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First Name Last Name Email Department Organization Phone Address City State/Province Postal Code Country Title Current Research Science Specialties
N. John Anderson njanderson [at] N/A

St. Croix Watershed Research Station

651-433-5953 16910 152nd Street North Marine on St. Croix Minnesota 55047 United States Professor

Environment. Diatoms, lake sediments, atmospheric pollution, paleoecology. West Greenland.

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David Anderson dave.anderson [at]

National Weather Service

National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration

907-852-3101 PO Box 149 Barrow Alaska 99723 United States Officer in Charge


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David Andersen resnorth [at] N/A

Research North

907-479-5457 PO Box 82350 Fairbanks Alaska 99708 United States

Interior Alaska subsistence economies and wildlife resource issues. Yukon River subsistence salmon fisheries. Contemporary use of dog teams. Subsistence harvest and use of Koyukuk River moose, caribou, and bears.

Native studies, subsistence, wildlife management

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Katrine Andersen kka [at] N/A +45-2229-0278 Lyngbyvej 100 Copenhagen Ø DK-2100 Denmark Senior Vice President and Dean of Research

Modeling of atmospheric tracers (dust). NGRIP ice core drilling.

climate modeling, paleoclimatology, glaciology

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Ole Andersen luscus [at] N/A

Luscus Nature Watch

45-27633435 Store Rørbækvej 55 Frederikssund Copenhagen DK-3600 Denmark Director, and employed off and on as scientific assistant at Aarhus University, Bioscience

Marine ecology, marine benthos, Marine zooplankton - primary productivity and hydrography.

marine invertebrates, zooplankton, sea ice biota, benthos

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Bo Andersen bo.andersen [at]

Department of Space and Earth Sciences

Norwegian Space Centre

+47-22-51-18-31 PO Box 113 Skøyen N-0212 Norway Director General

Atmospheric sciences. EISCAT, Svalsat, Svalrak, Space Research.

solar physics, satellites, science management

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Dale Andersen dandersen [at]

Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence (SETI Institute)

National Aeronautics and Space Administration Ames Research Center

518-524-0993 MS 245-3 Moffett Field California 94035 United States

Studies of perennial springs in thick, continuous permafrost. Ice-covered, ice-dammed lakes of the Canadian high arctic.

limnology, geography, biogeochemistry

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Cort Anastasio canastasio [at]

Department of Land, Air & Water Resources

University of California Davis

530-754-6095 3146 Plant & Environmental Sciences Building Davis California 95616 United States Professor

Photochemistry on snow and ice grains and its effects on snow composition and emissions to the atmosphere

snow chemistry, ice chemistry, atmospheric chemistry

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Maria Ananicheva maranan [at]


Institute of Geography

+7-499-125-90-11 Staromonetny per 29 Moscow 109017 Russian Federation Leading Researcher

INTAS on interection of glacial and buried natural ice RFBR on reconstruction of main glaciologic parameters by the climatic paleo scenarios for the warming period in the past

water quality

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Marc Amyot m.amyot [at]

Department of Biological Sciences

University of Montreal

+1-514-343-7496 CP 6128 Succ. Centre-Ville Pavillon Marie Victorin Montreal Quebec H3C 3J7 Canada Professor, Canada Research Chair in Global Change Ecotoxicology

Contaminant cycling in changing environments

biogeochemistry, environmental toxicology

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Trish Amundrud trish [at] N/A

University of British Columbia

604-822-2449 Aberdeen United Kingdom Senior Reservoir Engineer

Research area is modelling the evolution of sea ice in the Beaufort Sea under short time scales and comparison with mooring sonar data.

sea ice modeling, physical oceanography, ice mechanics

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Steven Amstrup steven_amstrup [at]

Alaska Science Center - Biological Resources Division

U.S. Geological Survey

907-786-3424 1011 East Tudor Road Anchorage Alaska 99503 United States Chief scientist

Population dynamics, movements, and ecology of Polar bears in the Beaufort Sea and Polar Basin.

ecology, marine mammals, mammalogy

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Rainer Amon amonr [at]

Department of Marine Sciences and Oceanography

Texas A&M University

409-740-4719 1001 Texas Clipper Road Galveston Texas 77554 United States Assistant Professor

DOM biogeochemistry in the two rivers Ob and Yenisey, the Kara Sea, and the Fram Strait with future plans for the Arctic Basin.

biogeochemistry, biological oceanography, aquatic microbiology

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Caspar Ammann ammann [at]

Climate Science and Applications Program (CSAP)


720-234-1070 PO Box 3000 Boulder Colorado 80307 United States Project Scientist

Abrupt/rapid climate change. Snow/sea ice feedback. Glacial-interglacial cycles. Global warming. Timing and extent of maximum ice cover. Atmospheric teleconnections. Climate sensitivity. Natural climate variability. Seasonal climate sensitivity to internal and external forcing. Hydrologic cycle and stable isotopes in snow/precipitation. Climate modeling.

paleoclimatology, climate modeling, volcanology

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William Ambrose wambrose [at] N/A

National Science Foundation

207-577-1621 N/A South Carolina United States NSF Program Director

Sclerchronology. Impact of climate change on structure and function of soft-sediments. Fishery disturbance to soft-sediments.

marine ecology, oceanography, fjord/shelf oceanography; benthic ecology, long-term observing, Traditional Ecological Knowledge

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Aleksey Amantov

Marine and Environmental Geology

All-Russia Geological Research Institute (VSEGEI)

+7-812-4448470 Sredny pr 74 St. Petersburg 199151 Russian Federation Leading Scientist

Computer modeling. Tectonic map of the Barents Sea and adjacent areas.

structural geology, ice/structure interaction, geographic information systems

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Keith Alverson k.alverson [at]

GOOS Project Office

Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission

Osaka Japan Director

Atmospheric forcing of oceanic convection in the Labrador Sea. Ocean convection. Past global climate and environmental change.

ocean-atmosphere interactions, physical oceanography, paleoclimatology

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Inger Greve Alsos inger.g.alsos [at] N/A

University Centre in Svalvard

+47-77-62-07-96 PO Box 156 Svalvard N-9171 Norway Professor

Arctic biogeography, arctic botany, molecular ecology, seed bank, seed germination, climate change

biogeography, botany, biology

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Richard Alley rba6 [at]

Department of Geosciences Earth and Environmental Systems Institute

Pennsylvania State University

814-863-1700 517B Deike Building University Park Pennsylvania 16802 United States Evan Pugh Professor

Ice core interpretation from Greenland.

glaciology, paleoclimatology, global change

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Susan Allen-Gil sallen [at]

Biology Department

Ithaca College

607-274-1066 253 Center for Natural Sciences Ithaca New York 14850 United States Professor

Contamination by air pollutants in the siberian Arctic manuscripts. Interactive effects of habitat degradation and pollution on freshwater systems.

environmental sciences, toxicology

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Jim Allen jallen [at]

Department of Biobehavioral Health & Population Sciences

University of Alaska Fairbanks

218-726-7770 Department of Biobehavioral Health & Population Sciences Duluth Minnesota 55812 United States Professor

Cultural research methodologies, and resilience, protective factors, and community interventions with Alaska Native and other circumpolar indigenous people. Engaged in two multi-site studies: development, implementation, and testing of a cultural approach to prevention of suicide and alcohol abuse for Alaska Native youth, and resiliency and the pathways to adulthood of international circumpolar indigenous youth.

human behavior, Alaska public policy, public health

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Shanley Allen allen [at]

School of Education

Boston University

+49-631-205-4136 Building 57 Kaiserslautern 67653 Germany Assistant Professor, Department of Developmental Studies

First language acquisition of Inuktitut in northern Quebec. Bilingual acquisition of English and Inuktitut in northern Quebec and Iqaluit. Specific language impairment in Inuktitut. Narrative development in Inuktitut.

linguistics, education

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Thomas Allen allenth [at]

Department of Geography

East Carolina University

252-328-6624 A-238 Brewster Building Greenville North Carolina 27858 United States Associate Professor of Geography

Treeline, landscape ecology at the boreal-arctic tundra transition, and subsistence.

geography, geographic information systems, remote sensing

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Stewart Allen stewart_allen [at]

Division of Refuges Planning Branch

U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service

907-786-3665 1011 East Tudor Road Anchorage Alaska 99503 United States Social Scientist

Maintaining a wilderness experience on Alaskan wildlife refuges. Interactions between local village residents and recreation visitors. Establishing limits of acceptable change for social and resource conditions along river corridors frequented by subsistence and sport users.

human/environment interaction, community sustainability, socio-economic impact assessment

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Charles Allen chasalbion [at] N/A 213-305-1288 605 1/2 Tularosa Drive Los Angeles California 94606 United States Independent Scholar

Weathering and pedogenesis in arctic-alpine Scandinavia. Alpine soils in Oregon.

geomorphology, soil science, environmental sciences

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