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First Name Last Name Email Department Organization Phone Address City State/Province Postal Code Country Title Current Research Science Specialties
Mark Ivey mdivey [at] N/A

Sandia National Laboratories

505-284-9092 MS0734 Albuquerque New Mexico 87185 United States Technical Staff (and ARCUS Board Member)

electrical engineering, environmental sciences, climate change

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Kurt Iverson kurt.iverson [at]

Research Section

Alaska Commercial Fisheries Entry Commission

907-586-7210 709 West 9th Street Juneau Alaska 99802 United States Charter Halibut Management, Recreational Fishing Coordinator, Cost Recovery

Alaska state Limited Entry. Alaska IFQ program.

fisheries management

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Varlamova Galina Ivanovna Keptuke robbeck [at]

Institute of Problems of the Minority Peoples of the North

Russian Academy of Sciences - Siberian Department

+4112-260197 4 Sosnovaya Str Sakha Republic 677008 Russian Federation

Genre of Evenki folklore. World outlook on Evenki folkore.

ethnology, folklore

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Elena Ivanova e_v_ivanova [at]

Geology and Geophysics Department

Shirshov Institute of Oceanology

+7-0495-129-2163 Nakhimovsky Prospect 36 Moscow 117997 Russian Federation Senior Scientist

Holocene climatic and oceanographic changes in the Barents and Kara seas. Russian-German Project SIRRO (Siberian River Run-Off).

paleoceanography, climate change

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Anton Ivanov aivan [at]

Institute of Ethnology and Anthropology

Russian Academy of Sciences

+7-95-9381779 32a Leninsky Prospect Moscow 117334 Russian Federation

Audio-visual anthropological research in North-East Siberia. Documentary and educational films (BETACAM SP and DV formats).

anthropology, history, folklore

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Boris Ivanov b_ivanov [at]

Ocean-Atmosphere Interaction Laboratory

Arctic and Antarctic Research Institute

+7-812-352-3352 38 Bering Street St. Petersburg 199397 Russian Federation Head of Laboratory

Sea ice optics. Sea ice modeling. Sea ice thermodynamics. Snow characteristics. Snow modeling. Snow physics.

air-sea-ice interactions, science management, sea ice optics

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Gennady Ivanov [at] N/A

Joint-Stock Company Marine Arctic Geological Expedition

+7-812-331-38-13 Amb. Martynova, 92 St. Petersburg 197110 Russian Federation Deputy Director General for Science

Multidisciplinary investigation of bottom environment, geochemistry, ecology, geoecology, different aspects of sedimentology in the Arctic Ocean. Mathematical methods of data treatment.

marine geology, marine environment, marine geochemistry

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Anatoliy Ivakin aniv [at]

Applied Physics Laboratory

University of Washington

206-616-4808 N/A United States Senior Principal Scientist

subsea permafrost

remote acoustic sensing

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Kirill Istomin istomin [at]

Department of History - Faculty of Philosophy

University of Tartu

+49-345-2927100 Advokatenweg 36 Halle/ Saale D-06114 Germany Research Executive

Relations of Indo-European reindeer herders with their environmental surroundings. Among the European reindeer herders, work primarly with Norhern Komi (Izhemets). Have also done a case-study devoted to a special group of European Nenets (Kolva Nenets).

ethnology, cultural anthropology, reindeer breeding

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Dale Issler dale.issler [at]

Geological Survey of Canada

Natural Resources Canada

+1-403-470-1903 3303 33 Street Northwest Calgary Alberta T2L 2A7 Canada Research Scientist

Analysis of the thermal history and fluid pressure regime of the Beaufort-Mackenzie Basin using apatite fission track thermochronology, petrophysics, log analysis, thermal modeling, geochemistry.

geology, modeling, heat transfer

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Steve Israel steve.israel [at]

Yukon Geological Survey

Yukon Territorial Government

+1-867-667-5175 PO Box 2703 (k-10) Whitehorse Yukon Territory Y1A 1B5 Canada Project Geologist

Tectonic evolution of the Kluane Ranges and the St. Elias Mountains, southwestern Yukon.

tectonics, structural geology

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Nobuyoshi Ishikawa nobu [at]

Institute of Low Temperature Science

Hokkaido University

+81-11706-6892 N-19 W-8 Kita-ku Sapporo 060-0819 Japan Doctor of Science

Caribou Porker Creek Research Watershed, Yukon Basin.

heat budget analysis, microclimatology, hydrology

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Yoshiyuki Ishii ishiiy [at]

Institute of Low Temperature Science

Hokkaido University

+81-11-706-5583 Kita-18, Nishi-9, Kita-ku Sapporo 060-0819 Japan Assistant Professor

Rain-on-snow flooding

Hydrology for snow melting

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William Isherwood billisherwood [at] N/A

Institute of Tibetan Plateau Research

206-230-6667 8706 SE 50th Street Mercer Island Washington 98040 United States Consultant

Polar, Glaciers, and Tibetan Plateau studies

sustainable development, climate change, geophysics

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Elisabeth Isaksson elisabeth.isaksson [at]

Department of Polar Climate

Norwegian Polar Institute

+47-7775-0515 Polarmiljøsenteret Tromsø N-9296 Norway Senior Research Scientist

Svalbard glaciers and ice cores.

glaciology, climate change, ice chemistry

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Pål Erik Isachsen p.e.isachsen [at]

Department of Geophysics

Norwegian Polar Institute

+47-2285-5805 Postboks 1022 Oslo 0315 Norway

Study of variability in oceanic heat flux into polar regions due to ocean-ice-atmosphere interactions.

oceanography, ocean-atmosphere interactions, climate change

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Robert Irwin ffrsi [at]

Department of History/Northern Studies

University of Alaska Fairbanks

+1-780-497-5490 7-352U, City Centre Campus Edmonton Alberta Canada Associate Professor

Geological Survey of Canada and exploration. Treaty making in the Canadian North. Northern economic development.

history, agriculture, Native studies

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Robert Irwin irwinr [at]

Department of History/Northern Studies

University of Alaska Fairbanks

+1-780-497-5490 7-352U, City Centre Campus Edmonton Alberta Canada Associate Professor

Geological Survey of Canada and exploration. Treaty making in the Canadian North. Northern economic development.

history, agriculture, Native studies

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Stephanie Irlbacher Fox [at]

Magdalene College

University of Cambridge

+1-613-520-2600 5224 Richcraft Hall Ottawa Ontario K1S 5B6 Canada Adjunct Professor

Self government. Land claims. Part of the Inuvialuit and Gwich'in self government negotiating team for 3.5 years. Capacity building, community justice, and NWT political development issues.

political science

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Takashi Irimoto bhb [at]

Institute for the Study of Northern Cultures, Graduate School of Letters

Hokkaido University

+81-11-706-3014 kita 10, Nishi 7, kita-ku Sapporo 060-0810 Japan Professor

Northern Eurasia, Northern North America, Japan

anthropology, ecology, northern studies

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Janet Intrieri janet.intrieri [at] N/A


303-497-6594 325 Broadway Boulder 80305 United States Research Scientist

Sea ice modeling and forecasting development. Arctic Ocean clouds and their radiative effects on the sea ice. Surface fluxes and cloud forcing.

atmospheric sciences, climate change, sea ice forecasting, environmental sciences

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Arne Instanes arne.instanes [at]

Department of Arctic Technology

University Centre in Svalbard (UNIS)

+47-7902-3344 UNIS Building 1 Longyearbyen N-9170 Norway Adjunct Professor

Arctic Climate Impact Assessment. Mechanical and thermal properties of hydrocarbon polluted soils.

permafrost engineering, geotechnical engineering

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Koichi Inoue kinoue [at]

Slavic Research Center

Hokkaido University

+81-11-706-3629 North 9 West 7 Kita-ku Sappora 064-0809 Japan Professor Emeritus

Siberia, the Russian Far East and North East. Survival of the indigenous hunting and reindeer breeding peoples.

ethnology, Native studies, human/environment interaction

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Jun Inoue inoue.jun [at]

Institute of Low Temperature Science

Hokkaido University

+81-42-512-0681 10-3 Midoricho Tachikawa Tokyo 190-0014 Japan Associate Professor

Sea of Okhotsk.

air-sea-ice interactions, boundary-layer meteorology, sea ice

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Syrovatsky Dimitry Innokentievich robbeck [at]

Institute of Problems of the Minority Peoples of the North

Russian Federation Academy of Sciences - Siberian Department

+7-411-226-0197 4 Sosnovaya Street Yakutsk Sakha, Respublika [Yakutiya] 677008 Russian Federation

Searching the ways of improvement of technology on keeping reindeer. Organizing everyday life of nomadic reindeer breeders.

reindeer breeding, Native issues, Native studies

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