Member Institutions and Representatives

The membership of ARCUS consists of various types of institutions and organizations as well as individuals. We currently have 32 institutional members and 28 individuals.

Institutional/Organizational Members

Current member institutions and their representatives (primary on left, alternate on right).

Alfred Wegener Institute for Polar and Marine Research

Karin Lochte
Research Center for Marine Geosciences
karin.lochte [at]

To be named

Arctic Centre; University of Lapland

Riitta Aikio
riitta.aikio [at]

To be named

Arizona State University

Shauna BurnSilver
School of Human Evolution and Social Change
shauna.burnsilver [at]

Susanne Neuer
School of Life Sciences
susanne.neuer [at]

Association of Canadian Universities for Northern Studies (ACUNS)

To be named

To be named

Bates College

Gerald Bigelow
Department of History
gbigelow [at]

To be named

Cold Climate Housing Research Center

Jack Hebert
jack [at]

Consortium for Ocean Leadership

Jonathan White
jwhite [at]

To be named

Dartmouth College

Ross A. Virginia
Dickey Institute of Arctic Studies
ross.virginia [at]

Matthew Ayres
Dickey Institute of Arctic Studies
matthew.p.ayres [at]

International Polar Foundation

Joseph Cheek
joseph.cheek [at]

To be named

Michigan Tech Research Institute

John Payne
jfpayne [at]

Robert Shuchman
shuchman [at]

Oak Ridge National Laboratory

Stan D. Wullschleger
Environmental Sciences Division
wullschlegsd [at]

Jay Gulledge
Environmental Sciences Division
jgulledge [at]

The Ohio State University

Michele Cook
Byrd Polar Research Center
cook.942 [at]

To be named

Oregon State University

Evelyn B. Sherr
College of Oceanic and Atmospheric Sciences
sherre [at]

To be named

The Polar Center, Pennsylvania State University

Pernille Sporon Boving
psb12 [at]

Eric Post
esp10 [at]

Royal Roads University

Leslie King
School of Environment and Sustainability
leslie.king [at]

To be named

Russian State Hydrometeorological University

Marya Rozanova-Smith
marya.rozanova [at]

To be named

Sandia National Laboratories

Joe Hardesty
Geoscience, Climate and Consequence Effects
joharde [at]

Mark Ivey
mdivey [at]

Scott Polar Research Institute; University of Cambridge

Julian A. Dowdeswell
jd16 [at]

Michael T. Bravo
mb124 [at]

Smithsonian Institution Arctic Studies Center

Aron Crowell
Anchorage Museum of History & Art
crowella [at]

Stephen Loring
Department of Anthropology
lorings [at]

Tarfala Research Station; Stockholm University

Gunhild Rosqvist
Department of Physical Geography
gunhild.rosqvist [at]

Peter Jansson
Department of Physical Geography
peter.jansson [at]

Texas A&M University

Oliver Frauenfeld
Department of Geography
oliverf [at]

Jason Vogel
Department of Ecosystem Science and Management
jason_vogel [at]

Ukpeaġvik Iñupiat Corporation (UIC) Science

Nagruk Harcharek
nagruk.harcharek [at]

Karl Newyear
karl.newyear [at]

University of Alaska Anchorage

Bjartmar (Bart) Sveinbjornsson
Environment and Natural Resources Institute
bsveinbjornsson [at]

Jennifer Burns
Department of Biological Sciences
jburns [at]

University of Alaska Fairbanks

Larry Hinzman
ldhinzman [at]

To be named

University of Alaska Statewide

Daniel White
dmwhite [at]

To be named

University of the Arctic

To be named

To be named

University of Colorado

Julienne C. Stroeve
Cooperative Institute for Research in
Environmental Sciences
National Snow and Ice Data Center
stroeve [at]

Andrew Slater
National Snow and Ice Data Center
aslater [at]

University of Northern British Columbia

Stephen Dery
Environmental Science and Engineering Program
sdery [at]

Kathy Parker
Ecosystem Science and Management Program
parker [at]

University of Washington

Axel Schweiger
Applied Physics Laboratory
axel [at]

Jody W. Deming
School of Oceanography
jdeming [at]

U.S. Arctic Research Commission

Cheryl Rosa
crosa [at]

John Farrell
jfarrell [at]

Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution

Carin Ashjian
Department of Biology
cashjian [at]

To be named

Woods Hole Research Center

Max Holmes
rholmes [at]

Scott Goetz
sgoetz [at]

Individual Members

Caspar Ammann
Gisele Arruda
David Cairns
Stephen Déry
Craig Dorman
Alice DuVivier
Neil Gardner
Brendan Green
Lissa Hughes
Nicole Jacobs
Sharon Kenny
Martin Kossa
Lorene Lynn
Keith MacHutchon
Ross MacPhee
Karl Newyear
Veronica Padula
Kimberly Rand
Robert Seitz
Malgorzata Smieszek
Niels Borup Svendsen
Jennifer Watts
Michael Weintraub
Robert Winfree
Meaghan Wyatt