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First Name Last Name Email Department Organization Phone Address City State/Province Postal Code Country Title Current Research Science Specialties
Søren Eliasen se [at]

IFM/Innovative Fisheries Management at Department of Planning and Development

Aalborg University

+45-99-40-24-22 A.C. Meyers Vænge 15 København SV DK-2450 Denmark

-Participates in research project: The West Greenland marine ecosystem and climate change. The socio-economic adaptation and governance challenges for fisheries management. Funded by the Greenland Climate Research Centre.

socio-economic impact assessment, economic geography, fisheries management

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Scott Elias s.elias [at]

Department of Geography

Royal Holloway - University of London

+44-303-492-5158 Egham Surrey TW20 0EX United Kingdom Professor

Late Quaternary environments of the Bering Land Bridge. Late Quaternary environm%nts of the Noatak River basin. Holocene environments of the Alaska North Slope. Holocene environments of the Chugach Mountains.

quaternary paleoecology, entomology, paleoclimatology

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Chris Elfring celfring [at]

Polar Research Board National Research Council

National Academy of Sciences

202-334-3426 500 5th Street NW Washington District of Columbia 20001 United States Director

arctic science policy, government policy, environmental studies

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Lennart Elfgren lennart.elfgren [at]

Department of Civil and Mining Engineering

Luleå University of Technology

+46-920-493-660 F969 Luleå SE-971 87 Sweden Professor

Concret in cold climates.

civil engineering, ice engineering

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Lennart Elfgren lennart.elfgren [at]

Department of Civil and Mining Engineering

Luleå University of Technology

+46-920-493-660 F969 Luleå SE-971 87 Sweden Professor

Concret in cold climates.

civil engineering, ice engineering

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F.J. Eley joe.eley [at]

Climate Research Branch

Environment Canada

306-975-5685 11 Innovation Boulevard Saskatoon Saskatchewan S7N 3H5 Canada

Permafrost-climate relationships. Arctic inversion consequences.

climate change, permafrost, sea ice

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Thomas Eley thom [at]

Department of Geomatics

University of Alaska Anchorage

907-786-6434 PO Box 230329 Anchorage Alaska 99508 United States Research Biologist and Education Director View Full Profile
Bruce Elder bruce.c.elder [at]

Terrestrial and Cryospheric Sciences Brance

Cold Regions Research and Engineering Laboratory (CRREL)

603-646-4637 72 Lyme Road Hanover New Hampshire 03755 United States Research Physical Scientist

- Sea Ice Mass Balance Buoy Network - Measurements of ice/snow thickness and how they change (freeze, melt from the atmostphere or ocean warming)

sea ice dynamics, sea ice monitoring, sea ice thermodynamics

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Bo Elberling be [at]

Institute of Geography

University of Copenhagen

+45-3532-2520 Øster Voldgade 10 Copenhagen K DK-1350 Denmark Assistant Professor

Mine tailings dynamics and assessment in the Arctic. Heavy metal mobility in permafrost-affected areas. Snow-fence experiment in Greenland. Soil carbon dynamics in permafrost-affected areas.

environmental chemistry, permafrost, water pollution

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Saad El Naggar saad.el.naggar [at]

Department of Logistics

Alfred Wegener Institute for Polar and Marine Research

+49-471-4831-1193 Am Alten Hafen 26 Bremerhaven D-27568 Germany

Measurements of the solar UV-B irradiance and personal related UV-B dosimetry. Instrumentation development.

atmospheric physics, meteorological instrumentation, human/environment interaction

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Brenda Ekwurzel bekwurzel [at]

Global Environment Program

Union of Concerned Scientists

202-331-5443 1825 K St. NW, Suite 800 Washington District of Columbia 20006 United States Senior Climate Scientist, Director of Climate Science

Arctic oceanography; isotope geochemistry; climate variability; hydrology

climate change, environmental policy, geochemistry

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Simon Ekholm se [at]

Geodetic Department

Kort and Matrikelstyrelsen

+45-4525-9717 Elektrovej Kongens Lyngby DK-2800 Denmark Chief Consultant

Surface topography modeling.

ice modeling, geodesy

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Wendy Eisner wendy.eisner [at]

Department of Geography

University of Cincinnati

513-556-3926 400A Braunstein Hall Cincinnati Ohio 45221 United States Professor

Beringian ecosystems. Past vegetation and climate of North Slope and Northeastern Siberia. Arctic landscapes, soils, and permafrost, human-landscape interactions.

paleoecology, palynology, archaeology

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Olaf Eisen olaf.eisen [at]

Glaciology Department

Alfred Wegener Institute for Polar and Marine Research

+49-471-4831-1969 Am Alten Hafen 26 Bremerhaven D-27568 Germany Professor

Internal structure of the Greenland Ice Sheet.

glaciology, air-sea-ice interactions

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Bjarni Einarsson bjarni [at] N/A


+354-551-1395 Ægisgötu 10 Reykjavik IS-101 Iceland Manager

Western most Viking-age farm site in Europe on the Snœfellsnes peninsula. Very probable cult place in SE Iceland, the first of its kind in the country. Culture landscape surveying.

archaeology, prehistory, human adaptation

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Arni Einarsson arnie [at]

Myvatn Research Station

Myvatn Research Station

+354-89-24-281 Skutustadir Myvatn IS-660 Iceland Director

The ecology and conservation of Lake Myvatn, Iceland. Running of an integrated monitoring programme (starting in 1975), that includes waterfowl, fish, benthic and planktonic invertebrates, macrophytes, and phytoplankton.

limnology, waterfowl, paleolimnology

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Hajo Eicken heicken [at]

International Arctic Research Center

University of Alaska Fairbanks

907-474-7280 930 Koyukuk Drive Fairbanks Alaska 99775 United States International Arctic Research Center Director

Traditional Knowledge. Sea ice use and local knowledge. Integrated coastal sea-ice observing systems. Sustainability in the marine environment.

sea ice, glaciology, sea ice remote sensing

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John Eichelberger jceichelberger [at] N/A 415 A #3 Akasofu Building Fairbanks Alaska 99775 United States Professor Emeritus

Alaska Volcano Observatory (AVO). Juvenile tephra and crustal xenoliths from the 1992 Mt. Spurr eruption. Degassing and crystallization behavior of Mt. Redoubt magma. Mt. Katmai scientific drilling project. Long valley exploration well.

volcanology, seismology, plate tectonics

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Ketil Eiane ketil.eiane [at]

Department of Biology

University Centre in Svalbard (UNIS)

+47-75-51-73-33 Hoved Campus 2473 Bodø N-8049 Norway Professor

Energy flow of marine ecosystems. Zooplankton-fish interactions (i.e., behavioral, life history, and population dynamics).

marine biology, zooplankton, modeling

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Aline Ehrenfried a.ehrenfried [at] N/A

AAS Working Group Arctic and Subarctic

+43-1-523-3411 Kaiserstrasse 51/24 Vienna A-1070 Austria Project Management Office

Warfare and interethnic relationships at the Northpacific Rim. Siberia and the circumpolar north.

Athabaskan studies, museum studies, ethnohistory

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Jens Ehn jens_ehn [at]

Clayton H. Ridell Faculty of Environment, Earth and Resources

Centre of Earth Observation Science

204-480-1493 580 Wallace Building Winnipeg Manitoba R3T 2N2 Canada Associate Professor

sea ice optics, sea ice thermodynamics

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Keith Egger egger [at]

Natural Resources and Environmental Studies (NRES)

University of Northern British Columbia

250-960-5860 3333 University Way Prince George British Columbia V2N 4Z9 Canada Professor

Alexandra Fiord, Ellesmere Island, Nunavut, Canada. Impacts of simulated climate change on belowground mi crobial diversity and community structure.

biodiversity, ecology, soil microbiology

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Carsten Egevang caeg [at]

Arctic Environment

National Environmental Research Institute of Denmark

+45-2078-8099 Frederiksborgvej 399 Roskilde DK-4000 Denmark Scientist - External Consultant

Seabird foraging ecology. Seabird population estimates using remote sensing. Waterbird management in Greenland.

avian ecology, seabirds, management

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MARY Edwards m.e.edwards [at]

Department of Geography

University of Southampton

+44-0-238-059-2217 Building 44 Southampton SO17 1BJ United Kingdom Professor

Paleoecology and vegetation history. Long-term history of the interior Alaska boreal forest. Fire history of the boreal forest. Late-Quaternary paleohydrology and vegetation change. Data-model comparisons: arctic vegetation and climate.

paleoecology, vegetation ecology, paleoclimatology

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Nelta Edwards nmedwards [at]

Department of Sociology

University of Anchorage Alaska

907-786-4654 1655 Sitka Street Anchorage Alaska 99501 United States Associate Professor

Studying the claims-making activities of scientists in instances of Arctic environmental contamination.


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