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First Name Last Name Email Department Organization Phone Address City State/Province Postal Code Country Title Current Research Science Specialties
Eva Fuglei eva.fuglei [at]

Biology Department

Norwegian Polar Institute

+47-7775-0528 Tromsø N-9296 Norway Research Scientist

Ecophysiology of the arctic fox at Svalbard. Ecotoxicology of the arctic fox at Svalbard.

biology, animal physiology, bioenergetics

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Yoshiyuki Fujii fujii [at]

Arctic Environment Research Center

National Institute of Polar Research

+81-3-3962-4742 Kaga 1-9-10 Itabashi-ku Tokyo 173-8515 Japan Professor Emeritus

Circum-Arctic ice core climate research

glaciology, global change, global warming

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Seizo Fujikawa sfuji [at]

Division of Environmental Resources

Hokkaido University

+81-11706-2511 Sapporo 060-8589 Japan Professor

Plant physiology. Plant response (adaptation and injury mechanisms) to naturally (environmentally) occurring freezing.

cold adaptation, plant pathology

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Kei Fujimura kei.fujimura [at]


University of Northern British Columbia

415-476-6423 513 Parnassus Avenue San Francisco California 94117 United States Specialist

Examining the effects of global warming on the mycorrhizal fungal community on Ellesmere Island, Nunavut, Canada. Experiment includes open-top chambers to simulate increase temperature as predicted for 2050.

mycology, ecology, global warming

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Kazuya Fujita fujita [at]

Department of Geological Sciences

Michigan State University

517-355-0142 15 Natural Science East Lansing Michigan 48824 United States Professor

Seismicity and seismotectonics of northeast Russia and western Alaska. Tectonic evolution of northeast Russia and the Arctic basin. Crustal structure of northeast Russia.

plate tectonics, seismology, tectonophysics

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Yasushi Fujiyoshi fujiyo [at]

Institute of Low Temperature Science

Hokkaido University

+81-11706-5491 N19 W8 Sapporo 060-0819 Japan Professor

Bering Sea and Arctic Sea.

meteorology, atmospheric physics

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Mitsuo Fukuchi fukuchi [at]

Center for Antarctic Environment Monitoring

National Institute of Polar Research

+81-3-3962-6031 9-10 Kaga 1-chome Tokyo 173-8515 Japan Professor Emeritus

North Water Polynya Program (NOW) by AOSB. CASES. Collaborating with the international CASES program and sediment trap experiment.

marine ecology, marine biology, phytoplankton

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Todd Fuller tkfuller [at]

Department of Environmental Conservation

University of Massachusetts

413-545-4723 128 Holdsworth Amherst Massachusetts 01003 United States Professor

Wolf ecology and management. Dr. Fuller’s research efforts focus on identifying factors affecting variation in mammal density and distribution. Whether a species is recognized as endangered, a nuisance, or harvestable, knowledge of its natural history and population ecology is essential in order to predict or responsibly manage population change. In order to better understand the mechanisms of this change, Dr. Fuller and his students capture, mark, and monitor a variety of carnivores, ungulates, and smaller herbivores to document their movements, habitat use, food habits, survival, reproduction, social behavior, and density, then synthesize results from their own and other studies. They survey populations through direct and indirect means (e.g., scats, tracks, calls, cameras) to assess distribution and relative abundance, and also collaborate with colleagues to investigate roles of disease, genetics, nutrition, morphology, and human activities in population regulation and species conservation.

wolf populations, wildlife management, predation

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Svend Funder svf [at]

Centre for GeoGentics

University of Copenhagen

+45-3532-2363 Øster Voldgade 5-7 Copenhagen K DK-1350 Denmark Professor, Curator

Climatic and oceanographic change over the last 130,000 years - Greenland, Svalbard, Russia. Anthropocene and urban change last half-millenium, Copenhagen. Coastal erosion/accumulation last 2 millenia, Denmark.

quaternary geology, climate change, oceanography

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Inez Fung ifung [at]

Center for Atmospheric Sciences

University of California Berkeley

510-643-9367 307 McCone Hall Berkeley California 94720 United States Professor

CO2 modeling, atmospheric sciences, climate modeling

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Tore Furevik tore [at]

Geophysical Institute and Bjerknes Centre for Climate Research

University of Bergen

+47-55-58-26-91 Allégaten 70 Bergen N-5007 Norway Professor

* Response of sea ice, ocean circulation, and atmosphere to global warming. * Infloow of heat to the North Atlantic, Nordic Seas, and Arctic * Thermohaline circulation and its relation to climate change

climate modeling, atmospheric physics, ocean circulation

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Chris Furgal chrisfurgal [at]

Indigenous/ Environmental Resource Studies

Trent University

+1-705-748-1011 1600 West Bank Drive Peterborough Ontario K9J 7B8 Canada Assistant Professor

Risk management, assessment, and communication processes in northern communities. Decision making related to environmental health issues (e.g., food security, development, climate change) in circumpolar Arctic and sub-Arctic populations. Environmental health risk assessment, management and communication, Indigenous environmental health, climate and health, food security, contaminants and country/traditional foods; capacity building and training.

environmental health, human/environment interaction, Indigenous peoples

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Gunnar Futsaeter gunnar.futsaeter [at]

Department of Environment Strategy

Norwegian Pollution Control Authority

+41-22-917-8185 PO Box 8100 Dep Oslo N-0032 Norway Program Officer

National co-ordinator of the Arctic Monitoring and Assessment Programme (AMAP) under the Arctic Council (implementing various national monitoring and assessment projects). Arctic Council Action Plan to Eliminate pollution of the Arctic (ACAP). Project leader for the bi-lateral Norwegian-Russian project: OSPAR harmonisation of offshore activities and monitoring of hazardous substances under JAMP (OSPAR’s Joint Monitoring Programme).

pollution, environmental monitoring, environmental impact assessment

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