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First Name Last Name Email Department Organization Phone Address City State/Province Postal Code Country Title Current Research Science Specialties
David Koester mirthink [at]

Department of Anthropology

University of Alaska Fairbanks

907-474-7133 PO Box 757720 Fairbanks Alaska 99775 United States Assistant Professor

Culture, history, and environment in Kamchatka. Itelmen culture and history. Iceland - renaissance history and nationalism; discourse.


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Gary Kofinas gary.kofinas [at]

Institute of Arctic Biology (IAB)

University of Alaska Fairbanks

907-969-5103 PO Box 757000 Fairbanks Alaska 99775 United States Research Assistant Professor and Coordinator

Community Involvement in Canadian Porcupine Caribou. Co-management (MAB & NSF funded dissertation) Sustainability of Northern Communities (NSF-funded project) Community-based ecological Monitoring Systems (work associated with Environment Canada's EMAN Program)

human settlements, natural resources management, Native communities

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Gary Koh gkoh [at] N/A

Cold Regions Research and Engineering Laboratory (CRREL)

603-646-4282 72 Lyme Road Hanover New Hampshire 03755 United States

Radar-snow cover interaction. FMCW radar characterization of snow cover. Electromagnetic properties of random material.

physics, snow characteristics

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Jack Kohler jack.kohler [at]

Norwegian Polar Institute

Polar Environmental Center

+47-7775-0655 Polarmiljøsenteret Tromsø N-9296 Norway Research Scientist

Glaciology. Glacio-hydrology. Ground-penetrating radar. Snowpack hydrology.

glaciology, hydrology

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Timo Koivurova timo.koivurova [at] N/A

University of Lapland

+35-84-05-51-95-22 post box 122, 96101, Pohjoisranta 4 Rovaniemi 96101 Finland Director

international environmental law in the arctic. Environmental impact assessment procedures in the arctic. sustainable development in the arctic.

law, land use planning, Indigenous peoples

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Nikolay Koldunov koldunovn [at]

Department of Oceanography

Arctic and Antarctic Research Institute (AARI)

+7-812-3523129 38 Bering Street St. Petersburg 199397 Russian Federation

Mixed layer of the Arctic Ocean


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Taneli Kolstrom taneli.kolstrom [at]

Mekrijarvi Research Station

University of Eastern Finland

+358-13-251-5401 Yliopistontie 4 Ilomantsi FI-82900 Finland Professor

forest ecology, forestry, dendrochronology

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Brenda Konar bhkonar [at]

College of Fisheries and Ocean Sciences

University of Alaska Fairbanks

907-474-5028 PO Box 757220 Fairbanks Alaska 99775 United States Associate Professor

- phycology - research scuba diving - biodiversity - monitoring programs - nearshore ecology - ecosystem change - benthic ecology My current arctic and subarctic research includes examining kelp forest interaction webs in the Aleutian archipelago, evaluating walrus foraging habitats around St Lawrence Island, surveying nearshore biodiversity in rocky habitats along the North Pacific and in the arctic, and examining recovery in high arctic kelp communities in the Beaufort Sea.

marine ecology, macroalgae, benthic ecology

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Max König max.koenig [at]

Research Department

Norwegian Polar Institute

+47 47 90 68 28 Polarmiljøsenteret Tromsø N-9296 Norway

Remote sensing of snow and glaciers.

glaciology, remote sensing

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Vyacheslav Konishchev cryoglac [at]

Department of Cryolithology and Glaciology

Moscow State University

+7-95-939-3673 Vorobievy Gory Moscow 119899 Russian Federation Professor

Permafrost history of Northern Russia and Northern Asia.

permafrost, periglacial environment, quaternary geology

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William Koolage william.koolage [at]

Department of Anthropology

University of Manitoba

+1-204-488 7700 209 University College Winnipeg Manitoba R3T 2M8 Canada Senior Scholar

Arctic Blue Books: 19th century British Parliamentary papers on exploration in the Canadian Arctic.

anthropology, Athabaskan studies, Inuit culture

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Racelle Kooy projects [at] N/A

Aboriginal Tourism Team Canada (ATTC)

+1-613-235-2067 275 Slater Street Ottawa Ontario K1P 5H9 Canada Projects Manager

Aboriginal tourism, tourism- policy and research. Research is generally national in scope: meaning that NWT, Yukon and Nunavut are incorporated


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Robert Kopperl kopperlr [at]

Burke Museum of Natural History and Culture

University of Washington

206-685-3849 Box 353010 Seattle Washington 98195 United States Affiliate Curator

Mid- to High-Latitude Coastal Archaeology.

archaeology, fish populations, marine mammals

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Michele Koppes koppes [at]

Quaternary Research Center

University of Washington

206-543-1975 PO Box 351310 Seattle Washington 98195 United States Research Assistant

Glacial erosion and landscape evolution in coastal Alaska.

glacimarine processes, glaciology, environmental policy

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Atte Korhola atte.korhola [at]

Division of Hydrobiology - Department of Ecology and Systematics

University of Helsinki

+358-9-1912-8612 PO Box 17 - Arkadiankatu 7 Helsinki FIN-00014 Finland Professor, Ph.D.

"Holocene climatic variability in the Fennoscandian Arctic inferred from lake sediments and glaciers (HOARD)"; "European Mountain lake Ecosystems: Regionalisation, diagnostics and socio-economic Evaluation (EMERGE)"; "Pollution and rapid climatic changes in the Arctic as recorded by lake sedimentary archives (POLARCLIM)"; "Climate History as Recorded by Ecologically Sensitive Arctic and Alpine Lakes in Europe during the Last 10,000 Years: A Multi-Proxy Approach (CHILL-10,000)"; "How to separate natural environmental changes from those produced by man?"; "Northern lakes as key witnesses for global change: An integrated study combining neo- and palaeoecological approaches" "European Diatom Database Initiative (EDDI)"

paleoecology, climate change

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Charles Korhonen korhonen [at] N/A

Cold Regions Research and Engineering Laboratory (CRREL)

603-646-4438 72 Lyme Road Hanover New Hampshire 03755 United States

Cold weather concreting.

concrete technology

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Keith Korsmeyer kkorsmeyer [at]

Natural Sciences Department

Hawaii Pacific University

808-236-5862 45-045 Kamehameha Highway Kaneohe Hawaii 96744 United States Assistant Professor of Biology

Temperature adaptation in Arctic fishes.

comparative physiology, fish, marine biology

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Mikhail Kos’ko kosko [at]

Arctic Oil and Gas Geology

All-Russia Research Institute for Geology and Mineral Resources of the World Ocean

+7-812-114-0841 1 Angliisky Avenue St. Petersburg 190121 Russian Federation

Regional geology and tectonic evolution of the arctic onshore and offshore, geological mapping. Expertise in geological surveying and map compilation. Developing bilateral research projects: Russia/Canada Arctic Exchange, VNIIOceangeologia/Federal Institute for Geosciences and natural Resources BGR, Germany.

geology, mapping, structural geology

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Kristine Kosnik kristine_kosnik [at]

National Park Service (NPS) - Gates of the Arctic National Park

U.S. Department of the Interior (DOI)

907-456-0503 4175 Geist Road Fairbanks Alaska 99709 United States GIS Specialist

geographic information systems, physical geography, snow characteristics

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Eduard Koster ward-koster [at]

Department of Physical Geography, Faculty of Earth Sciences

Utrecht University

+31-30253-2749 PO Box 80115 Utrecht 3508 TC Netherlands Emeritus Professor

Evolution and processes of large fluvial systems.

geomorphology, climate change, periglacial environment

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Joel Kostka joel [at]

Microbial ecology

Skidaway Institute of Oceanography

912-598-2395 10 Ocean Science Circle Savannah Georgia 31411 United States

Rates and pathways of carbon oxidation in sediments sampled from the fjords of coastal Norway and on the Svalbard archipelago. Efficiency of respiration by sediment bacteria in permanently cold sediments. Role of metal and sulfur cycles in the processing of carbon and nutrients in sediments.

biogeochemistry, microbiology

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Yoshinobu Kotani ykotani [at]

Faculty of Humanities

Nanzan University

+81-52832-3111 Showa-ku Nagoya 466-8673 Japan Professor of Cultural Anthropology, Ph.D.

Reconstructing the Ainu culture based on overseas materials.

anthropology, Native studies, archaeology

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Erica Kotler kotlere [at] N/A 867-777-7835 Box 1546 Inuvik Northwest Territories X0E 0T0 Canada environmental geoscientist

Yukon paleoclimate, permafrost disturbance

permafrost, environmental remediation

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Vladimir Kotlyakov geography [at]

Institute of Geography

Russian Academy of Sciences

+7-095-959-0032 Staromonetny Street 29 Moscow 109017 Russian Federation

Cryosphere and global change.

geography, glaciology

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Christoph Kottmeier ckottmei [at]

Institut für Meteorologie und Klimaforschung

Universitaet Karlsruhe

+49-721608-6370 Kaiserstr 12 Karlsruhe D-76128 Germany Professor

Data buoy programs. Field studies with aircraft. Radiative exchange. Turbulent exchange. Satellite remote sensing. Model output diagnostics.

atmospheric sciences, sea ice

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