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First Name Last Name Email Department Organization Phone Address City State/Province Postal Code Country Title Current Research Science Specialties
Rudy D'Alessandro rudy_dalessandro [at]

Arctic Council Secretariat

U.S. Department of State - Office of Oceans Affairs

202-354-1805 1201 I Street, NW Washington District of Columbia 20005 United States International Cooperation Specialist

Wildlife law enforcement and anti-poaching techniques. Endangered species field conservation.

arctic policy, international relations, biodiversity

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Edward (Ted) Daeschler daeschler [at]

Department of Vertebrate Paleontology

Academy of Natural Sciences

215-299-1133 1900 Benjamin Franklin Parkway Philadelphia Pennsylvania 19103 United States Curator and Professor

Vertebrate fossils fo the Okse Bay Group (Late Devonian) on southern Ellesmere Island, Nunavut


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Jens Dahl jensd [at] N/A

International Working Group for Indigenous Affairs

+45-51-30-25-47 Karen Blixens Vej 4, 2300 København S Copenhagen DK-2300 Denmark Affiliate Professor

Indigenous peoples of Alaska and Greenland.

anthropology, social anthropology

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Geir Aksel Dahl-Hansen gdh [at]

Department of Freshwater


+47-7775-0300 Polar Environmental Centre Tromsø N-9296 Norway Researcher

Nutrients. Fish population restoration by lake/river fertilization. Management of freshwater fish populations. Effects of UV-radiation in arctic waters. Environmental monitoring.

limnology, zooplankton, fish populations

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Trine Dahl-Jensen tdj [at]

Department of Geophysics - Danish Lithosphere Centre

Geological Survey of Denmark and Greenland (GEUS)

+45-9133-3919 Øster Voldgade 10 Copenhagen K DK-1350 Denmark Senior Researcher

Volcanic rifted margins. Wide-angle and reflection seismology. Teleseismic broad band survey in Greenland. Oil/gas exploration in arctic regions.

geophysics, tectonophysics, seismology

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Trine Dahl-Jensen tdj [at]

Department of Geophysics - Danish Lithosphere Centre

Geological Survey of Denmark and Greenland (GEUS)

+45-9133-3919 Øster Voldgade 10 Copenhagen K DK-1350 Denmark Senior Researcher

Volcanic rifted margins. Wide-angle and reflection seismology. Teleseismic broad band survey in Greenland. Oil/gas exploration in arctic regions.

geophysics, tectonophysics, seismology

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Bjorn Dahlback bjorn.dahlback [at] N/A +46-705856111 Box 50003 Stockholm Stockholms län SE-10405 Sweden Director General, Swedish Polar Research Secretariat View Full Profile
Rachel Dale oha [at]

Office of History and Archaeology

Alaska Department of Natural Resources

907-269-8718 3601 C Street, Suite 1278 Anchorage Alaska 99503 United States

Human osteology.

archaeology, forensic anthropology

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Love Dalén love.dalen [at] N/A

Centro Mixto UCM-ISCIII

+46-8-5195-4281 Department of Bioinformatics and Genetics Stockholm SE-104 05 Sweden Professor

Arctic Fox Genetics.

genetics, wildlife management

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Fredrik Dalerum dalerumjohan [at]

Department of Zoology

Stockholm University

+34-985-10-3000 Research Unit of Biodiversity (UO, CSIC, PA) Mieres SE-106 91 Spain Associate Professor

Involved in a research project on arctic fox ecology in Scandinavia, and in a cooperative research project together with the National Park Service regarding wolverine ecology in northwest Alaska.

wildlife, animal behavior, ecology

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Patrick Daley pjdaley [at]

Department of Communication

University of New Hampshire

603-862-3315 106B Horton Social Science Center Durham New Hampshire 03824 United States

History of indigenous mass communication.

communications, Native studies, Native communities

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Scott Dallimore scott.dallimore [at]

S.R. Dallimore

Geological Survey of Canada

+1-250-363-6423 PO Box 6000 Sidney British Columbia V8L 4B2 Canada Research Scientist

Offshore and gas hydrates

permafrost, geochronology, global change

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Winfried Dallmann winfried.dallmann [at] N/A

Norwegian Polar Institute

+47-7764-6886 Polar Environmental Centre Tromsø 9296 Norway Associate Professor

Leader for geological mapping programme of Svalbard, Arctic Norway (specialized in structural geology). Also working with stratigraphic correlations and unification of lithostratigraphic nomenclature for the Svalbard area.

geology, mapping, Native issues

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Robert Dalton rdalton [at]

Department of Curriculum and Instruction

University of Victoria

+1-250-721-7893 MacLaurin Building Victoria British Columbia V8W 3P4 Canada Associate Professor Emeritus

Multiculturalism and art education. Art and culture. Issues in circumpolar areas.


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Kendra Daly kdaly [at]

College of Marine Science

University of South Florida

727-553-1041 140 Seventh Avenue South St. Petersburg Florida 33701 United States Professor

Phytoplankton-zooplankton interactions. Biological mediation of marine carbon and nitrogen cycles. Biological processes in sea ice.

phytoplankton, zooplankton, sea ice

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Steven Daly sfdaly [at] N/A

Cold Regions Research and Engineering Laboratory (CRREL)

603-646-4218 72 Lyme Road Hanover New Hampshire 03755 United States Research Scientist

Ice problems at water intakes. River ice forecasting. Numerical simulation of river ice processes.

river ice, ice jams, civil engineering

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Ellen Damm edamm [at]

Department of Marine Geochemistry

Alfred Wegener Institute for Polar and Marine Research

+49-471-483-1423 Am Handelshafen 12 Bremerhaven D-27570 Germany Researcher

POL3-Variations of the physical environment of the Arctic Ocean; POL7-From permafrost to deep sea in the Arctic
MOSAiC drift experiment

marine geochemistry, biogeochemistry, sea ice, methane, DMS, isotopes,

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Ryan Danby ryan.danby [at]

Department of Geography

Queen's University

+1-613-533-6000 School of Environmental Studies Kingston Ontario K7L 3N6 Canada Associate Professor

Treeline ecology and dynamics in southwest Yukon; Protected area planning and management; Agents and patters of landscape change

landscape ecology, geography, resource management

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Maria Dance [at]

School of Geography and the Environment


The influence of Holocene sea ice variability on Arctic biota

Sea ice, terrestrial ecosystems, phylogeography.

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Öje Danell oje.danell [at]

Department of Animal Genetics

Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences

+46-1867-1999 PO Box 7023 Uppsala SE-750 07 Sweden Professor

Reindeer husbandry and ecology including economic and social aspects. Population biology.

animal genetics, modeling, reindeer

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Raychelle Daniel rdaniel [at] N/A

The Pew Charitable Trusts, U.S. Arctic Program

907-317-1750 1849 C Street NW Alexandria Virginia 20240 United States Officer, U.S. Arctic Program

Working towards science and community-based policy in U.S. Arctic marine waters on issues related to Arctic shipping, fisheries, and offshore oil and gas. Primary role to collaborate with Indigenous partners and scientists to identify policy options formed from a scientific and Indigenous Knowledge perspective that maintain ecosystem connectivity and well being. Accomplishments include enhancing the understanding and value of Indigenous Knowledge, including people as a part of the marine Arctic ecosystem, and building local capacity to address these issues. Other advancements include developing scientific tools to advance marine conservation.

socio-ecological systems

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Fred Daniels daniels [at]

Department of Plant Ecology

Westphalian Wilhelms University

+49-251-832-3835 Institute of Biology and Biotechnology of Plants Münster D-48149 Germany University Professor in Botany/Geobotany

Vegetation classification of Greenland in a circumpolar context. Vegetation mapping. Biodiversity on the plant community level. Lichen vegetation. Conservation of arctic flora and vegetation. Greenland, North American Arctic.

vegetation ecology, tundra ecology, lichenology

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Rutger Dankers r.dankers [at]

Institute for Environment and Sustainability

Joint Research Centre - European Commission

+39-0332-786361 Exeter United Kingdom Science Manager

Climate change impact on hydrological processes in the European (sub-)Arctic and the freshwater discharge to the Barents Sea.

hydrology, climate change, modeling

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Fiona Danks fiona [at] N/A

Norwegian Polar Institute

+47-4736-1827 Framsenteret Tromsø 9296 Norway Senior Programme Officer

GIS and biological/resource applications. Thesis research was to assess and predict muskox habitat in northern Alaska using GIS. Research on herbivory and Salix arctica and implications of climate change.

conservation biology, geographic information systems, habitat selection

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Lawrence Danyluk ldanyluk [at]


Cold Regions Research and Engineering Laboratory (CRREL)

603-646-4475 72 Lyme Road Hanover New Hampshire 03755 United States Deputy Director

geotechnical engineering, civil engineering

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