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First Name Last Name Email Department Organization Phone Address City State/Province Postal Code Country Title Current Research Science Specialties
Robert Ezraty robert.ezraty [at]

Département d’Océanographie Spatiale

Institut Français de Recherche pour l'Exploitation de la MER (IFREMER)

+33-298224299 Centre de Brest Plouzané F-29280 France

Remote sensing of sea ice using scatterometers and microwave radiometers. ESA/ERS AMI-Wind. NSCAT scatterometer.

remote sensing, sea ice remote sensing, boundary-layer meteorology

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Peter Ewins pewins [at]

Arctic Programme

WWF Canada

+1-416-484-7711 245 Eglinton Avenue East Toronto Ontario M4P 3J1 Canada Arctic Wildlife Bioligist

Seabirds Arctic marine mammals Community-based conservation solutions WWF Canada does support Arctic research, and is actively engaged in many projects (over past 25 years) relating directly or indirectly to conservation of natural habitats and wildlife populations, etc.

arctic wildlife conservation, land and resource use planning, marine ecology

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Alan Ewert aewert [at]

Department of Recreation and Park Administration

Indiana University

812-855-8116 PH 029 & PH 133A Bloomington Indiana 47405 United States Professor

Economic Impacts of Northern Portal Communities from the Adventure Tourism Perspective. Natural Resource Management/Human Dimensions.

tourism, recreation

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Bojko Evgeny erbojko [at]

Institute of Physiology Urad Division

Russian Academy of Sciences

+7-8212-24-08-52 Pervomaiskaya av - 50 Syktyvkar Komi, Respublika 167982 Russian Federation Professor, Laboratory Head

Human physiology and biochemistry between inhabitances of Circumpolar area. Especially effect of vitamine disoders on human health, menthal health, physiologycal and biochemical procesess. Metabolism in northerners.

medical sciences

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Karl-Ulrich Evers evers [at]

Department of Arctic Technology

Hamburg Ship Model Basin

+49-406-9203-426 Bramfelder Strasse 164 Hamburg D-22395 Germany Senior Research Scientist - Dipl.-Ing.

Ice mechanics and ice properties. Ice model tests on ships and offshore structures. Model tests on oil recovery systems for arctic regions. Coordination of access to the large-scale facility ARCTECLAB. Pressure ice ridge profiling. Ice load measurements. Offshore structures, oil spills, sea ice modeling, sea ice navigation, environmental engineering.

sea ice, ice engineering, offshore structures, ice mechanics, model tests in ice

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James Evermann jfe [at]

College of Veterinary Medicine

Washington State University

509-335-3044 PO Box 647010 Pullman Washington 99164 United States Professor, Immunodiagnostics Section Head

Ecology and epidemiology of infectious diseases of arctic mammals.

veterinary medicine, microbiology, virology

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Edward Evenson ebe0 [at]

Earth and Environmental Sciences

Lehigh University

610-758-3659 31 Williams Drive Bethlehem Pennsylvania 18015 United States

Modern glacial systems - Matanuska Glacier, Alaska, Svalbard. Glacial history - Alaska, Bylot Island, Ungava.

glacial geology, glaciology

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Anita Evenset ane [at]

Environmental Department


+47-9900-1591 Polar Environmental Centre Tromsø N-9296 Norway Head of Department, Environmental R&D

Transport and deposition of persistent organic pollutants on Bear Island, Barents Sea. Effects of persistent organic pollutants on Arctic char.

environmental contaminants, environmental toxicology, marine biology

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Galina Andreevna Evdokimova galina [at]

Kola Science Centre

Russian Academy of Sciences

+7-81555-79771 14 Fersmana str INEP Apatity Murmansk Region 184200 Russian Federation Professor, Doctor of Sciences (Biology), Laboratory Chief

Microbial communities. Biodiversity of soil bacteria and fungi. Soil pollution by heavy metals. Bioaccumulation of heavy metals by fungal biomass. Bioremediation of soils.

soil microbiology, bioremediation, biodiversity

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Alexandre Evdokimov vniio [at] N/A

All-Russia Research Institute for Geology and Mineral Resources of the World Ocean

+812-587-8363 1 Angliisky Avenue St. Petersburg 190121 Russian Federation Chief of Department

Geology. Spitsbergen. Yakutiya. Chukotka. Novaya Zemlya. France Josef Land.

geochemistry, igneous petrology, mineralogy

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Marlene Evans marlene.evans [at]

Science and Technology Branch

Environment Canada

+1-306-975-5310 11 Innovation Boulevard Saskatoon Saskatchewan S7N 3H5 Canada Research Scientist

Long-term trends in mercury and POPs in lake trout and burbot in lakes in Northwest Territories and why. Mercury, POPs and ecology of sea run char. Mackenzie River delta, tributaries and cumulative impacts of development. General ecological features and factors affecting these features. Great Slave and Great Bear Lake ecology. Community interactions, training and collaborations.

aquatic ecology, environmental contaminants, limnology

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Werner Eugster werner.eugster [at]

Institute of Plant, Animal and Agroecosystem Sciences

ETH Zurich

+41-1-632-6847 LFW C55.2 Zürich CH-8092 Switzerland Adjunct Professor

Global change Energy exchange Trace gases Role of lakes and rivers in global change. Carbon dynamics and gas flux in the Arctic.

atmospheric sciences, microclimatology, mass transfer

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Samuel Etienne samuel.etienne [at]


Maison des Sciences de l'Homme

+33-47346843 Laboratoire de G⁄ographie physique Clermont-Ferrand cedex 63057 France

Processes of weathering of volcanic rocks (basalts) in Iceland, especially non-cryogenic processes (biological, chemical, and physical processes).

geomorphology, periglacial environment, mycology

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Bradley Esser bkesser [at]

Chemical Sciences Division

Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

925-422-5247 L-231, LLNL Livermore California 94550 United States Staff Scientist

Stable isotopes Radiochemistry Isotope hydrology, including alpine basin hydrology and impacts of climate change on alpine groundwater basins.

hydrology, geochemistry, radioactive isotopes

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Yngve Espmark yngve.espmark [at]

Department of Zoology

Norwegian University of Science and Technology

+46-7359-6295 Trondheim N-7491 Norway Professor

Breeding biology, including song, ornamentation, parental care, mating systems, diurnal activity, environmental constraints and adaptations, in the Snow Bunting (Plectrophenax nivalis) in Svalbard.

animal behavior, zoology, avian biology

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Lydia Espizua lespizua [at]

Instituto Argentino de Nivología - Glaciología y Ciencias Ambientales (IANIGLA)

Consejo Nacional de Investigaciones Científicas y Técnicas (CONICET)

+54-262-524-4235 Avda. Ruiz Leal s/n Mendoza 5500 Argentina Researcher

Pleistocene and Holocene glaciations. Fluctuations of glaciers during the last century. Natural Hazard map (landslides).

glacial geology, quaternary stratigraphy, climate change

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Aileen Espiritu aileen.a.espiritu [at]

History Programme

University of Northern British Columbia

+47-7845-0556 Kirkenes, Rådhusgt 8, 3. etg Tromsø Norway Researcher, Director

Native peoples in Siberia. Northern resource development. Environmental health, native women.

history, Native communities, environmental health

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David Eslinger dave.eslinger [at]

Coastal Remote Sensing Program, Coastal Services Center

National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA)

843-740-1270 2234 South Hobson Avenue Charleston South Carolina 29405 United States Oceanographer

Ocean-color algorithm development for Alaskan waters. Satellite oceanographic studies of eddies in the Bering Sea. Coupled biological and physical models of plankton dynamics in Prince William Sound, Alaska. Ice edge plankton dynamics in the Bering Sea.

remote sensing, biological oceanography, modeling

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Elva Escobar-Briones escobri [at]

Institute of Marine Sciences and Limnology

Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México

+52-55-56-22-58-41 70-305 Ciudad Universitaria Mexico D F 04510 Mexico Professor, Director

Carbon flux. Carbon flow in benthic communities.

biological oceanography, benthic ecology

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Stephen Escarzaga smescarzaga [at]


500 West University Avenue El Paso Texas 79902 United States Research Associate

Coastal Dynamics, Geospatial Research, GIS, Remote Sensing

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Igor Esau igore [at]

Bjerknes Centre for Climate Research

Nansen Environmental and Remote Sensing Centre

+47-55205800 G.C. Rieber Climate Institute Bergen 5006 Norway Research Director

Stably stratified polar boundary layers and their role in sea/land-ice-atmosphere interactions, boundary layer climate, modeling of features of the turbulent exchange by means of large-eddy simulations and single-column models.

atmospheric physics, boundary-layer meteorology, modeling

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Jessica Ernakovich jessica.ernakovich [at] N/A

Earth Systems Research Center, Institute for the Study of Earth, Oceans, and Space, University of New Hampshire

Natural Resources and the Environment Durham New Hampshire 03824 United States Assistant Professor

Air-snow exchange at Summit, Greenland. Stratosphere troposphere exchange. Remote troposphere chemistry. Radionuclides as environmental tracer.

atmospheric chemistry, ice chemistry, snow chemistry

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Robert Erlandson bob.erlandson [at]

Space Department - Applied Physics Laboratory

Johns Hopkins University

301-953-6918 11100 Johns Hopkins Road Laurel Maryland 20723 United States Branch Supervisor

Magnetospheric physics.

space physics, plasma physics, aeronomy

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Johan Eriksson johan.eriksson [at]

Department of Political Science

University College of South Stockholm

+46-8-608-4267 Alfred Nobels allé 11 Huddinge SE-141 04 Sweden Professor

Sami politics.

political science, indigenous peoples

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Patrick Eriksson patrick.eriksson [at] N/A

Finnish Meteorological Institute

+358-9-1929-6433 Erik Palménin Aukio 1 Helsinki 00101 Finland Product Manager

Operational sea ice monitoring in the Baltic Sea at the Finnish Ice Service. Deep water formation in the Arctic Ocean and the global thermohaline circulation.

sea ice monitoring, ice geophysics, physical oceanography

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