Community and Citizen Science in the Far North Registration

General registration is OPEN and will close on Friday, 1 October 2021.

The organizers of Community & Citizen Science (CCS) in the Far North formally invite you to register to attend the virtual conference to be held Tuesday, 5 October – Thursday, 7 October 2021.

Community and Citizen Science in the Far North are unique. This free, virtual conference will focus on sharing, networking, and discussing the various aspects of conducting community and citizen science research in the Arctic. This conference is in response to a growing community of Arctic researchers, Arctic communities, and Arctic visitors that are becoming more engaged in scientific research. Conference organizers recognize that although there are many resources regarding community and citizen science available online, there are few venues to build a community around issues specific to the Arctic.

Conference Themes: Although the agenda is still in development, we will anticipate that presentations and discussions will be grouped around these four themes:

  • Unique to the Far North - Opportunity for presenters to share what makes their project or activity unique to the Arctic (community, data gaps, resources, communication, feedback, etc.).
  • Lessons Learned - Opportunity to present on what worked—or didn't work—in a project or activity; opportunity for others to learn from you; opportunity to share program/project evaluation data; opportunity to share insights and experiences with science communication and participants; opportunity to share any impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic on your project or activity.
  • All About the Data - Opportunity to share data and research gathered from CCS projects; opportunity to share Indigenous data sovereignty challenges and solutions.
  • Just Sharing - Opportunity to share projects or activities that might not be captured in other themes or topics; opportunity to look for collaborators and share resources; opportunity to share start-up projects and/or projects that haven't yet collected any research data.

Conference Format: We want participants to know that this conference will be highly participatory and interactive. We envision the conference to be a combination of short presentations (both in-person and pre-recorded), panel discussions, keynote speakers, and opportunities to discuss issues specific to the Arctic. The conference will be in English and utilize Zoom as the main platform for audio and visual. We anticipate the conference starting in the mornings (Alaska Daylight Time) and being about 4 hours in duration, each day. We will have scheduled breaks each day. Presentations will be recorded for registered participants that are not able to attend the entire conference.

Thank you for registering for our conference!

Please note, if you are under 18 years old (a minor) and wish to register or submit an abstract to this conference, contact the organizers (accs [at] to accommodate your request.

Contact us at accs [at] if you have questions about this conference or about your registration.