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First Name Last Name Email Department Organization Phone Address City State/Province Postal Code Country Title Current Research Science Specialties
Harald Flentje harald.flentje [at]

Meteorological Observatory (MOHP)

German Weather Service (DWD)

+49-8805-954-104 Albin-Schwaiger-Weg 10 Hohenpeissenberg 82383 Germany

Stratospheric ozone. Polar stratospheric clouds. Stratospheric meso-scale and synoptic dynamics. Cloud micro-physics. Planetary boundary-layer chemistry and dynamics.

environmental chemistry, meteorology, physics

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Michael Fleming mfleming [at] N/A

Images Unlimited

907-345-2072 18140 Norway Drive Anchorage Alaska 99516 United States

Mapping of land cover, fire fuels, climate, ecosystems in Alaska and the circumpolar region.

remote sensing, modeling, forestry

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Rachel Flecker r.flecker [at]

Department of Earth Sciences

University of Cambridge

+44-117-331-7267 Office G.8N Bristol BS8 1SS United Kingdom Professor

Sedimentology and tectonics of Sakhalin, the Sea of Okhotsk, and the adjacent Russian mainland.


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Gregory Flato greg.flato [at]

Canadian Centre for Climate Modelling and

Meteorological Service of Canada

+1-250-363-8233 c/o University of Victoria Victoria British Columbia V8W 3V6 Canada Senior Scientist

Global coupled climate models. Role of sea ice and snow in climate.

climate modeling, sea ice modeling, sea ice

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Joan Fitzpatrick jfitz [at]

U.S. National Ice Core Laboratory

U.S. Geological Survey

303-236-7881 PO Box 25046 Denver Colorado 80225 United States Scientist Emeritus

Applications of digital imagery to physical properties determinations in ice.

ice, crystallography

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William Fitzhugh fitzhugh [at]

Arctic Studies Center

Smithsonian Arctic Studies Center

202-633-1887 PO Box 37012 Washington District of Columbia 20013 United States Curator of Archaeology and Director, Arctic Studies Center

Eastern Arctic archaeology. Archaeology of the Russian arctic and Far East. Museum anthropology.

archaeology, anthropology, paleoecology

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Benjamin Fitzhugh fitzhugh [at]

Department of Anthropology

University of Washington

206-543-5240 PO Box 353100 Seattle Washington 98195 United States Professor

Social complexity. Maritime adaptation. Human ecology. Gulf of Alaska. Kodiak Archipelago. Kurile Archipelago.

archaeology, biogeography, quaternary paleoecology

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William Fitzgerald william.fitzgerald [at]

Department of Marine Sciences

University of Connecticut

860-405-9158 Avery Point Groton Connecticut 06340 United States Professor Emeritus

marine geochemistry, chemical oceanography, biogeochemistry

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David Fisk dfisk [at]

Geophysical Science Division

Cold Regions Research and Engineering Laboratory (CRREL)

603-646-4100 72 Lyme Road Hanover New Hampshire 03755 United States

Snow metamorphism. Development of field methods for measuring snow properties such as surface roughness and snow wetness. Technical editor for cold regions journal and conference publications.

snow characteristics, publications, science writing

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Aaron Fisk afisk [at]

Warnell School of Forest Resources Rm 3-408

University of Georgia

+1-519-253-3000 GLIER Room 241 Windsor Ontario N9B 3P4 Canada Professor, Canada Research Chair

Contaminant dynamics and effects in arctic marine ecosystems. Biology and ecology of Greenland sharks. Factors influencing heavy metal dynamics in arctic marine ecosystems. Using Inuit knowledge and observations to assess the health and status of arctic marine mammal populations. Metal dynamics in the marine food web of northern Baffin Bay. Temporal trends of persistent organic pollutants and metals in ringed seals and narwhal from the Canadian Arctic. Assessment of spatial and temporal patterns of HCH isomers in the arctic environment.

environmental toxicology, ecology

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David Fisher dafisher2 [at]


Ottawa University

+1-613-730-2477 Downtown Campus Ottawa Ontario K1S 2Y9 Canada Research Scientist

Drilling ice cores from Ellesmere Island Ice Cap, Devon Ice Cap, Penny Ice Cap (Baffin Island). Relating paleo-climate time series from ice cores to tree rings, corals, etc. Planetary ices. I specialize in polar glaciology, ice cores , paleo climate. Also do ice cap and ground ice studies in Dry Valleys and on Mars.

glaciology, paleoclimatology

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LeeAnn Fishback fishback [at] N/A

Churchill Northern Studies Centre

+1-204-675-2307 PO Box 610 Churchill Manitoba ROB OEO Canada Scientific Coordinator

Currently investigating soil development history and current soil geochemical processes occurring across the treeline ecotone near Churchill, Manitoba. A long term investigation of lake water columns and sediments is being initiated to expand study to catchment scale.

geography, soil processes, paleolimnology

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James Fish james_fish [at]

Sport Fish Division

Alaska Department of Fish and Game

907-459-7297 1300 College Road Fairbanks Alaska 99701 United States Fishery Biologist

Biology of stocked fish populations in subarctic lakes. Limnology. Trophy fisheries management.

fisheries, aquatic biology, limnology

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Victor Fischer vfischer2 [at]



907-786-7718 3211 Providence Drive Anchorage Alaska 99508 United States Director Emeritus

Urban and regional planning.

Alaska public policy, Alaska/Russian relations, Native governments

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Urs Fischer uhfischer [at]

Laboratory of Hydraulics, Hydrology and Glaciology (VAW)

Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH)

+41-1-632-41-62 Sonneggstrasse 5 Zurich CH-8092 Switzerland Lecturer

glaciology, hydrology, periglacial environment

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Melvin Firestone [at]

Department of Anthropology

Arizona State University

480-965-5807 Box 872402 Tempe Arizona 85287 United States Associate Professor

Inuit culture traits taken over by non-aboriginal people in northern Newfoundland.


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Anthony Fiorillo anthony.fiorillo [at]


214-756-5725 Perot Museum of Nature and Science Dallas Texas 75201 United States Chief Curator

I lead a team that is studying dinosaurs of the ancient Arctic and their ecosystems. More specifically, we are working on understanding patterns of biodiversity in the Cretaceous Arctic. Our field work covers almost all of Alaska and is focused on rocks between 110 Ma to 70 Ma. Our efforts include not only the study of the dinosaurs who lived in the Arctic region, but also the environments and the climate in which they lived as well as the possible feedback loops between these attributes.

Paleontology, paleogeography, paleoclimatology, paleoecology, ancient terrestrial ecosystems

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Bruce Finney finney [at]

Departments of Biological Sciences & Geosciences

Idaho State University

208-282-4318 921 South 8th Avenue Pocatello Idaho 83209 United States Professor

Late Quaternary climate change in northern Alaska (NSF/PALE). Long-term variability in salmon abundance. Return of flat fish to substrate, topography and currents (NURP).

climate change, fisheries

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Jacques Finlay jfinlay [at]

Ecology Evolution and Behavior

University of Minnesota

612-624-4672 1479 Gortner Avenue St. Paul Minnesota 55108 United States

Stream ecology. Land-water connections. Response of aquatic ecosystems to disturbance.

aquatic ecology, ecosystem science, stable isotopes, global change

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Robert Finkel rfinkel [at]

Geosciences and Environmental Technology Department

Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

925-424-2530 PO Box 808 Livermore California 94551 United States

Cosmogenic radionuclides in ice cores.

geochronology, paleoclimatology, radioactive isotopes

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Paul Filmer pfilmer [at]

GEO/OAD - Directorate for Geosciences

National Science Foundation (NSF)

703-292-7220 2415 Eisenhower Avenue Alexandria Virginia 22314 United States Program Director

The Inter-American Institute for Global Change Research (IAI) has had "High-Latitude Processes" as part of its scientific agenda, and currently supports researchers active in the area of enhanced UV-B radiation perturbations on ecosystems in the USA & Canada.

government policy, global change

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Dennis Filler dennis.filler [at] N/A


907-457-7625 Engineering I (Building 40) Orlando Florida 32816 United States Civil, Environmental and Construction Engineering

Bioremediation. Spill response/dynamics. Contaminants in freezing ground. Cold Regions Bioremediation/Remediation Contaminants in Freezing Ground Ice Roads

environmental engineering, frozen soil mechanics, permafrost

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Andrew Filippov filippov [at]

Zoological Institute

Russian Academy of Sciences

+812-328-4609 Universitetskaja Naberezhnaja 1 St. Petersburg 199034 Russian Federation Researcher

Zoobenthos spatial distribution at the Barents Sea intertidal zone. White Sea mussels ecophysiology. Salinity adaptation in aquatic invertebrates.

marine ecology, ecophysiology, biodiversity

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Nadezda Filimonova nadezda.filimonova [at] N/A

Russian State Hyrometeorological University

+7-911-275-9739 Malookhtinsky pr. 98 St. Petersburg 195196 Russian Federation

Geopolitics in the Arctic
Russian Arctic policy
Regime building in the Arctic
Asian policy in the Arctic

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Ann Fienup-Riordan riordan [at] N/A

Calista Elders Council

907-346-2952 9951 Prospect Drive Anchorage Alaska 99516 United States

Yup’ik history and oral tradition. NSF-supported project on human and animal relations

cultural anthropology, museum studies, Yup'ik culture

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