SEARCH Project Catalog Fields

The following list of fields are included in the catalog:

Full Title:
The full title of the project.
Abstract or Short Description:
The abstract or short description for the project.
Project Web Link:
The web link for the project.
Other Relevant Web Links
Any additional links for the project.
The keywords associated with the project.
Funding Agencies:
Funding agencies associated with the project.
Programs associated with the project.
Funding Solicitation/Announcement:
The funding/soliciation announcement for the project.
Unique Project Identifier (Grant #, Project #, Other):
The project identifier(s) for the project.
Grant/Project Funding Amount:
The grant/project amount(s) for the project.
Start Date:
The project start date.
End Date:
The project end date.
Principal Investigator(s):
The project principal investigator(s).
Co-Principal Investigator(s):
The project co-principal investigator(s).
Other Project Personnel:
Any other project personnel listed.
Implementation Categories:
Implementation categories associated with the project.
Relevant Science Question(s):
Relevant science question(s) associated with the project
Short Description of education and/or outreach components of project:
Education/Outreach description field for project.
Region(s) associated with the project.
Project latitude.
Project longitude.
Additional Geographic Information:
Additional geographic information associated with the project.
List of Measured Variables:
Variables associted with the project.
Data Format (e.g. NetCDF, excel, etc):
Format of project data.
Weblink to data and/or metadata:
Weblinks associated with project data.