NSF Arctic Sciences Town Halls at AGU

The National Science Foundation Division of Arctic Sciences held two Town Halls at the AGU Fall Meeting to provide a forum for open exchange on NSF activities and directions. Nearly 100 people participated in the NSF Town Halls.

Arctic Research Support and Logistics (RSL) Town Hall

7 December 2011
Presented by Renée Crain and Pat Haggerty

Specific topics of the RSL Town Hall included: program structure, priorities, and budget; personnel; safety; environmental compliance; and communication between NSF and the research community.

Download Presentation (PDF - 1 MB)

Arctic Division Town Hall

7 December 2011
Presented by Brendan P. Kelly and Bill Wiseman

Specific topics of the Arctic Division Town Hall included: budget allocation; location and topics of funded projects; future activities; and new and evolving NSF programs.

Download Presentation (PDF 794 KB)