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First Name Last Name Email Department Organization Phone Address City State/Province Postal Code Country Title Current Research Science Specialties
Craig Dorman c.dorman [at] N/A 907-457-4428 1020 Baneberry Lane Fairbanks Alaska 99712 United States

S&T Policy; Academic and Research Adminictration

science management, oceanography

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Wolfgang Dorn wdorn [at]

Research Department Potsdam

Alfred Wegener Institute for Polar and Marine Research

+49-331-288-2164 Telegrafenberg A 43 Potsdam D-14473 Germany

Regional atmospheric climate modeling for the Arctic. Arctic circulation and climate changes induced by natural climate variability or external forcings. Understanding of the physical processes and mechanisms.

climate modeling, atmospheric physics, meteorology

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Mark Dornblaser mmdornbl [at]

Water Resources Division

US Geological Survey

303-541-3015 3215 Marine Street Boulder Colorado 80303 United States Chemist

Water quality and greenhouse gas emissions in the Yukon River basin.

water quality, greenhouse gas emissions from lakes and rivers

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H. Peter Dörrenbächer p.doerren [at]

Department of Geography

Universität des Saarlandes

+49-681-302-58-074 Zentrum für Umweltforschung Saarbrücken D-66125 Germany Professor

Institutionalization of Indigenous regions. Indigenous self-government structures.

Native governments, regional planning, government policy

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Stan Dosso sdosso [at]

School of Earth and Ocean Sciences

University of Victoria

+1-250-472-4341 PO Box 3055 STN CSC Victoria British Columbia V8W 3P6 Canada Director, Professor

Seismo-acoustic propagation is sea ice, particularly investigating the use of geophones on the ice surface to monitor acoustic propagation within the water column. Interested in acoustic localization in the Arctic.

acoustics, ice geophysics, geophysics

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Nancy Doubleday doublen [at]


Centre for Peace Studies, McMaster University

+1-690-525-9140 1280 Main Street West Hamilton Ontario L8S 4M2 Canada Professor

Human-environment interactions Law -International Polar Year - PPS Arctic-Impacts of Changing Treeline -Photos and plants through time -Dietary Choice: adaptive co-management and regime development; black carbon and environmental change; material, memory and meaning; indigenous knowledge; peace and health

cryosphere, environmental health, geography

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David Douglas ddouglas [at]

USGS Alaska Science Center

U.S.Geological Survey

907-364-1576 USGS Alaska Science Center Juneau Alaska 99801 United States Research Wildlife Biologist

Habitat dynamics

satellite remote sensing, GIS, satellite tracking, sea ice

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Thomas Douglas thomas.a.douglas [at]

Biogeochemical Sciences

Cold Regions Research and Engineering Laboratory

907-361-9555 2nd Avenue, Building 4070 Fort Wainwright Alaska 99703 United States Senior Scientist

Snow chemistry Snow-atmosphere interactions Mineral weathering and soil development Explosives contamination of cold regions soils Snow albedo

geochemistry, soil science, hydrology, permafrost scisnce

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Sidney Draggan draggan.sidney [at]

Office of the Administrator

U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)

202-260-4724 401 M Street SW Washington District of Columbia 20460 United States Special Assistant for Science

Risk assessment. Human health. Ecotoxicology.

arctic science policy, pollution, ecology

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Helge Drange helge.drange [at]

G. C. Rieber Climate Institute

Nansen Environmental and Remote Sensing Center

+47-55-58-26-02 Allegt. 70 Bergen N-5007 Norway Professor

climate modeling, CO2 modeling, sea ice modeling

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Lynda Dredge ldredge [at]

Geological Survey of Canada

Natural Resources Canada

+1-613-992-5770 601 Booth Street Ottawa Ontario K1A 0E8 Canada Quaternary Geologist/Geomorphologist

Quaternary geology and geomorphology of Baffin Island. Regional resource development related to diamond exploration. Educational packages for northern schools and parks. Melville peninsula. Northern Canadian mainland. Hudson Bay.

glacial geology, geomorphology, permafrost

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Laurie Meijer Drees laurie.meijerdrees [at]

First Nations Studies Department

Malaspina University College

+1-250-753-3245 900 5th Street Nanaimo British Columbia V9R 5S5 Canada Chair and Professor

Anglican church in the Canadian Arctic. Fairbanks Native Association.

religion/belief systems

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Kelly Drew kdrew [at]

Institute of Arctic Biology (IAB)

University of Alaska Fairbanks

907-474-7190 PO Box 757000 Fairbanks Alaska 99775 United States Professor

Natural tolerance to cerebral ischemia and hypothermia in hibernating arctic ground squirrels using in vivo microdialysis to assess neurotransmitter release and cerebral metabolism. Novel (non-exocytotic) mechanisms regulating microdialysis to assess neurotransmitter release from neurons and glia.

neurochemistry, neurobiology, medical sciences

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Mark Drinkwater mark.drinkwater [at]

Mission Science Division (EOP-SM)

European Space Agency (ESA)

+31-71-565-5673 ESA-ESTEC Noordwijk 2201 AZ Netherlands ESA - Head / Mission Science Division

Sea ice dynamics and thermodynamics in the Arctic basin. Sea ice in the Beaufort, Greenland, and Labrador seas. Greenland snow and ice facies and seasonal-interannual variability in the ice sheet in response to key climate variability such as the Arctic Oscillation. Ice sheet geophysics. Ocean-atmosphere interactions.

cryospheric remote sensing, electromagnetic modeling, computer modeling

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Neal Driscoll ndriscoll [at]

Geology & Geophysics Department

Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution

858-822-5026 Geosciences Research Division La Jolla California 92093 United States Professor

Laptev Sea.

marine geology, geophysics, stratigraphy

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Sheldon Drobot sheldon.drobot [at]

Research Applications Lab

National Center for Atmospheric Research

303-497-2705 4990 East Pearl Circle Boulder Colorado 80301 United States Principal for Noble Causes

atmospheric sciences, climatology, sea ice remote sensing

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Robert Drozda lheppler [at] N/A 907-457-2773 1125 Powellite Drive Fairbanks Alaska 99712 United States Ethnogeographics

Yup’ik ethogeography, oral history, and place names.

Yup'ik culture, ethnology

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Matthew Druckenmiller druckenmiller [at] N/A

National Snow and Ice Data Center, U. of CO

907-474-1156 449 UCB Boulder Colorado 80309 United States Research Scientist View Full Profile
Janet Drysdale drysdale [at]

Geological Survey of Canada - National Earthquake Hazards Program

Natural Resources Canada

613-995-5548 7 Observatory Crescent Ottawa Ontario K1A 0Y3 Canada Seismologist

Seismology. Current earthquakes.

seismology, earthquakes

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Thomas Dubois tadubois [at]

Department of Scandinavian Studies

University of Wisconsin

608-262-2220 1220 Linden Drive Madison Wisconsin 53706 United States Professor

folklore, cultural anthropology

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Lawrence Duffy lkduffy [at]

Institute of Arctic Biology (IAB)

University of Alaska Fairbanks

907-474-7525 PO Box 757000 Fairbanks Alaska 99775 United States Professor

Biomarkers in river otter and guillemots in Prince William Sound and Kachemak Bay. Human health - air pollution and oxyfuels. Hydrocarbon - oil spills. Hg transport and subsistence.

biochemistry, neurochemistry, immunochemistry

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David Duffy afdcd1 [at]

Alaska Natural Heritage Program

University of Alaska Anchorage

808-956-8218 Department of Botany Honolulu Hawaii 96822 United States Professor

APEX Alaska Predator Ecosystem Experiment, Prince William Sound. Survey of biodiversity in relation to protected areas: Alaska.

biodiversity, marine ecology, parasitology

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David Duffy dduffy [at]

Alaska Natural Heritage Program

University of Alaska Anchorage

808-956-8218 Department of Botany Honolulu Hawaii 96822 United States Professor

APEX Alaska Predator Ecosystem Experiment, Prince William Sound. Survey of biodiversity in relation to protected areas: Alaska.

biodiversity, marine ecology, parasitology

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Claude Duguay crduguay [at]

Department of Geography

University of Waterloo

519-888-4567 200 University Avenue West Waterloo Ontario N2L 3G1 Canada Professor

Remote sensing and modeling of lake ice. Remote sensing and modeling of frozen ground.

remote sensing, lake ice, permafrost

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Gérard Duhaime gerard.duhaime [at]


Université Laval

+1-418-656-2131 Pavillon Charles-De Koninck Quebec City Quebec G1V 0A6 Canada Professor

Sustainable development in the Arctic. Conditions for food security. Economic sociology to the Arctic. Living conditions in the Arctic.


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