Heritage and Change in the Arctic

Event Type: Conferences and Workshops

When: 11 October 2013 to 14 October 2013

Where: Nuuk, Greenland

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An interdisciplinary conference of the humanities and social sciences entitled 'Heritage and Change in the Arctic' announces a call for papers. The conference will be convened 11-14 October 2013 at the University of Greenland in Nuuk, Greenland.

Making a new and unique contribution to arctic research and policy by bringing together social and human sciences scholars from northern Canada, Greenland, and the Nordic countries, this two-day conference relates the historical origins of key socio-environmental challenges facing arctic communities to both contemporary responses and potential future alternatives. A key focus will be the political, economic, and cultural investments of arctic states and peoples in ecological and cultural sustainability. The conference will be a rare opportunity to discuss northern issues as they cross the Atlantic. Subthemes include:

  • Natural resources and sustainable development
  • National identities and centre-periphery relations
  • Indigenous identity and heritage landscapes
  • Youth, tradition, and community responses to change

Proposals on any relevant topic are welcome, and should be submitted via email (contact-circla [at] cgs.aau.dk). Submissions should include a 200-word abstract and a brief statement of the author's academic affiliation.