Abstract and Registration Deadline: 2nd QuIESCENT Workshop

Event Type: Deadlines

When: 14 January 2022

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Link to Workshop Registration Webpage


The second workshop of the QuIESCENT Arctic (Quantifying the Indirect Effect: from Sources to Climate Effects of Natural and Transported aerosol in the Arctic) programme will take place in Tromsø, Norway between 30 March - 1 April 2022 as part of the International Arctic Science Committee (IASC) Arctic Science Summit Week (ASSW). It is supported by the IASCAtmosphere Working Group and the PACES initiative.

Please note that the ASSW 2022 will be a hybrid event, with both in-person and online participation planned. The second QuIESCENT Arctic workshop will therefore also operate in this manner, and additional registration for the ASSW 2022 business meetings will be required.

This second workshop aims to build on cross-disciplinary bridge between aerosol and clouds, physicists and chemists, and observations and models, and scientists from all perspectives of this research question are encouraged to attend and contribute. The workshop will continue to focus on the role of transported air pollution in Arctic aerosol-cloud interactions, as the climatic effects of increasing industrialisation within the Arctic circle and transport from the polluted mid-latitudes are not well understood; however, these processes must be considered against an understanding of the evolving natural baseline of the Arctic aerosol budget.

Register or submit an abstract by January 14th, 2022 at the link above.