Marine Invasive Species in the Arctic: Management Issues

Event Type: Conferences and Workshops

When: 24 October 2013 to 26 October 2013

Where: Esbjerg, Denmark

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The ecosystem changes underway in the Arctic region are expected to have significant impacts on living resources in both the short and long run, and current actions and policies adopted by the Nordic states over such resource governance will have serious and ultimately irreversible consequences in the near and long terms. In particular, the breadth and scope of integration of science and political economy into the formulation of strategies for economic resource use and preservation will determine the outcomes of such policies. Policies to contain invasive species in one nation's waters will be limited in effectiveness by decisions of neighboring nations as well as by the ecological context of the invasion. Coordinated resource policy across space and time is therefore essential to maximizing the full economic value, including potential non-use and indirect-use values, of the living resources of the Arctic Ocean as the base productivity undergoes ecological changes.

Key note speakers include:

  • Whitman Miller, Marine Invasions Research Laboratory, Smithsonian Institution
  • Mike Gill, Environment Canada and Chair of Circumpolar Biodiversity Monitoring Group
  • Linda M Fernandez, Virginia Commonwealth University
  • Brooks Kaiser, University of Southern Denmark

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