2020 Scholars

Arctic Indigenous Scholars — 2020 Call for Applications - CLOSED

The application period closed on Friday, 21 February 2020.

US Capitol Building. Photo by Joed Polly.

Build relationships with researchers, decision-makers, and policy-makers in Washington DC! Become familiar with navigating the physical and political landscape of DC and have your voice heard in the Capitol!

The Arctic Indigenous Scholars Program, now in its third year, is accepting applications for travel to DC until Friday, 21 February 2020 at 5:00 pm AKST. This program provides an opportunity for Indigenous scholars to advance their work and address interests and concerns on behalf of themselves and their community/region through building relationships with those working in DC. This program aims to provide financial and logistical support for those who have not had many opportunities to become familiar with DC and with relevant governmental organizations and non-governmental organizations (NGOs) that work and influence decisions that affect the Arctic. This program is also an opportunity for Indigenous scholars to share and inform those working in DC about the Arctic.

The Arctic Indigenous Scholars Program is facilitated by the Arctic Research Consortium of the US (ARCUS) and the Inuit Circumpolar Council (ICC) Alaska, and supported by the National Science Foundation. This year, three scholars will be selected by a volunteer selection committee to travel to Washington DC in May 2020. For those selected, expenses and per diem will be provided. We strongly encourage those that have not had many opportunities to build these types of relationships, hunters, culture bearers, and those active within their communities to apply. During the visit to DC, the selected Arctic Indigenous Scholars will meet with officials at relevant agencies and organizations, where scholars will be able to share their interests, learn of available resources, build toward collaborative relationships, and provide on-the-ground perspectives to key decision-makers. Additionally, the Smithsonian’s Arctic Studies Center will host the scholars for a full day, with opportunities for scholars to present their issues, meet staff, and tour collections.

The selected scholars must be available for travel to Washington DC during the time period of 11–22 May 2020. One week during that period will ultimately be chosen for all three scholars to travel together. Over the course of four to five days, the visiting scholars will be engaged in many formal and informal activities to connect with the Arctic research community located in Washington DC. Depending upon the Scholar’s specific expertise and interests, a customized agenda will be scheduled. For example, the following types of activities may be included:

  • Seminar (with live-streamed and recorded webinar);
  • A full day hosted by the Smithsonian Arctic Studies Center;

Formal and informal meetings with:

  • Senior Arctic research officials at agencies like the US Arctic Research Commission and the Interagency Arctic Research Policy Committee;
  • Non-governmental organizations like the National Academy of Sciences Polar Research Board and American Association for the Advancement of Science;
  • Federal agencies relevant to the Scholars' work, such as in the Department of the Interior (e.g., USFWS, USGS, USDA, BLM), Department of Commerce, National Science Foundation, Department of Energy, Department of Education, or Environmental Protection Agency;
  • Policy-makers such as Congress (Alaska Delegation, Indian Affairs Committee members); and
  • Indigenous organizations such as the National Congress of American Indians.

Participating Indigenous scholars will be selected by a volunteer committee composed of Arctic leaders from Alaska and from within Washington DC.

Applicant Qualifications

  • Must be Indigenous;
  • Must be US citizens at least 18 years of age;
  • Available to work with ARCUS and ICC Alaska in preparation for the trip;
  • Available to travel to DC during the time period of 11–22 May 2020 for a seven-day trip;
  • Desire to build relationships with relevant people/agencies/institutions within DC to advance/address your and/or your community's/region’s interests, concerns, or challenges; and
  • Willingness to share about the experience had through this program with ARCUS, ICC Alaska, and, if relevant, your community/region.

How to Apply

To apply for the opportunity, please choose one of the following formats to submit your application by 21 February 2020 5:00 pm AKST:

  1. Online application form: https://www.arcus.org/indigenous-scholars/apply
  2. Download a printable application form and mail or email to Lisa Sheffield Guy, Arctic Research Consortium of the U.S. 3535 College Road – Suite 101, Fairbanks, AK 99709-3710 or lisa [at] arcus.org.
    2020 Arctic Indigenous Scholars Application Packet (PDF - 219 KB)
  3. Submit an audio recording of your answers to Lisa Sheffield Guy at lisa [at] arcus.org. An MP3 file, such as the type created by a cell phone voice recorder is acceptable.

Download our 2020 Arctic Indigenous Scholars Opportunity flyer here:
2020 Arctic Indigenous Scholars Flyer (PDF - 258 KB)

For any questions regarding the project or application process, please contact Lisa Sheffield Guy, Arctic Indigenous Scholars Project Manager, at lisa [at] arcus.org or 907-474-1600.