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First Name Last Name Email Department Organization Phone Address City State/Province Postal Code Country Title Current Research Science Specialties
John Ma ffzm [at]

Department of Civil Engineering

University of Alaska Fairbanks

907-474-6733 PO Box 755900 Fairbanks Alaska 99775 United States Assistant Professor

Precast concrete bridge system in cold regions. Short-span timber bridges in Alaska. Precast foundation. Freeze-thaw durability of high-performance concrete.

structural engineering, timber industry, concrete technology

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David Maas dmaas [at] N/A

University of Alaska Anchorage

360-733-3107 905 15th Street Bellingham Washington 98225 United States Professor Emeritus/Retired

Census analysis on Arctic Slope.

political economy and indigenous issues

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Douglas MacAyeal drm7 [at]

Department of Geophysical Sciences

University of Chicago

773-702-8027 5734 South Ellis Avenue Chicago Illinois 60637 United States Professor

supraglacial meltwater lakes on ice shelves and ice sheets

ice modeling, glaciology, icebergs, general glaciology

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Jim MacCracken james_maccracken [at]

Marine Mammals Management

U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service

907-786-3803 1011 East Tudor Road Anchorage Alaska 99503 United States Supervisory Wildlife Biologist

Pacific walrus ecology and management, genetic mark-recapture, subsistence harvest co-management, marine ecology, species status assessment.

mammalogy, walrus, wildlife management

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Robie MacDonald robie.macdonald [at]

Institute of Ocean Sciences

Department of Fisheries and Oceans

+1-250-363-6409 PO Box 6000 Sidney British Columbia V8L 4B2 Canada Research Scientist

Organic carbon cycling, freshwater processes, contaminants and the effects of climate change on these processes. Work is conducted in the Arctic Ocean with special emphasis on the Beaufort Sea and Hudson Bay.

marine biogeochemistry, aquatic pathways, environmental contaminants, stable isotopes

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Glen MacDonald macdonal [at]

Departments of Geography and Ecology and Evolutionary Biology

University of California Los Angeles

310-825-2568 405 Hilgard Avenue Los Angeles California 90095 United States Associate Chair

Tree-ring analysis of climate change, recruitment and mortality at treeline in Eurasia and Canada. Fossil pollen and stomate analysis of circumpolar treeline history. Climate and vegetation history of the Kola Peninsula. Western Canadian Arctic - Russian Arctic.

paleoecology, paleoclimatology

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David MacDonald dim1000 [at]

CASP, Department of Earth Sciences

University of Cambridge

+44-1223277586 West Building Gravel Hill Cambridge CB3 0DJ United Kingdom Chief Geologist

Palaeoenvironments of Late Paleozoic of Spitsbergen and the Barents Shelf (funded in part by US companies).


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John MacDonald jrmd1822 [at] N/A

Nunavut Research Institute

+1-613-232-3738 4 Frederick Place Ottawa Ontario K1S 3G2 Canada Associate

Inuit astronomy. Inuit oral history.

cultural anthropology, oral history, Inuit culture

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Robert MacDonald

Arctic Institute of North America (AINA)

University of Calgary

403-220-7515 2500 University Drive NW Calgary Alberta T2N 1N4 Canada Research Associate and Lecturer

Native transitions. Circumpolar peoples. Environmental studies. Images of the North. Arctic explorations and travel. Missionaries.

history, arctic policy, social change

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Michael MacFerrin michael.macferrin [at]

Cooperative Institute for Research in Environmental Sciences (CIRES)

University of Colorado, CIRES

303-565-9920 216 UCB Boulder Colorado 80303 United States Post-doctoral Researcher

Ice sheet surface mass balance, snow and firn processes, percolation, refreezing, runoff, compaction

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Sally MacIntyre sally [at]

Department of Ecology, Evolution and Marine Biology

University of California

805-893-3951 Marine Science Institute Santa Barbara California 93106 United States

ecosystem ecology, hydrodynamics Physical limnology of arctic lakes; role of storm events in regulating primary and bacterial productivity

limnology, heat budget analysis, ecosystem science

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Andreas Mackensen amackensen [at]

Department of Marine Geology

Alfred Wegener Institute for Polar and Marine Research

+49-471-4831-1571 Columbusstrasse Bremerhaven D-27568 Germany

paleoceanography, paleoclimatology, micropaleontology

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Darrell Mackenzie dmackenzie [at]

Human Resources Department

Government of Nunavut

+1-867-934-2026 PO Box 125 Igloolik Nunavut X0A 0L0 Canada

community development, education, rural economy

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Ian MacLaren ian.maclaren [at] N/A

University of Alberta

+1-403-492-2586 4801 Avenue Victoria Montréal Quebec H3W 2M9 Canada Professor Emeritus

Captain James Cook
Sir John Barrow
Sir George Back
The British search for a Northwest Passage, 1590–1870
The Lost Franklin Expedition, 1845–1848

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Stephen MacLean ffsfm [at]

Institute of Arctic Biology (IAB)

University of Alaska Fairbanks

907-474-5668 PO Box 757000 Fairbanks Alaska 99775 United States Director, Office of International Programs

Effects of temperature and plant chemistry on growth and development of insect herbivores in arctic and subarctic environments. Biogeography of herbivorous insects in the north. Student exchange programs in the Russian Far East, especially Yakutia.

ecology, plant/herbivore relations, Alaska/Russian relations

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Doug MacLean doug.maclean [at]

Economic Development

Energy Solutions Centre

+1-867-393-7068 206A Lowe Street Whitehorse Yukon Territory Y1A 1W6 Canada Technical Consultant

Practical energy use reduction strategies and projects. Indoor and outdoor air quality.

energy resources, air pollution, engineering

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Ross MacPhee macphee [at]

Department of Mammalogy & Gilder Graduate School

American Museum of Natural History

212-769-5480 200 Central Park West New York New York 10024 United States Curator, Ph.D.

Siberia. Pleistocene mammal extinctions.

paleontology, mammalogy, zooarchaeology

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James Magdanz jmagdanz [at]

Natural Resources and Sustainability

Alaska Department of Fish and Game

907-887-1367 PO Box 82178 Fairbanks Alaska 99708 United States Subsistence Resource Specialist - Retired

Socio-economic survey research in Northwest Alaska communities, with emphasis on subsistence.

subsistence, network analysis, resilience, sustainability, natural resources management

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John Magnuson jjmagnus [at]

Limnology Laboratory

University of Wisconsin Madison

608-262-3010 680 North Park Street Madison Wisconsin 53706 United States Professor Emeritus

arctic lakes and river ice

lake ice, river ice

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Mary-Anne Mahaffy mahaffy [at]

Department of Geosciences

Pennsylvania State University

814-863-8451 301 Deike Building University Park Pennsylvania 16802 United States

Whole-ice-sheet modeling.

ice modeling, glaciology

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Farzad Mahootian farzad [at]

Office of Space Science Sun - Earth Connection Education Forum

National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA)

301-286-9265 5164 Fulton Street NW Washington District of Columbia 20016 United States Education Liaison

“Ecosystem” experiment - approach to education and outreach.

education, ecosystem science

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Alexander Mahura ama [at]

Research and Development Department

Danish Meteorological Institute

+45-3915-7423 Lyngbyvej 100 Copenhagen DK-2100 Denmark Senior Scientist

"Assessment of Impact of Russian Nuclear Fleet Operations on Russian Far Eastern Coastal Regions" of the Radiation Safety of the Biosphere project. "Atmospheric Transport Pathways, Vulnerability and Possible Accidental Consequences from the Nuclear Risk Sites in the European Arctic" of the Nordic Arctic Research Program. Radiation risk. Statistical data analysis. Experimental work in the field conditions. Ecological education.

atmospheric sciences, air pollution modeling, environmental sciences

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Hilmar Maier hilmar_maier [at]

Refuge Inventory and Monitoring

University of Alaska Fairbanks

907-456-0239 101 12th Avenue Fairbanks Alaska 99701 United States Data Manager

Application of geographic information systems (GIS) and remote sensing technology for ecological modeling and resource management. Land cover mapping.

geographic information systems, remote sensing, biology

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Julie Maier ftjak [at]

Institute of Arctic Biology (IAB)

University of Alaska Fairbanks

907-474-7172 PO Box 757000 Fairbanks Alaska 99775 United States

Currently looking at the sex-specific dynamics of caribou in relation to global climate.

wildlife, caribou, geographic information systems

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Andre Mainville mainvill [at]

Geodetic Survey Division

Natural Resources Canada

613-995-4504 615 Booth Street Ottawa Ontario K1A 0E9 Canada Research Officer, Height Systems

Improving height systems. Geoid (gravity field) modeling.


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