Arctic FROST Research Coordination Network Workshop: The Role of Education in Sustainable Development in the Arctic

Event Type: Conferences and Workshops

When: 20 April 2020 to 21 April 2020

Where: Anchorage, Alaska

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The Arctic FROST Research Coordination Network will host a workshop on The Role of Education in Sustainable Development in the Arctic. Participants will explore the oft-overlooked role of education and knowledge transfer activities - in both institutional and community settings - in developing and enhancing the capacity of northern communities to engage in self-determined sustainable development efforts. They also will address how education systems can grow understandings of sustainable development in K-12 schools, universities and local communities. The outcome will be an edited volume addressing the role education plays in sustainable development research and implementation in the Circumpolar North. About 15 authors will be invited to participate.

We invite submissions that address the following: How do we…

  • teach about sustainable development in the Arctic at the K-12 & Postsecondary level?
  • rethink the role of education in sustainable development efforts, whether through educational institutions or community-based ways of knowledge sharing?
  • incorporate education issues / include education research as part of interdisciplinary research on sustainable development in the Arctic?
  • We are especially interested in papers that address the role of Indigenous knowledge systems in sustainable development efforts & the co-construction of projects with indigenous & local communities.

Details: In Anchorage, participants will present draft papers and give feedback on their colleagues’ drafts. All participants will commit to revising their papers within six months of the initial meeting for inclusion in the book, and to participating in peer reviews of each other’s final drafts. We expect the edited volume to be published by Springer (tentative) in 2021.

Funding: Arctic-FROST will cover full cost of attendance including travel and accommodations up to US $2,400 for international participants, and US $1,600 for U.S.-based participants. Funds will be paid after the travel is completed, based on the reimbursement claim. Participants are required to comply with NSF travel requirements.

Visa: if you are a Russian citizen and require a visa to the USA, please contact andrey.petrov [at] immediately. Receiving a U.S. visa in Russia is currently not feasible. Please be prepared to travel to another country to apply for your visa.

To Apply: Please prepare a 300 word abstract of your paper, and submit, along with other requested information, at:

Submissions are due January 10.
Questions? Contact Diane Hirshberg, dbhirshberg [at]
This project is funded by the National Science Foundation, NSF PLR#1338850.