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First Name Last Name Email Department Organization Phone Address City State/Province Postal Code Country Title Current Research Science Specialties
Michael Karcher michael.karcher [at]

Climate Sciences/Sea ice Physics

Alfred Wegener Institute for Polar and Marine Research

+49-471-4831-1826 Bussestrasse 24 Bremerhaven D-27570 Germany Senior Scientist

Arctic Ocean circulation, Freshwater dynamics, Sea ice

physical oceanography, computer modeling, Arctic research, climate research

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Juha Karhu juha.karhu [at]

Department of Geology

University of Helsinki

+358-9-191-50834 PO Box 64 Helsinki FIN-00014 Finland Professor

Paleoclimatic change at the Pleistocene-Holocene transition on Wrangel Island, eastern Siberia: evidence from oxygen isotopes in mammoth teeth.

stable isotopes, paleoclimatology, geochemistry

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James Kari james.kari [at]

Alaska Native Language Center

University of Alaska Fairbanks

907-479-8860 1089 Bruhn Road Fairbanks Alaska 99709 United States Professor Emeritus of Linguistics

Advances primary data sets in numerous Alaska Dene languages

linguistics, Dene (Athabaskan) studies, ethnogeography

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Timo Karjalainen timo.karjalainen [at]

Faculty of Education

University of Oulu

+358-0-294-48-7556 PO Box 2000 Oulu FIN-90014 Finland Adjunct Professor

Tundra degradation in the Russian Arctic. (Project financed by the European Union. Main focus is to assess global change feedbacks to the climate system through changes in greenhouse gas emissions and in freshwater runoff from the Usa Basin in the East-European Russian Arctic. This is a multidisciplinary and multinational effort.) Environmental awareness among indigenous peoples and Russians.

sociology, environmental policy, environmental perception

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Anders Karlqvist anders [at] N/A +46-8673-9601 Box 50 003 Stockholm SE-104 05 Sweden

Research Management.

mathematics, climate modeling

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Haakon Karlsen hgk [at] N/A


+299-348-800 PO Box 1003 Nuuk DK-3900 Greenland M. Sc.

climatology, hydrology, glaciology

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Meriam Karlsson mgkarlsson [at]

School of Natural Resources and Extension

University of Alaska Fairbanks

907-474-7005 PO Box 757200 Fairbanks Alaska 99775 United States

Greenhouse crop production, indoor farming and controlled environment production, high tunnels and other season extension techniques

horticulture, plant science

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Alexander Karpukhin karpuhin [at]

Institute of Ethnology and Anthropology

Russian Academy of Sciences

+7-095-938-5719 Leninskiy Prospect 32A Room 1812 Moscow 117334 Russian Federation Researcher

Applied anthropology. Study of the modern social cultural processes (the Kety, Dolgany, and Northern Altay Peoples). The Millenarism and Sincretism Cults.

cultural anthropology, social anthropology, Siberian peoples

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Jeffrey Karson jakarson [at]

Division of Earth Sciences

Duke University

315-443-7976 222 Heroy Geology Laboratory Syracuse New York 13244 United States Professor

Structural geology of the Tertiary East Greenland Volcanic Rifted Margin. Development of the coastal flexure and dike swarm.

structural geology, tectonophysics, paleomagnetism

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Johannes Karstensen jkarstensen [at]

Department of Physical Oceanography II

Institute for Marine Research at the University of Kiel

+49-431-6004156 Duesternbrooker Weg 20 Kiel 24105 Germany Senior Research Scientist

water mass formation, tracer, mixed layer dynamics, biogeochemistry

physical oceanography

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Yoshie Kasajima yoshie.kasajima [at]

Bjerknes Centre for Climate Reserach

University of Bergen

+47-55-58-81-15 Geophysical Institute Bergen N-5007 Norway

Western Barents Sea. Topographic Rossby Wave with diurnal frequency.


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Vitaly Alexandrovich Kashin robbeck [at]

Institute of Problems of the Minority Peoples of the North

Russian Academy of Sciences - Siberian Department

+4112-260197 4 Sosnovaya Str Sakha Republic 677008 Russian Federation Head, Department of Archaeology



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Eric Kasischke ekasisch [at]

Department of Geographical Sciences


301-405-2179 Department of Geographical Sciences College Park Maryland 20742 United States Professor

Studying of the effects of fire on carbon cycling in Alaskan boreal forests. Using remote sensing to monitor the effects of fires in Alaskan boreal forests.

remote sensing, fire ecology, climate change

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Jeremy Kasper jlkasper [at]

Institute of Northern Engineering

Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution

907-888-2534 PO Box 755910 Fairbanks Alaska 99775 United States Research Assistant Professor

Ocean circulation dynamics of high latitude shelf sea systems, including the interaction of the shelf and basin, the effects of sea ice on shelf circulation, and the coupling between the physics and biological productivity in arctic seas.

physical oceanography, ocean circulation

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Karim-Aly Kassam ksk28 [at]

Natural Resources

Cornell University

607-255-9757 122 Fernow Hall Ithaca New York 14853 United States International Professor

Areas of Applied Research Focus: Indigenous and local ecological knowledge Human ecology Biocultural diversity Pluralism Ways of knowing Food sovereignty and security Participatory action research Climate change impacts and adaptation Natural resource policy and management International development studies Indigenous land and marine use Gender analysis Arctic social science Social change in indigenous communities Community economic development.

human ecology

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Heidemarie Kassens hkassens [at]

Department of Paleoceanography

IFM-GEOMAR - The Leibniz Institute of Marine Sciences

+49-431-600-2850 Wischhofstrasse 1-3 Kiel D-24148 Germany Research Scientist

Co-PI of the Russian-German Project “Laptev Sea System 2000.”

marine geology, paleoceanography, environmental sciences

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Erich Kasten kasten [at]

Institute of Ethnology

Free University of Berlin

+49-033093-60671 Uferweg 4 Fürstenberg/Havel D-16798 Germany Consultant


circumpolar cultures, Native education, sustainable development

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Lazar Katalin lazar.katalin [at]

Folk Music Archive

Institute for Musicology - HASC

+36-1-214-6770 Tancsics M U 7 Budapest H-1014 Hungary

Transcribing and systematizing Eastern Ostyak folk songs. Lectures on Finno-Ugrian folk music. Ostyak folk music.


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Gerhard Kattner gerhard.kattner [at]

Department of Marine Chemistry and Natural Products

Alfred Wegener Institute for Polar and Marine Research

+49-471-4831-1490 Am Handelshafen 12 Bremerhaven D-27570 Germany Professor, Senior Research Scientist

Nutrient dynamics (Greenland Sea, Arctic Ocean). Land-ocean interaction.

marine chemistry, biogeochemistry, biochemistry

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Vladimir Kattsov kattsov [at] N/A

Voeikov Main Geophysical Observatory, Roshydromet

+7-812-247-4390 7 Karbyshev Street St. Petersburg 194021 Russian Federation Director

Variability and interaction of polar and global climatic processes using coupled atmospheric-ocean-sea ice general circulation models.

climate modeling, climate change

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Joseph Kaufert kaufertj [at]

Department of Community Health Sciences - Faculty of Medicine

University of Manitoba

+1-204-789-3798 750 Bannatyne Avenue - Room S113 Winnipeg Manitoba R3E OW3 Canada Professor

Aboriginal health research and research ethics relating to circumpolar communities.

health care

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Darrell Kaufman darrell.kaufman [at]

Earth Sciences & Environmental Sustainability

Northern Arizona University

928-523-7192 625 South Knoles Drive Flagstaff Arizona 86011 United States Professor

proxy climate syntheses, arctic lake sediments, geochronology

paleoclimatology, quaternary geology, quaternary geochronology

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Mette Kaufman mrkaufman [at]

International Arctic Research Center, University of Alaska Fairbanks

907-474-5431 930 Koyukuk Drive Fairbanks Alaska 99775 United States Research Technician

My research has primarily been in sea ice ecology with a focus on sea ice related food webs. My MS work investigated the degree to which under ice fauna utilize sea ice algae and meiofauna as a food source using stable isotopes of carbon and nitrogen as tracers. I currently work with two sea ice research groups. My work with the School of Fisheries and Ocean Science sea ice group continues to look into the ecology, productivity and food webs associated with sea ice in various areas off the coast of Alaska as well as in offshore Arctic waters. In my work with the Geophysical Institute cold lab I am learning to collect and process sea ice for examination of its physical properties

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Frank Kauker frank.kauker [at]

Climate Sciences | Sea Ice Physics

+49-471-4831-1804 Bussestr. 24 N/A United States View Full Profile
Norbert Kaul nkaul [at]

Fachbereich Geowissenschaften

University of Bremen

+49-221-218-65342 PO Box 330440 Bremen D-28334 Germany Senior Researcher

Temperature measurements on submarine permafrost.

permafrost, marine geophysics

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