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First Name Last Name Email Department Organization Phone Address City State/Province Postal Code Country Title Current Research Science Specialties
Michael Goldstein mgoldstein [at]

Wildlife, Fisheries, Ecology and Watershed

U.S.D.A. Forest Service

907-796-6269 11120 Glacier Highway Juneau Alaska 99801 United States Regional Land Management Planner

wildlife ecology

wildlife, environmental toxicology, disturbance ecology

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Melissa Goldstein parkerenv [at] N/A

Parker Environmental Associates

907-622-3344 19650 South Montague Loop Eagle River Alaska 99577 United States Toxicologist

environmental toxicology, wildlife, biology

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Steven Goldstein steveg [at]

Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory (LDEO)

Columbia University

845-365-8787 213 Comer Palisades New York 10964 United States Associate Director, Professor

Project title is Petrology and Geochemistry of Gakkel Ridge Basalts

geochemistry, geology, geodynamics

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Evgeniy Golovko evggolovko [at]

Institute of Linguistics

Russian Academy of Sciences

+7-812-328-4611 Tuchkov per., 9 St. Petersburg 199053 Russian Federation

Linguistic anthropology of Siberian and North American Eskimos.


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Miguel Goni mgoni [at]


Oregon State University

541-737-0578 104 Ocean Administration Building Corvallis Oregon 97331 United States Professor

Organic matter cycling in the Beaufort Sea, Chukchi Sea.

chemical oceanography, organic geochemistry

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Deborah Goodings dgooding [at]

Department of Civil Engineering

University of Maryland

703-292-4613 2415 Eisenhower Avenue Alexandria Virginia 22314 United States Director of the Division of Civil, Mechanical, and Manufacturing Innovation

Frost heave/freeze consolidation in silts and clays. Boulder/pipeline jacking. Contaminant transport in freezing and thawing soils.

geotechnical engineering, environmental engineering, frost heaving

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Michael Goodsite migo [at]


National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration

+45-6550-9282 Campusvej 55 Odense M 5230 Denmark Professor, Head of Department, Vice-Dean for Research

Developing a real time method for measuring reactive gaseous mercury (RGM) flux using relaxed eddy accumulation (REA). Dynamics and speciation of RGM in the Arctic. Mercury accumulation in Arctic. DANCEA project (long term records of atmospheric deposition of mercury, cadmium, lead, and POPs in peat cores from Arctic bogs). Development of corer capable of sampling frozen geologic samples (e.g. frozen pea). Expedition leader to Greenland, Arctic Canada, Faroe Islands.

atmospheric chemistry, air pollution, environmental engineering

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Ross Goodwin rgoodwin [at]

Arctic Institute of North America (AINA)

University of Calgary

+1-403-220-4036 2500 University Drive NW Calgary Alberta T3A 3S1 Canada Volunteer, Arctic Science and Technology Information System (ASTIS)

The Arctic Science and Technology Information System (ASTIS) is a bibliographic and research project database covering northern Canada.

Information Science, Bibliographic Databases, Northern Canada, Arctic, Polar Regions

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Harvey Goodwin harvey.goodwin [at]

Department of Environmental Management

Norwegian Polar Institute

+47-7775-0667 Postbox 6606 Langnes Tromsø N-9296 Norway GIS Analyst

Sea-ice classification using SAR satellite imagery.

geographic information systems, sea ice remote sensing

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Michael Goodyear goodyear [at] N/A

Churchill Northern Studies Center

+1-204-675-2307 PO Box 610 Churchill Manitoba R0B 0E0 Canada Executive Director

Currently developing a university level credit course on subarctic winter ecology. Also a Director of the Association of Canadian Universities for Northern Studies with a media-relations portfolio. collaborate: The Churchill Northern Studies Centre provides logistic support to a variety of American researchers from Dartmouth College, Maryville College, Hollins University, University of Iowa, University of Maine, University of Mississippi. Also a member of the Organization of Biological Field Stations.

marine mammals, snow, logistics

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Timothy Goos tim.goos [at] N/A +1-780-464-4119 11 Courtenay Court Sherwood Park Alberta T8A 5K4 Canada

atmospheric sciences

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Michael Gooseff michael.gooseff [at]

Institute of Arctic & Alpine Research, Department of Civil, Environmental & Architectural Engineering

Pennsylvania State University

303-735-5333 Campus Box 450 Boulder Colorado 80309 United States Associate Professor

Dr. Gooseff is currently the lead PI of the McMurdo Dry Valleys LTER project in Antarctica, and maintains a research thrust in the Arctic as well. He contributes to the Arctic LTER by continuing the monitoring of ground temperatures and meteorology at several thermokarst features near Toolik Field Station. This year he is initiating a new NSF-funded research project on the ecological significance of aufeis features with Alex Huryn (Univ of Alabama), Linda Deegan (MBL), and Ken Tape (UAF).

hydrology, groundwater, biogeochemistry

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Hugues Goosse hugues.goosse [at]

Institut d’Astronomie et de Géophysique G. Lamaître

Université Catholique de Louvain

+32-1047-3298 Centre de recherches sur la terre et le climat Georges Lemaître (SST/ELI/ELIC) Louvain-la-Neuve B-1348 Belgium Professor

Impact of ice-ocean interactions on the global oceanic circulation. Decadal-to-centennial variability in high latitudes.

climate modeling, sea ice modeling, ocean circulation

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Viatcheslav Gordeev gordeev [at]

Shirshov Institute of Oceanology

Russian Academy of Sciences

+7-095-124-5968 Nakchimovsky prospect 36 Moscow 117851 Russian Federation Leading Scientist

Land-Ocean Interaction in the Russian Arctic (LOIRA) -vice-chair of SSC LOIRA. Mesoscale physical and biogeochemical processes in the coastal zone of the Russian Arctic Seas. INTAS-OPEN 97-1881. SIO team leader. Water and Constituent Fluxes Across the Eurasian Arctic: Evolving Land-Ocean Connections over the Past 20,000 Years. Grant NSF, Russian-American Initiative on Shelf-Land Environment in the Arctic (RAISE).

biogeochemistry, sedimentology

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Mary Ellen Gordian anmegl [at]

Institute for Circumpolar Health Studies

University of Alaska Anchorage

907-384-6017 3211 Providence Drive Anchorage Alaska 99508 United States MD, MPH

Quality improvement projects. Air pollution research.

air pollution

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Bryan Gordon bryan.gordon [at]

Curator Emeritus, Research Division

Canadian Museum of Civilization

+1-819-776-8195 100 Laurier Street Ottawa Ontario J8X 4H2 Canada Curator Emeritus, Canadian Museum of History, Gatineau; and Adj. Prof., Carleton University, Ottawa

From my arctic experience I'm now working on Early Palaeoindian caribou hunters of eastern North America following the herds during deglaciation from Mississippi through a continuous line of States and Provinces (all with caribou remains) to northern Labrador.

archaeology, caribou, human/environment interaction.

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Semyon Nikolayevich Gorokhov oip [at]

Department of Northern Peoples’ History

Yakutsk State University

+7-4112262262 21/4 Kirov Street Yakutsk 677027 Russian Federation

Northern peoples problems: Yakutia, Russian northeast, and Alaska.

Native issues

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Lee Gorsuch afelg [at] N/A

University of Alaska Anchorage

907-786-1437 3211 Providence Drive Anchorage Alaska 99508 United States President Emeritus

public policy, cultural anthropology, regional planning

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John Gosse john.gosse [at]

Department of Geology

University of Kansas

+1-902-494-6632 1459 Oxford Street Halifax Nova Scotia B3H 4R2 Canada Professor

Reliability of using terrestrial cosmogenic nuclides measured in (1) raised beach sediment and (2) emerging sea cliffs to calculate emergence curves for regions that have undergone and are undergoing isostatic rebound. Specifically, the samples have been collected from northeastern Prescott Island. Weathering zone project, to understand the genesis and significance of high latitude coastal regions of altitudinal separable zones of differing bedrock weathering.

geochronology, glacial geology, glacial geomorphology

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Michel Gosselin michel_gosselin [at]

Institute of Marine Science

University of Quebec at Rimouski

+1-418-723-1986 310 Allee des Ursulines Rimouski Quebec G5L 3A1 Canada Professor

North Water Polynya (northern Baffin Bay). Areas of expertise: Hudson Bay, Canadian Archipelago, Chukchi Sea, central Arctic Ocean, North Water Polynya, Northeast Water Polynya, Greenland Sea.

biological oceanography, phytoplankton, sea ice biota

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Jean-François Gosselin jean-francois.gosselin [at]

Maurice-Lamontagne Institute

Department of Fisheries and Oceans

+1-418-775-0581 850 route de la Mer Mont-Joli Quebec G5H 3Z4 Canada Biologist

marine mammal populations

marine mammals, survey research

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Santonu Goswami goswamis [at]

Climate Change Science Institute

Oak Ridge National Laboratory

915-861-1143 Indian Space Research Organisation Hyderabad India Scientist

Remote sensing and surface hydrology, remote sensing and vegetation dynamics, pan-arctic scale permafrost carbon feedback to global change.

climate change, remote sensing, tundra ecology

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Kumiko Goto-Azuma kumiko [at] N/A

National Institute of Polar Research

+81-339-623-275 1-9-10 Kaga Tokyo 173-8515 Japan Professor, Director of the Ice Core Research Center

Ice core chemistry studies in the Canadian Arctic and Svalbard.

glaciochemistry, global change

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Laura Gough lgough [at]

Department of Biological Sciences

Towson State Univ.

410-704-5033 8000 York Road Towson Maryland 21252 United States Professor and Department Chair

Current projects include investigation of effects of long-term experimental treatments on arctic tundra communities and ecosystems with an emphasis on the interactions among plants and other trophic levels, particularly soil organisms, small mammals, arthropods, and migratory songbirds.

plant ecology

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Larry Gough lgough [at]

Mineral Resources Program

U.S. Geological Survey

907-786-7441 4200 University Drive Anchorage Alaska 99508 United States Research Botanist

USGS has conducted a geochemical survey of soils from Prudhoe Bay to Valdez. Sampling was conducted every 5 miles along the route.

biogeochemistry, environmental assessment, environmental contaminants

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