwest Territories X0E 0T0 Canada

Musk ox productivity,. Over-winter survival of young animals. Commercial harvest levels to ensure a sustainable harvest in future.


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Christopher Nagle chris_nagle0789 [at]

Arctic Studies Center

Smithsonian Institution

301-743-5647 48 Mattingly Avenue Indian Head Maryland 20640 United States

Raw materials procurement and exchange; Lithic technology; Soapstone vessels

archaeology, geographic information systems, Indigenous peoples

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James Nageak jnageak [at] N/A

Ilisagvik College

PO Box 246 Barrow Alaska 99723 United States Bilingual Coordinator

Inupiaq Eskimo


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Takeshi Naganuma takn [at]

School of Biosphere Sciences

Hiroshima University

+81-824-24-7986 1-4-4 Kagamiyama Higashi-hiroshima 739-8528 Japan

Sea ecology. Molecular survey of Arctic microflora, both terrestrial and marine. Arctic Ridge (hydrothermal vent system.


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Kayhan Nadji kayhan_nadji [at]

Public Works & Services

Government of the Northwest Territories

867-920-6331 126 Nelson Drive Yellowknife Northwest Territories X1A 3W8 Canada Senior Project Officer

Architecture and construction techniques in the Arctic.

architecture, snow, Inuit culture

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Kharlampieva Nadezhda nkhar [at]

School of International Relations

St. Petersburg State University

+7-812-576-4497 1/3, VIII, Smolnuy str. St. Petersburg Russian Federation

arctic policy, history, international relations

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Knute Nadelhoffer knute [at]

Department of Ecology & Evolutionary Biology University of Michigan Biological Station

University of Michigan

734-763-4461 2014 Natural Sciences Building Ann Arbor Michigan 48109 United States Director, University of Michigan Biological Station, Professor, Dept. of Ecology & Evolutionary Biology

Trace gas exchanges (methane and CO2). Stable isotope biogeochemistry. Below-ground processes (nutrient) cycles and fine root dynamics. Trace gas fluxes.

ecology, soil processes, biogeochemistry

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