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First Name Last Name Email Department Organization Phone Address City State/Province Postal Code Country Title Current Research Science Specialties
Anne Hershey anne_hershey [at]

Department of Biology

University of North Carolina Greensboro

336-256-2473 326 Sullivan Science Building Greensboro North Carolina 27402 United States Professor

Landscape control of trophic structure in arctic Alaskan lakes. Toolik Lake LTER (top-down and bottom-up controls in lakes and streams)

aquatic ecology, benthic ecology, stream ecology

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Ute Herzfeld ute.herzfeld [at]

Institute of Arctic and Alpine Research (INSTAAR)

University of Colorado

303-735-5164 Campus Box 450 Boulder Colorado 80309 United States Research Associate Professor, ECEE

Bering Glacier (Alaska) surge (1993-1995). Fast-moving ice and analysis of GPS data, videography, and satellite data, Jakobshavens Isbrae (West Greenland). Gravity, magnetics, bathymetry of the seafloor (Explora Escarpment, Weddell Sea). Mapping the topography of ice streams, glaciers and ice sheets from satellite radar altimeter data . Monitoring of changes in elevation (Lambert Glacier/Amery Ice Shelf); Development of new mathematical methods for data processing; analysis of ice data at various scales of resolution.

glaciology, structural geology, remote sensing

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Reinhard Hesse reinhard.hesse [at]

Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences

McGill University

+1-514-398-4883 3450 University Street Montreal Quebec H3A 0E8 Canada Professor Emeritus

Quaternary geology. Deep-sea depositional systems. Heinrich events. Labrador Sea. Gas hydrates.

marine geology, sedimentology, marine geochemistry

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Dag Hessen d.o.hessen [at]

Department of Biology

University of Oslo

+47-2285-4553 Postboks 1066 Oslo N-0316 Norway Professor

UV-radiation and affects on aquatic biota (freshwater/marine). Export of organic carbon to aquatic systems linked to global warming.

aquatic biology, biogeochemistry, limnology

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Jay Hestbeck

Department of Forestry and Wildlife Management Holdsworth Natural Resources Center

University of Massachusetts Amherst

413-545-4889 Box 34210 Amherst Massachusetts 01003 United States

Pintail migration. Canada Goose population dynamics. Greater Snow Goose migration.

bird migration, waterfowl migration, wildlife management

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Renée Hetherington rhetheri [at]

Interdisciplinary - University of Victoria - Geological Survey of Canada

Natural Resources Canada

250-363-6302 9860 West Saanich Road Sidney British Columbia V8L 4B2 Canada Ph.D. candidate

Research the application of malacology to a glaciated late-Pleistocene, early-Holocene paleoenvironmental reconstruction of the Queen Charlotte Island, BC region. Interdisciplinary nature of this research facilitates the integration of geographical, marine geological, biological, and archaeological data and utilizes a geographic information system (GIS-ArcInfo) to spatially correlate marine data sampled throughout the region. Fossil molluscs are sampled from marine cores, underwater grab samples and raised beach sites. These data are then analyzed and compared to modern intertidal molluscan distribution and habitat characteristics and used in conjunction with geologic and geomorphologic evidence to reconstruct paleosea levels and paleoenvironments at sampled localities through time. In addition, because intertidal edible molluscs are an accessible, highly nutritious food source, biomass calculations and paleoenvironmental intertpretations are then used to assess the region's ability to sustain an early coastal migrating human population.

paleogeography, marine invertebrates, geoarchaeology

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Georg Heygster heygster [at]

Institute of Environmental Physics - Physical Analysis of Remote Sensing Images (PHAROS)

University of Bremen

+49-421-218-62180 PO Box 330440 Bremen D-28334 Germany Academic Director

Remote Sensing of Sea Ice and Polar Atmosphere.

sea ice, remote sensing

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Lyle Hibler lf_hibler [at] N/A

Battelle Marine Sciences Laboratory

360-681-3616 1529 West Sequim Bay Road Sequim Washington 98382 United States Environmental Engineer

Contaminant transport modeling in rivers, estuaries and coastal regions.

environmental engineering

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Christian Hicks documents43 [at] N/A 540-429-2379 314 Carroll Street NW, Apt 209 Washington District of Columbia 20012 United States Independent Researcher

Recently finished article on Indigenous strategies for poverty alleviation. Will soon be working on impacts of human trafficking on indigenous communities in the Nordic countries and Southwestern US. In the recent past completed work on the impact of Saami political Nordic Indigenous politics.

Indigenous peoples, history, Native rights

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Stephen Hicock shicock [at]

Department of Earth Sciences

University of Western Ontario

+1-519-661-2111 Office: BGS 1076 London Ontario N6A 5B7 Canada Professor

Glacial dispersal and Laurentide ice dynamics, Nunavut; Committee Bay Project, Geological Survey of Canada.

glacial geology, glacial geomorphology, geoclimatology

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Christopher Hiemstra christopher.a.hiemstra [at] N/A

Cold Regions Research and Engineering Laboratory (CRREL)

907-361-5488 PO Box 35170 Ft. Wainwright Alaska 99703 United States Research Physical Scientist

snow, ecology, remote sensing

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Kaisa Hietala kaisa.hietala [at] N/A

Fortum Oil and Gas

+358-10452-4128 PO Box 100 Fortum FIN-00048 Finland EVP, Renewable Products

As an Environment, Health, and Safety Coordinator with Fortum OIl and Gas, involved with arctic research via our oil and gas projects in north Russia and the Barents Sea.

environmental health

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Howard Higgins hhiggins [at]

Planning, Permitting and Licensing

TRC-Mariah Associates Inc

505-828-2990 4221-B Balloon Park Road NE Albuquerque New Mexico 87109 United States Principal Environmental Consultant

Status of Tahltan and Kaska and land rights vis-a-vis development

archaeology, environmental assessment, ethnology

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Eric Higgs ehiggs [at]

School of Environmental Studies

University of Victoria

250-721-8228 PO Box 1700 Victoria British Columbia V8W 2Y2 Canada Professor

Inuit navigation, technological change, and social life in Igloolik (Nunavut Territory). Ecological restoration.

community sustainability

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Rose High Bear wote [at] N/A

Wisdom of the Elders Inc

503-775-4014 3203 SE 109th Avenue Portland Oregon 97266 United States Executive Producer

Ethnographic researcher. Co-founder of Wisdom of the Elders, Inc., a Native American non-profit corporation which focuses upon preserving the traditional cultural values of indigenous peoples for future generations. Am also Athabascan Indian from McGrath and Anvik, Alaska. Currently conducting most of my cultural preservation work in the Great Plains, but plan to do work in Alaska among my people, the Athabascans beginning approximately 2002-3.


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David Hik dhik [at]

Department of Biological Sciences

University of Alberta

780-492-9878 Z-1007 Biological Sciences Building Edmonton Alberta T6G 2E9 Canada Professor

Current projects are focused on population dynamics and foraging ecology of herbivores in northern and mountain environments; responses of tundra and alpine vegetation to herbivory and climate change; treeline and shrubline landscape dynamics; and changes in whole-lake watersheds in the North. Also, research into Arctic science policy and the legacy of IPY.

tundra ecology, alpine ecology, plant/herbivore relations, albedo, climate change, science policy

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John Hildebrand jahildebrand [at]

Scripps Institution of Oceanography

University of California at San Diego

858-534-4069 SIO MC 0205 La Jolla California 92093 United States Professor of Oceanography

marine mammal presence in the high Arctic and impact of anthropogenic noise

acoustics, marine mammals

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Grant Hilderbrand ghilderbrand [at] N/A

National Park Service

907-786-7076 4210 University Drive Anchorage Alaska 99504 United States Office Chief

Two studies of brown bear populations on the Kenai Peninsula, AK and the Nelchina Basin, AK: Assessing nutritional ecology, demographics, and ecological role of brown bears; and role of brown bears in nutrient flow between marine and terrestrial systems and the annual and multi-annual mass dynamics of brown bears.

nutritional ecology, population ecology, bears

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Alexandra Hill arhill [at]

Institute of Social and Economic Research (ISER)

University of Alaska Anchorage

907-786-5436 3211 Providence Drive Anchorage Alaska 99508 United States Associate Director for Finance and Administration

Economic value of Alaska Sport fisheries. Analysis of Alaska fiscal policy.

Alaska fiscal policy, data processing/analysis

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Philip Hill philip.hill [at]

Natural Resources Canada

Geological Survey of Canada

+1-250-363-6763 9860 West Saanich Road Sidney British Columbia V8L 4B2 Canada Director, Geological Survey of Canada Pacific

Geophysics. Coastal evolution of the eastern Hudson Bay coast with emphasis on the stratal architecture developed as a result of isostatic emergence and as an analogue for ancient shoreline sedimentary rocks laid down under falling relative sea level (forced regression). Students and I studying a variety of modern delta and strandplain environments in order to understand the variability of such systems and the resultant deposits (use marine geophysical techniques such as sidescan sonar, high-resolution seismic profiling and coring as well as terrestrial methods such as ground-probing radar).

marine geology, sedimentology, geomorphology

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Keith Warren Hill kwh20 [at]

Scott Polar Research Institute

University of Cambridge

+44-2075-811261 Lensfield Road Cambridge CB2 1ER United Kingdom Senior Research Associate

Russian exploration. Transport and telecommunications. Economic development and communications improvement in Sakha/Yakutia. Organising Economic Development Seminar for August 2000. Minor Aviation in Sakha and the North. Publishing programme of the unpublished works of D.G. Messerschmidt and Steller, the explorers of Asiatic Russia in 18th century; in collaboration with Frankesche Stiftung, Halle, Germany and the Russian Academy of Sciences, Historical section, St. Petersburg, CIS.

economic geography

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Susan Hills sue.hills [at]

Institute of Marine Science

University of Alaska Fairbanks

907-474-5106 PO Box 757040 Fairbanks Alaska 99775 United States Research Assistant Professor/ Director, Outreach Core/ Project Facilitator

Ringed seal abundance and distribution. Food resources near Steller sea lion haulouts. Effects of commercial flatfish trawling. Effectiveness of marine reserves.

marine mammals, marine ecology

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Michael Hilton mike_hilton [at]

Lake Clark Katmai Studies Center

National Park Service

907-271-1385 4230 University Drive Suite 311 Anchorage Alaska 99508 United States Archaeologist

Archaeological site formation processes in the Gulf of Alaska.


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Brian Himelbloom bhhimelbloom [at]

School of Fisheries and Ocean Sciences (SFOS) - Kodiak Seafood and Marine Science Center

University of Alaska Fairbanks

907-486-1529 Kodiak Seafood and Marine Science Center Kodiak Alaska 99615 United States Associate Professor of Seafood Microbiology

Seafood quality and safety. Food product development and analysis.

food science, seafood, marine microbiology

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Kenneth Hinkel kenneth.hinkel [at]

Department of Geography

University of Cincinnati

513-556-3430 400 F Braunstein Hall Cincinnati Ohio 45221 United States Professor

Active layer and permafrost soil physical and chemical processes. Geomorphology of periglacial regions.

permafrost, geomorphology, soil processes

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