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First Name Last Name Email Department Organization Phone Address City State/Province Postal Code Country Title Current Research Science Specialties
Christopher Babcock ftcab [at] N/A PO Box 72713 Davis California 95617 United States

Waterfowl breeding ecology, habitat selection, and foraging ecology. Saltmarsh plant ecology, nutrient dynamics, and grazing ecology. Climate change impacts on saltmarsh ecology.

plant ecology, wetland ecology

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Dmitry Babich dmbabich [at]

Department of Geography

Moscow State University

+7-95-939-5697 Vorobyovy Gory Moscow 119899 Russian Federation

Continuing research on the Russian Far North river deltas. Mouth and channel processes, the interaction between salt and freshwaters on the Yana and Indigirka deltas.

hydrology, cartography, ecology

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Jan Backhaus jan.backhaus [at]

Institute of Oceanography - Institut fuer Meereskunde

University of Hamburg

+49-40-42838-5768 Universität Hamburg Hamburg 20146 Germany

Ocean and ice modeling. Fieldwork in support of, and interaction with, modeling.

ice modeling, modeling

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Jan Backman backman [at]

Department of Geology and Geochemistry

Stockholm University

+46-8-164-720 Institutionen för geologiska vetenskaper Stockholm SE-106 91 Sweden

paleoceanography, marine geology, biostratigraphy

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Sheldon Bacon s.bacon [at]

Marine Physics


+44-238-059-6441 European Way Southampton SO14 3ZH United Kingdom

Polar and sub-polar ocean circulation and climate

ocean circulation, climate change, air-sea-ice interactions

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Harry Bader harry_bader [at]

Division of Land

Alaska Department of Natural Resources

907-451-2740 3700 Airport Way Fairbanks Alaska 99709 United States Acting Executive Director

resource policy

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Yuri Badu yuri_badu [at]

Department of Geography

Moscow State University

095-939-3673 119992 Leninskie gory Moscow 7(095) Russian Federation

cryolithology, geocryology. tundra landscape ecology. permafrost terrain sea coast line of western Russian Arctic, western coastline of Jamal peninsula.

permafrost, mapping, paleoceanography

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David Bahr bahr [at]

Cooperative Institute for Research in Environmental Sciences (CIRES)

University of Colorado

303-492-5802 Campus Box 216 Boulder Colorado 80309 United States

Lattice Boltzmann simulations of glacier flow and applications to the theory of numerical inversions for basal sliding velocities. Topological properties of glacier networks. Avalanche dynamics using cellular automaton models.

glaciology, mathematics, avalanche studies

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Michele Bahr mbahr [at]

The Ecosystems Center

Marine Biological Laboratory (MBL)

508-289-7469 7 MBL Street Woods Hole Massachusetts 02543 United States

Arctic Long Term Ecological Research site at Toolik Lake, Alaska.

aquatic microbiology, aquatic ecology

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Robert Bailey robert.bailey [at]

Department of Zoology and Aquatic Ecology

University of Western Ontario

+1-905-721-8668 Collip Building London Ontario N6A 5B7 Canada Associate Professor

Aquatic ecology. Bioassessment of Yukon streams affected by placer gold mining. Technology transfer to First Nations.

aquatic ecology, environmental assessment

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Renata Bailey baileyr [at]

Chemistry and Biochemistry Department

Montclair State University

973-655-7902 1 Normal Avenue Upper Montclair New Jersey 07043 United States Assistant Professor

Atmospheric transport of organochlorine pesticides to the Arctic. Studies on the transformation of pesticides by biological degradation in soils, photolysis, and reactions with OH radicals. Identification of contribution of past and current sources of pesticides. Relationship between air and soil levels of pesticides in source regions and in the Arctic.

atmospheric chemistry, environmental chemistry, environmental monitoring

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David Baines bumlegbaines [at] N/A

Alaska Family Practice Residency Program

907-743-7200 4951 Business Park Boulevard Anchorage Alaska 99503 United States M.D., Clinical Director

Native rights. Native communities.

medical sciences, cultural policy, Native issues

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Doug Baird ddbaird2 [at]

School of Fisheries and Ocean Sciences

Seward Marine Center, University of Alaska Fairbanks

907-224-4300 201 Third Avenue Seward Alaska 99664 United States Marine Superintendent (Interim)

Hydrographic surveys near the coast of Alaska

bathymetry, mapping, oceanography

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Ian Baker ian.baker [at]

Thayer School of Engineering

Dartmouth College

603-646-2184 8000 Cummings Hall Hanover New Hampshire 03755 United States

Synchroton x-ray topographic studies of defects in ice.

ice physics, ice modeling, ice geophysics

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Victor Baker baker [at]

Department of Hydrology and Water Resources

University of Arizona

520-621-7875 Box 210011 Tucson Arizona 85721 United States Regents' Professor

Late glacial paleohydology of Eurasis.

geomorphology, hydrology, glacial geology

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Kile Baker kile [at]

Division of Atmospheric Sciences

National Science Foundation (NSF)

222E Planetary Hall Fairfax Virginia 22030 United States Research Professor

Ionosphere/magnetosphere interactions. Plasma convection.

space physics, aeronomy, magnetospheric physics

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Corien Bakermans cub21 [at]

Division of Mathematics and Natural Sciences

814-940-3313 Penn State Altoona Altoona Pennsylvania 16601 United States Associate Professor of Microbiology

microbiology, permafrost

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Jostein Bakke jostein.bakke [at]

Department of Geography

University of Bergen

+47-55-58-35-03 Postboks 7803 Bergen N-5020 Norway

Lake sediments. Northern Norway, Lyngen.

climate change, ocean-atmosphere interactions, glacial geomorphology

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Alexander Baklanov alb [at]

Meteorological Research Division

Danish Meteorological Institute (DMI)

+45-23-92-1963 Lyngbyvej 100 Copenhagen DK-2100 Denmark

Study of the stably stratified atmospheric boundary layer and its effects on the environment pollution. Radiation and stable boundary layer within the bounds of the Summit Greenland Environment Observatory Programme. Atmospheric transport pathways and possible accidental consequences from nuclear risk sites for the European Arctic/Barents Euro-Arctic Region. Nuclear environment risk for northern Europe.

air pollution modeling, environmental sciences, boundary-layer meteorology

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Olga Balalaeva awiget [at] N/A 1238 Lewis Street Las Cruces New Mexico 88001 United States Independent Scholar

Western Siberia, 1989-present. Ethnography and applied anthropology among the Eastern Khanty.

folklore, religion/belief systems, Native communities

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Andrey Balanov balanov [at]

Department of Ichthyology

Institute of Marine Biology

+7-4232-310-678 Palchevskij-Street 17 Vladivostok 690042 Russian Federation

Taxonomy, ecology and biology of the cottid and zoarcid fishes (fam. Cottidae and Zoarcidae), All Arctic region

ichthyology, fish ecology

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Diane Baldwin diane_baldwin [at]

NWT Geoscience Office

Government of the Northwest Territories

867-669-2491 PO Box 1500 Yellowknife Northwest Territories X1A 2R3 Canada Community Mineral Advisor

-Community mapping program -Outreach and education programs

geology, volcanology, education

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Roger Bales rbales [at]

Sierra Nevada Research Institute

University of California - Merced

209-228-4348 Sierra Nevada Research Institute Merced California 95343 United States Professor

Ice cores, accumulation, and atmospheric chemistry in Greenland.

snow chemistry, snow hydrology, atmospheric chemistry

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Jean Balestrery jean.balestrery [at]

Social Work

612-308-4234 Flagstaff 86011 United States Assistant Clinical Professor

Multiple Projects

health disparities, aging, clinical practice, service delivery systems, intercultural communication, global justice

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James Ballantyne jballant [at]

Department of Zoology

University of Guelph

+1-519-824-4120 Gordon Street Guelph Ontario N1G 2W1 Canada Professor

Biochemical adaptation to low temperatures. Membrane structure and function. Amino acid metabolism. Lipid movements through ecosystems. Adaptation of Arctic char to marine and freshwater. Metabolism of Arctic molluscs. Fish and Mollusc lipids.

animal physiology, fish, invertebrate biology

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